Tower Records Chart List – From 120507 “Opera”

May 9, 2012 at 9:23 am | Posted in Pictures/Videos, Polls, Wonderboys | 43 Comments

Credit: HoHo反复想念 
Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you 

^^ No Shindong? T.T



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  1. Kyuhyun is #4 🙂

  2. woooow soo cool … by the way Kyuhyun is #4 it is only no shindong!!

    I love it that my lovers are #2 & #3 🙂 …

  3. I bought Shindong one. maybe it will squeeze in the chart later.. SD fighting hehe

    • Thank you ❤

      • I shld support as because of him, i come to know Super junior. He is the first person i saw in the group.

        • SW lead me to SJ. But NOT our SW, it’s the famous veteran Ryu SW (later I learned)…ha…ha… I like Jpn music, old song kind of thing because it sounds so sad and captivating…<3. I just surffed around and accidently caught one of his Jpn MVs 'Flower Necklace', then later upbeat song 'Babylon' clip at Tokyo Dom concert, I love them so much that I searched for SW's MVs, but I got all SJ's MVs …OMO….haha…. And I never look back….haha…no regret.

  4. The list may change in the next few days. For now, surprised to see RW under SW since KRY is very famous in Jpn. SW and SD are the least favorite in this country. SM normally should be at higher ranking, only under ET. I guess OpaOpa did wonder for EunHae. Wish SD on the chart too. Sigh … I don’t know if SJ can beat Arashi on Oricon, hope so but it will be very hard. SJ and Jpn-ELF fighting!

    • Yes, pretty sure it will change. About Siwon though, i’m always surprised that he isn’t usually in the top of polls/lists but he always gets to be featured front and center in anything the group does. And he just had 3 or 4 Japanese magazine articles about him. It makes me a little sad since he’s one of my top biases and I don’t know if fans feel antagonistic towards him because of his “center” role 😦

      Well, Arashi… I love SJ but beating Arashi will take a miracle, I’ll be more than happy that they just get on Oricon. *crossing fingers*

      • I’m not surprised abt SW after I read so many hatred comments towards him online. I don’t have bias because i find myself aching everytime I see bias stand fans go hating on other boys. And unfortunately, SW gets the most antis, not just from general (like from different fandoms; you hate SJ, of course you target the face of SJ) but inside ELF as well because of different nonsense reasons. The good thing is that most of his fans are somewhat laid back. They feel hurt, upset but rarely go all out to defend him. They remind themselves follow SW’s manner. They are doing a lot of good deeds too. I like them. My online friends like them and like SW too. We joined one of their charitable projects earlier this year. So happy. Of course, there are extremists too but they will be condemned by the mature ones. Like last year Stella incident; his fans devided by it. I follow his twitter since he often uses English. Wish other boys use English too so that I don’t have to wait for translation.
        I watched one Opera PV reaction today by two fans. They spazzed so much over all the boys, except SW. Even saying hate him. And the reason is st like he’s not that handsome, other boys are more handsome … seem implying SW has only look, no talents; why is he so famous? U know, like you usually see SW-antis saying. “Anyone but SW” is like a mantra for them now. SW-antis always refuse to look pass his LOOK to recognize other good sides of him. And then they claim he’s overrated. Should it be he’s underrated then? To me, all of my boys are underrated since they have so much more to offer.
        Now, I’m aching again to see some fans pouring their hatred towards EH, saying he’s everywhere …blabla. Actually this time in Opera, I like EH’s solo part the most …teheeeee …Seriously, his voice is sweet. I heard that he gets nomination for his role in ‘Frame’ musical. So cool, right? I just don’t understand how can anyone, especially so-called themselves ELF, hate any of these lovely boys. I remember one comment from fan that said st like “how ridiculous is it to get jealous over other boys on behalf of your bias while the boys themselves don’t.” Totally agree.

    • Beating Arashi in Arashi Land? Highly unlikely, considering DBSK hasn’t even beat them and DBSK is HUGE in Japan. But it’s still my sincere wish that SJ make it big in Japan like they made it big in Taiwan. I want them to be household names there too.

    • @Jacklyn it’s so sad there’s no SD T~T
      I wish SD on the chart too 😦
      yup! agree with u. Arashi is really popular I guess SJ will hard to beat it~
      but I hope at least we can be no. 2 on Oricon.. 🙂

      • As expected but didn’t know that girl group releasing their album too. Without these famous groups, SJ might get 1st for sure. Keep that in mind, I’m happy at 3rd place. Fighting!

        • Anyway, SJ fighting! hehe!

