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☆ Sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways 

Entry submission for this competition has ended.
Thank you to everyone who entered ;D


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  1. Name: Meral
    Age: 18
    Country: Germany

    It is always very hard for me to describe what Heechul means to me. I had a rough time before getting to know Super Junior. I tended to be an outcast, not really socialize with people, get made fun of. I wouldn’t tell people what’s on my mind and let myself get used by classmates. These are things that don’t happen anymore. I have become honest, I say what I consider appropriate to say, I see no need in pleasing others but I still help others when they are in need of help. I treasure my friends and I appreciate what I have. Throughout the years I’ve been his fans I learned to not listen to what other people say about you, in the end you are always the only one who knows the truth and that’s all that matters. I have changed into a better person and I’m extremely thankful. Heechul gives me strength and a lot of hope ♥

  2. please i want some… i’m from PAkistan and it’s impossible to get these T_T
    name : Hira Ramzan
    age: 22
    country : PAKISTAN

    • this is the video i made for him

  3. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hc48g1

    Name: Maria Jose Castrillón
    Age: 17
    Country: Colombia

  4. Name: Thao Le
    Age: 18
    Country: United States

    With others, Heechul probably means their strength, their hope to overcome or change somthing, but with me, he lives as a model, a person that refects myself or probably I have a personality like him. Putting behind the appearance or his actual personality behind the scenes, I have watched him everytime he appears in a show and everytime I see myself there. Caring about others but never show what he really thinks. Doing diffferently with others to express himself, to show that he is special. Yeah, he has many friends and relationship with others, but does he tell them when he feels lonely, tried or just keep it for himself worrying it may bother them and make them even worrier. He cherishes his friendship with you-know-who and make sure everyone notices that person whenever they’re together. Because of Heechul’s exist, I know what is right and wrong to change my behavior towards others and cherish every moment that I have with people around me to live better.

  5. Name: Melanie Sánchez
    Age: 17
    Country: Ecuador

    It’s difficult to me to show my feelings, my thoughts, even more when they’re related to someone who i admire a lot. For me, Kim HeeChul isn’t normal. He is the kind of person who tells you what he thinks straight, he shows himself how he really is. I used to care what people said and thought about me, but after I became an E.L.F. and a Petal, I don’t. He has taught me that you only need to be how you really are and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t like to the others.
    My friends always ask me why I like him so much if he is almost always acting weird, and I answer that his weird things make me like him more day by day, because he is not scared of do it even when he is a celebrity.

  6. Name: Melanie Sánchez
    Age: 17
    Country: Ecuador

    It’s difficult to me to show my feelings, my thoughts, even more when they’re related to someone who i admire a lot. For me, Kim HeeChul isn’t normal. He is the kind of person who tells you what he thinks straight, he shows himself how he really is. I used to care what people said and thought about me, but after I became an E.L.F. and a Petal, I don’t. He has taught me that you only need to be how you really are and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t like to the others.
    My friends always ask me why I like him so much if he is almost always acting weird, and I answer that his weird things make me like him more day by day, because he is not scared of do it even when he is a celebrity. He is more than a beautiful face and voice, he is a person difficult to understand but that make you fall in love at the end.

    (need to re-post ‘cuz i forgot something above, sorry)

  7. name:galuh
    age: 18
    country: indonesia

    What Heechul means to me…. I myself have no idea, really. I don’t even know why I love him in the first place. It’s just that I love his glorious laugh, his weird sense of humor, his dimple, his love towards his cats, and I even love his big as hell ego. I love the way he talks, I love the way he loves and protects Super Junior but can’t really express what he really feels, and what’s important is that I love him as a whole. From him, I learned to love myself without thinking what other people say, to stick to what I believe is right, and to always, always be there to my friends no matter what. He changed me to a better me and for that, I always feel thankful. In the end, I might not his very first fans but I promise him to always be his fans, to always support him, forever.

