120517 Donghae’s KakaoTalk Profile Picture Update [1P]

May 17, 2012 at 10:36 am | Posted in Donghae, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 61 Comments

Credit: Donghae’s KakaoTalk
Reupload and Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

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  1. What is donghae’s KakaoTalk id???

  2. what’s his kktalk ID? ><

  3. sorry for my question, but can someone tell me wut d haaaaayl is kakaotalk?

    • it’s an app in iphone store allows you to receive news from super junior. the members also have their personal accounts here 🙂

      • no.. it’s an apps for iphone or android.. just like whatsapp. It’s popular in korea

        • can blackberry has this application too ?

          • Not sure..

            • Yes blackberry also has kakao apps… One of my friend use it^^

              • I tried to install kakaotalk on my blackberry, but everytime I want to open it, my blackberry froze (hang). I’m using bb9810. But the one I installed in my samsungworks well. Pls let me know if u succesfully use it on bb.

                • i can succesfully used it. i’m using 9800

                  • Oooohhh really? I’ll try reinstalling it. Thanks for the info…

  4. You know his phone number??

  5. you have his kakaotalk ID?? how do you know his updated picture??

  6. Why people don’t want to share their kakaotalk, but they upload their pictures of their kakaotalk!!

  7. May I have his KakaoTalk ID??or his KakaoStory ID? Pleaseeee

  8. Can i have his kakao talk id?please~!

  9. oppa so cute so cute

  10. plz protect oppa’s privacy…………………

  11. Well, someone from flitto.com once said that SJ member don’t hv kakao ID, they just use their phone number to make an account on KakaoTalk.. He don’t know how the fans know Donghae kakao id but he said that the account Donghae used has different DP with the one spread on the Internet by fans…

    If I’m not mistaken founder of flitto.com is a hyung who SJ members know..
    (Sungmin tweeted it before too)

    • Aaaahhh…I C. I’ve read once about the founder of flitto.com that he’s close with Suju members. Well at least we can add the Super Junior official kakaotalk account for information about them…

  12. By the way does anyone know if he still lives in the dorms? I’ve been wondering this since he tweeted the pic of this robot vacuum cleaner. And given this pic it also looks like some sort of living room rather than a bedroom. Also Leeteuk has his own room now according to that TV documentary about the Paris concert. So I was just wondering~

  13. Besides Donghae, who else from Suju have a kakaotalk account? Does anyone know?

    • Hmm.. I think Leeteuk, Donghae, Sungmin, and Heechul use KakaoTalk

      • I don’t suppose they made their kakaotalk Id, do they? Kkkkk.. Coz it’s rather impossible to find out their mobile numbers…

        • Hahaha yeah I believe they didn’t make Kakao ID, only use their phone number. It a bit risky to hv Kakao ID for a Hallyu star, because you may change ur phone number on your kakao account but you can’t change ur ID even though u change ur number. That’s what I know^^

          • Hahahahaa…that’s what I know too..well, we’ll just have to count on flitto’s founder for their kakaotalk updates, I suppose…

  14. But we have LeeTeuk phone number no ?

    • LeeTeuk publish his number on April Fool day, but he changed at the end. And… Can somebody tell me is KyuHyun’s Kakao Talk’s profile pic, a pic of 2 pairs of sunglasses~?

  15. Add my kakaoTalk ID:NuraELF

    please,Thanks a lot

    • i already add ur kakao..my id is Chuu16 ~ kamsa ^^

  16. May I know something~? For Kyu’s Kakao Talk, his profile pic is a pic of 2 pairs of sunglasses~?

    • I just have real kakaotalk id of donghae and lee hyuk jae … I’m looking for siwon,sungmin and special leader ><

      • what the real kakaotalk id of donghae and eunhyuk ?

        • What’s eunhyuk and Donghae’s kakao id? O.o

      • Can u give me Thierry id ^^

      • can give me, Id eunhyuk oppa and Donghae oppa?? ^-^

      • may I have real kakaotalk id of donghae please?!

      • Omg really can u send it to me in my twitter account

  17. just a minute ago someone told me that she have kyuhyun’s kakaotalk id but she refused to give me that…fyi she’s an indonesian girl, how come she can have it?!

    damn! i agree with @nohelythn those people is so annoying!
    i feel like i’m gonna cry now if that person really have kyuhyun’s real id T___T

    @mysiwon can u give us the id pleeaasseeeee 😦

    • *sorry i mean “those people are so annoying”

  18. im know.. Siwon Id kakao :p.. admin is stingy.. hmm but thats no problem :D.. i proud have Siwon Id.. but I thing siwon oppa is busy and his kakao off.. hmm admin please tell we Id kakao member suju??!!

    • what is siwon’s id??

    • Omg can u give it to me please 😢😢😢😢😢

  19. why shared a secret ? -.-

  20. can you give me donghae id? 😦
    i’m so curious TT

  21. I have korean friend that was close with siwon oppa . but he refuse to give siwon kktalk id bcause its private ㅠㅠ

  22. مرحبا كيف حالك … هل انتم بخير
    نحن الان في شهر رمضان
    اريد ان ارحب بكم my id i kakaotalk. Hayooona وانا في انتظاركم^^

  23. Love super junior

  24. hoooooooooooooo talab! 😛

  25. what is “talab?”

  26. eonni kmu tau I’d nya donghae oppa nggx klau tau bagi ya plissssss


  27. I wanna chating with korean people.. my kakao id =fatima1993

  28. Add my id please. .. id:gita florencia

  29. what SuperJunior member kakao Id?? T.T

  30. I want leeteuk’s kakai id.

  31. I have Donghae ID too 😀

    • what is his ID?

  32. C:\Users\Catarina\Desktop\Screenshot_2015-07-20-19-08-17.png here is, have fun 🙂

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