  5. poor shindong not in top 10… 😦

  6. LMAOOO no one cares about Shindong.

    • that’s actually not funny T.T

    • excuse me?? that he isnt in the chart doesnt mean that no one cares about him

    • obviously there are people who do, since most of the people who commented here are sad cuz Shindong is not in the list.

    • Not sure if you’re a troll trolling on a suju website or a fan hating on Shindong…Either way I think Sid need to delete this comment, so unnecessary…

      • I’m not hating. But it’s the truth. If people actually loved him his version would be at least #10 and you wouldn’t be here feeling sorry for him. Plus he barely gets any screen time or solos in songs.

        • His individual cover was sold out on like every site I know. YesAsia, CD Japan, etc. I do not understand why he isn’t on the chart!

        • But still.. you should not laugh your ass off.

  7. This ranking looks somewhat consistent with other SJ members popularity rankings I’ve seen? May not be always in the same order… but the top few are well usually the top few etc…

  8. This is weird. I am shindong bias and I really want to buy his cover but it’s nowhere to be found. They said it all sold out but why he’s not in this charts? T.T

    • maybe avex realized he’s not as popular as the others and produced only a very limited amount? IDK But I’m sad for him. He’s always so misunderstood. 😦

  9. Wow, so Leeteuk is the most popular in Japan and his cover does really look good.
    I’m sad Shindong is not on the list, I hope he gets to be on it later.
    but this is great they’re taking the 1st 9 spots on the list, awesome~

    please subscribe to Super Junior’s channel

  10. Well on one hand, I’m so happy they’re dominating the top 10 list (except for Shindong’s, sigh). On the other hand, I’m sad that I don’t actually have even one T_T

  11. awww shindong! 😦
    also i’ve heard that siwon actually isn’t very popular in japan which i find strange.
    and hmv japan relisted some of the limited editions today on their website – ryeowook, shindong, sungmin and siwon are still available. so if you missed out on the preorders go and get one quickly, its probably your last chance unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount on ebay!

    • Only if I have money. Huhu… The most surprised is SM, then RW. SW and SD … as expected.

  12. latest check at oricon chart, opera is at number 3.XD so far so good. However, Siwon and Shindong Limited Edition ( not sure about the difference) still in stock. Elfs, buy quick. Can buy through amazon or HMV !!!!

    • OH, u mean HMV singapore? i went today but none on display

      • no no, HMV online. Japan

  13. hopefully SJ could top oricon this time… thou its a bit hard seeing that ARASHI just released new single Face Down too… hurm, but, its never too late to try~ ganbatte J-ELFs!! n us too!! ^^

    btw, i bought Eunhyuk’s version !! ^^

  14. I’m a bit surprised at the “ranking,” considering virtually all the J elfs I meet on-line are either Leeteuk or Donghae biased. But considering this is just the chart for Tower Records, and not the big grand-daddy chart like Oricon, I’m sure the ranking is not definitive of their popularity in Japan as a whole.
    Well, doesn’t matter cuz Kyu’s 4th!!!! My baby’s 4th! 🙂

    • Donghea is favorite everywhere. It’s a fact.

      • my, my. the fact that many people love donghae is notorious. everyone doesnt have to go around and defend a fact. laying back might be better, my dear.

  15. there are still some sw, sm, sd and rw opera cover at hmv Singapore!

  16. I still cant accept the fact that Shindong cover cost much cheaper than others T.T WHY?

    • Really?Noooooooooooo …. it’s the same at Yes Asia though.

      • Yes, they sell it with different price. Yesung cover is the most expesive, Shindong cover is the cheapest. But the rest of the members have the same price. Actually, Yesung cover price is 2times more expensive than Shindong cover price.

        • Where does it sell like that? Grrrrrrr. I’m dying inside. YesAsia and others get all at the same price.
          Just read the article that said Opera ranked 3rd for the 2nd day. And reported YS and SW covers were completely sold out. SW? Shock! Maybe because this time it counts overall, from all stores and international selling websites too. In Jpn HMV, only SD cover is still available. Singapore HMV there are SD, SM and RW’s covers. 😦 Hope Tokyo Dome will spike the sell. Opera will be sold out and reach 2nd on Oricon b/c the girl group today just got around 6,000 over SJ. Wishing, hoping!

          • I heard HMV singapore bring in the four members SD,SW,RW,SM cover first, the other members they have nt decide to bring in yet, must see the demand here before they bring in the others:)

        • no wonder its selling less than others, but bcoz leeteuk himself admitted that yesung and sungmin are popular in Japan, avex are using that to gain more money for sure. hmm….

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