    • *might not be his very first fans. typoooooo TT.TT

  8. Name: Thanh Nhat, Tran
    Age: 15
    Country: Germany

    That’s my picture of Heechul and yes, I didn’t draw his nose+mouth or better I couldn’t draw it >.<

  9. Name: Adilah Nur Fatanah
    Age: 16
    Country: Malaysia

    Kim Heechul is the oxygen in my life.He always looks glamorous.He is my idol.Sometimes, I rather follow his fashion style rather than other girls’ group fashion.When he played with Heebum, I never believed that he is in his thirties.His attitudes never dispirit me like any other artist who never consider their fans’ heart. His cold action always make flutter me. When he enlisted the military, I became depressed. But somehow, I realized, its for his own good. A true fan will always be like that, right? And now, waiting for our Milky Skin Kim Heechul to come back:)

  10. Name: Herbert
    Age: 16
    Country: Philippines

    Kim Heechul. That milky skin guy who possesses that flower boy looks. That overflowing confidence. That short temper. But who is Kim Heechul for a fan who truly understood the inner heart of his idol? Heechul is not my bias, but surely he really gets my attention whenever i see him in performances, shows or photos.
    Kim Heechul is a moody man. Sometimes, ill tempered but mostly nice. He might not express himself at times, but one thing is for sure: He has a tender heart inside. It’s just that he doesn’t know how to say it.

    This makes me think he’s the man. Weird, eh? :))

  11. Name: Fifi
    Age: 21
    Country: Indonesia

    I made this video by myself, but all of pictures are credit to ELFs, PETAL, and sup3rjunior.com. I dedicated this video for my bias, KIM HEECHUL Super Junior. Gamsahamnida. ^^

  12. name : desya pramadhanti
    age: 15
    country : indonesia
    actually, I dunno how to tell you how much heenim really mean to me. He’s just like brother figure? Oh no, he’s a person that I need to know. It’s like if I know him, my life will be colorful. He’s like an angel who God sent for me even if he’s an evil >< maybe I like him cos I'm like him, yeah I do what I want. I don't care what people say and hide my problem. And actually love myself kk~ just be myself everywhere. I think i'm the one who weird but since I know him, i ain't the only one. actually it's not weird, it's special kk~ even I do the same thing to my sister, i sometimes don't know where's my sister. But ya, since I know him he makes my style little broken. I care about him T-T i know where he is.he has changed my life to be the other weird.~.

  13. Name: Bridget Graves
    Age: 17
    Country: United States

    Link: http://i49.tinypic.com/34rwqb9.jpg

    Is there going to be a Teukie giveaway? xD

  14. Name : Reham Mohammed
    Age : 16
    Country : Qatar

    I designed a picture for heenim ^^
    I also sent it by email 🙂
    Link : http://static.tumblr.com/efcjtlc/92ym3wtsu/heechul.png

  15. Name: Sofía Piñeiro
    Age: 17
    Country: Venezuela

    Here’s my video for Heenim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd6OXpmM2JQ
    I sent it by e-mail too ^^

  16. name : yuniar vernanda
    age : 15 y.o
    country : indonesia

    “바보 nonononono HA!” I like when you say that.
    sounds so cute and funny.
    “princess Heesica” is the name at that time,
    laughing, almost crying, upset stomach. that I felt when watching it.
    although you always look so bright outside, but is there any feelings that you hide? feeling sad? feeling depressed? and others.
    don’t show to others, show only to me.
    My Princess Heechul. I will always be people who will never forget the memories that you make to the ELF in this world.
    ranging from small to big things though!

  17. Name: April Kabigting
    Age: 14
    Country: Philippines

    Kim Heechul is the reason why I’m an ELF now. He was the first member who impressed me, a KPOP hater, before. He changed my life. If I’m not an ELF now, probably, my life would be boring. I’m very thankful towards Heechul. If I’m going to describe Heechul, for me: He’s so smart and funny but he’s scary when you piss him off. He can be pretty and handsome at the same time. He’s prettier than girls. He has a lot of friends and he cares a lot about them. He’s willing to give up his idol image for them and many more. I am totally amazed by Heechul. He’s my inspiration, my bias. He’s so important to me. He’s part of my life already. I’ll always support him. I’ll do everything for him. I love him so much. My love for him and for Super Junior is everlasting.

  18. Name : Wafa Hassan Alhazemi

    Age : 21

    Country : United Arab Emirates

    I made a design for Heechul oppa ^^ I also sent it by Email ~

    Link : http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/5769/59945909.jpg

  19. Name: Patrycja
    Age: 16
    Country: Poland

    Kim Heechul.
    When I see his name I think about someone brave, strong, sensitive but he doesn’t show us what he exactly feels. I must admit one thing. On the beginning when I was starting to be ELF I didn’t like Heechul. Now I know I was wrong but this time I though he makes Big Star of him. Now I know he is Big Star. With time I was getting to know Super Junior and members. I’ve got to know Heechul so I changed my mind about him.
    I saw he is brave. I saw he sensitive. I know that under his smile he hide pain and saddness. I saw he is beautiful. Yes, beautiful. When he dressed up as Lady HeeHee I was like “he is prettier than me”. But I was happy. He made me this feeling.
    Kim Heechul is person who looks like strong person but I think even this he needs our help. Because of this on the world exist Petals.

  20. Name: Tiffany
    Age: 18
    Country: United States
    To me, Kim Heechul is a smile. He is my favorite person in SuJu, in fact he is my favorite Korean Idol of ALL time. Whenever I am down and in the dumps all I have to do to feel good is look up a video of Heechul or stalk his twitter or something to feel happy. I don’t even know him and yet he has such an impact on my life. When he smiles, I smile. When he cries, I cry. If he’s mad, I get mad. Through ‘getting to know him’ by just practically creepin’ on him all the time, I’ve also come to find that we have super similar personalities. We are both shy but sometimes you’d never knew it cause we’re so loud and ridiculous. We would do almost anything for our friend and we hate injustice. We both care about our physical image, but if it came down to it, we’d sacrifice our worldly images to do what we think is right. All in all, to me, Kim Heechul is Kim Heechul and I love him just the way he is. And if the time ever came to be I (like many other petals, i’m sure) would so jump in front of a bullet to save him. The world need him a lot more than it needs me.

    (Sorry for goin’ a but over the 150 limit).

  21. Name: Sara B.
    Age: 17 years old.
    Country: Algeria.

    I live in Algeria and that’s why it’s just impossible for me to get one, even if I sincerely wish to, especially one with Heechul’s cover! ❤ I’m a little bit uncomfortable with English because I don’t speak it well, but I’ll try to show in this (short) paragraph what does Heechul mean to me ! First, I think that deep in my heart, Heechul changes me a lot. Before I know the Suju I was depressed, and my life was boring, I really didn’t have any reason to live in this hateful world, but one day, I discovered The Super Junior, and their songs were unique, they had something different from the other songs I’ve listened before, and immediately I loved all the members especially Heechul. And I knew that at the begining things weren’t easy at all for the super junior, especially for Heechul. But they didn't lost hope, and continued to work hard to realize their dream. And I realized that good things don’t come by themselves, but we have to work hard to get them, and since that day, I’m learning how to enjoy my life as it is, and to work hard to make things better, and not to judge others on their appearances. It was the day I knew that Heechul was my favorite one, because in my opinion, he is the one who made the most of efforts to show what he was able to do! Here is the difference between Suju’s songs and the other K-pop’s songs, Suju’s songs are full with the desire to give and receive happiness at the same time. Now Heechul is in the army so I miss him so much, and I really want to see him every day, so I really hope to get this present from you!
    Sorry If the paragraph is long, but I can’t make it shorter because I’m talking about someone who means to me a lot and who is dear to me, he opened my eyes and showed me the real reason for life, “Work harder than we can, to get more happiness” …!

  22. Name : Marjorie
    Age : 17
    Country : Philippines

    my heechul entry :DDD

  23. Name: Gilang Mentari
    Age: 20
    Country: Indonesia
    The first time I saw him, it was on Super Junior first movies: Attack on the pin-up boys. I fell in love with him and I fell in love with Super Junior. I watched him in every korean variety show, made me deeply fell in love with him. He’s always there made me laugh and forgot me about my problems for a moment. He always make me smile. Now, Super Junior without him is like k-pop concert without Super Junior. I miss him so much..

  24. Name: Ana Ramirez
    Age: 18
    Country: Venezuela

    Hi, I’m Ana from Venezuela! I speak spanish and as I speak spanish I want to leave my message in spanish… Heechul means to me.. My world! MY EVERYTHING! I can’t explain “my everything” that’s why this message will be just dedicated to say what I feel about him… What I want to say to him.. It is hard but I know I can make it!

    Hola amor mio, my space big star, my flower Boy. Chico que iluminas las mañanas y me ayudas a dormir con calma en las noches cuando por alguna situación tengo miedo. Quisiera decirte solo: ‘Te Amo’ pero esas son solo dos palabras que no llenan todo lo que en verdad siento por ti. Kim Heechul, siempre te escribo para que sepas que estoy allí apoyándote y que puedes contar conmigo. Quizás no sabes que lo hago, quizás ni sabes donde queda Venezuela, aún así siempre te escribo porque algún momento puedes leerlo y saber que allí estoy para ti.

    Sé que pasaste por momentos dificiles al irte al ejercito. Debes tener en mente que estás haciendo esto por tu país, para mejorar tu vida y formarte como un gran ciudadano. TE AMO. Nunca decaigas porque tienes a millones de fans de ELFs y PETALS que están allí para ti amándote, queriéndote, apoyándote, tienes a todos los chicos de Super Junior, que estarán junto a ti sin dejarte solo ni un solo momento. Siempre recuerda: NO ESTAS SOLO, tienes a muchas muchas muchas fans que te aman y no dudarían ni un solo segundo para estar cuidando tu espalda.

    Sonreír, nunca dejes de sonreír, tu sonrisa ilumina mi cara y la de muchas fans y hacen que los días sean más llevaderos. Sin ti la vida seria vacia y mi corazón no explotaría de amor. Mi vida, mi todo. Mi loquito, aquella persona que con solo una foto puede alegrar mi vida. TE AMOOOOOO KIM HEECHUL. Gracias por ser tu y no dejar que la fama llene tu cabeza de aire y no toques el piso. Aunque el tiempo pase y crezcas un poco más cada momento, recuerda que siempre serás mi Heechul, el mismo de siempre solo que con unos años más. Nunca nunca pero nunca te cambiare. No me arrepiento de ser Petal, parte del Océano Azul ELF y amarte tanto como lo hago.

    Mi Space Big Star! Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul Woo U Biccal Kim Heechul *-* Piel de Leche Kim Heechul… TE AMO!!! Eres unico. Siento que de verdad en el mundo no hay nadie como tu, tus excentricidades te hacen un ser especial y es justamente por eso que me gustas. Siempre eres tan autentico y nunca escondes quien eres, a pesar de lo que digan las personas. Es verdad a veces eres muy loco, pero eres mi loco favorito. Espero que siempre sigas así y sin importar que pasen dos mil años siempre sigas así.*-*

    Una vez dijiste que querías ser una flor de acantilado, quiero que sepas que para mi eres así, Inalcanzable, pero en algún momento te alcanzare!! *-* I LOVE YOU/ TE AMO/ JE T’AIME/ Eu te amo… =]

    ***Sorry if the message is too long, but I can’t hold myself expressing my love to Heechul, I hope you understand me *-* ***

  25. my ultimate bias, big space star kim heechul!! I uploaded this video ^^ pwees all peatls out here enjoy it ~ kyaa can’t wait for oppa to comeback to suju

    Name: Vane
    Age: 17
    Country: U.S.A

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