[SUP3RAnniversary] Yesung Giveaway, @shfly3424

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☆ Sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways 

Entry submission for this competition has ended.
Thank you to everyone who entered ;D


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  1. why don’t you just give me one? huhuhu~~ q.q i’m not creative at all~~~~~

    • Your message just needs to come from the heart, you don’t have to be creative. xD

      • can I join? 🙂

  2. Gosh *-* I love version of Mr. Simple *-* Yeye so handsome! I’m not CLOUD, so I can’t enter the giveaway… but my sister is a CLOUD and she really loves him… I believe she can enter ^^ I will send the link to her! Good luck for everyone o/

  3. where we upload a video?
    and what mean create picture of yesung? editing with existing photo already? or something else?

    • Video = Upload on Youtube, you can edit exisiting.. or create a new one with exisiting images etc

  4. Eonni, if I’m not clouds could I join this?I don’t have any 5jib T.T
    by the way, is it okay if I wrote more than 150 words?

    • Yes, join join join ;D 150 words.. it’ll 150-200 ;D

  5. Create a picture of Yesung ?

    • Basically draw Yesung, or edit an existing picture anything really.

  6. i want to join and i want to have another album..
    BUT SINCE its a giveaway for those who still havent got one.. LETS GIVE THEM A CHANCE..^_^
    we’re already LUCKY enough to have our own album.. so please be honest, dont join this if you already have an album..UNFAIR to others. 🙂

  7. Erm… How many times can u enter? Coz I’m a big cloud (?)
    And I dont have this album, I really want it. Get back to me soon thanks :3

    • Once.

  8. if i decided to choose no.2 or 3, where should i post my entry?? I mean, for example, if i write paragraph, where should i post it?
    aigoo~but i’m not a creative person, but i’ll try..it’s for my baby yeye .< so…i hope i can win it *pray

    Btw, thx for doing this Giveaway, and Happy 3rd anniversary, u dont know how much this site means for us International ELF..really THANK U SO MUCH~^-^

    • You can post it as a comment or send it to my e-mail. Also no problem ~!

  9. Unni ~ Is that okay If I just make the video from the photo and tell about Yesung there?
    And I put a song too to make the video >.<
    I hope that's okay because I'm upload the video already, thank you :3

    • That’s ok ;D

  10. OMG..i haven’t yesung album..then read your giveaway..my eyes become bigger..O.O
    how kind you are sid…*tears

  11. Sid could you be a little more precise about the text? Is it a why you like him or what do you think of him, etc or it can be anything related to him?
    And also for the pic part PLEASE be careful. Edits can be done on news pics but pics from fansites CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be edited in any way. Screencaps can be used too for edits per example. Or perhaps the create a pic is about doing a fanart. (Sorry to be like this but some yesung fansites do not allow to take pics out of their sites because of these editing problems and I don’t wish people use this contest to create an excuse to edit fansites pics)

    • Why you like Yesung.
      Yes I shall be specific about editing pictures.

  12. I don’t have any 5jib for suju ^^ and I want to join but Am from libya !!
    And I doubt that u could bring the CD to my country cuz we don’t have any ways to get anything from outside >< unless u went to get it yourself !
    Life is so hard haha!!
    Can u answer me if u know an answer to the problem ??!

    • I can only send by post!

      • It’s Okay ^^
        Thank u for help 🙂

  13. What picture do you mean? Cartoon or what? I want to join.^^

    • Cartoon, anything you can draw it.. or get some images of Yesung and compile them etc ;D

  14. I remember when I heard his voice for the first time was in August last years (It’s has to be you – Cinderella’s sisters’ OST), my heart just melted! Although I’ve just known about SJ but I love him so much! Everyone can love him because his face, his strong voice or maybe… his tiny hands. In my own heart, I just love him not only he’s really full of funny, sensitive, odd, dorky,… but he really also a filial son, one of the best vocals in SJ and one of the best brothers among SJ. He has such an adorable personality. Maybe 150 words not enough for me to tell you how I feel about him! But I don’t know how to make the videos, and how to edit the photos, neither. I just can write all meaningless words and trite ideas just because I can’t do anything. Sorry for my bad English, too… Please make this disk is the best gift of my life! Thank you so so much!

    Name: Hoàng Hải Yến
    Age: 22
    Country: Vietnam

    P/s: Thanks a lot for hearing me!

  15. I could only get one 5jib and although I’m Siwon-biased I picked Yesung version, i find it very amazing ^^

    Good Luck to all the contestants 😛

  16. Name: Nohely Mallon Quinteros (@nohelythn)
    Country: Spain
    Hello everyone!
    Yesung, for me, is really special, he is who makes me happy, who makes me laugh, who with a look makes me to feel like I’m in the heaven kkk I have never liked any famous…but yesung is different of others famous people, he is so natural, really manly, sweet, a little misterious and have a beautiful voice that everytime I hear him singing, I can’t describe how I feel! specially when he makes high notes ohh that is amazing! 😀
    I miss him when I know anything about him for a long time…and I always remember him when I see a turtle xD or I hear the words “voice”, “small”, “cheek” and “eyes”…In fact, everything reminds me of him 😀
    I love everything about him…his smile, his little eyes, his lips, his small hands and his cute cheeks. His look is so deep that makes me crazy…He is who makes me forget my problems and the bad things that I’m living…He means a lot to me. I love him and I really want to get the album, but I can’t get it for myself :$
    Please, you would makes me the happiest girl in the world if you choose me!
    Pd: Sorry for my english :$

  17. i know i cant have the chance to win it!! but i really love suju and i’m dying to have one!! dear admins!! i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need it so hard!! TT__TT

  18. Do we have to have a Twitter? My mom won’t let me get one. -_- Also THANK YOU THANK YOU for this opportunity! 😀

    • No it’s ok ;D

  19. Can we just send our message to sup3rjunior@hotmail.co.uk? I don’t feel comfortable exposing my information for the public like this XD

    • Yes.

  20. GUYS, SO GREAT PROJECT!!! ^ ^ It’s good chance for Cloud who hasn’t Yesung’s cover ^ ^ Good luck, Clouds ^ ^

  21. I have a question, are you only going to giveaway yeye and eunhyuk oppa albums? ^^

  22. You’re going to choose how many winners?
    *sorry for my bad english* 😀

    • kekekeke secret.

      • kyaaaa~ I want it!!
        I’ll try my best.. 😀

  23. i want to write paragraph about yesung mean to me!

  24. Can I ask this ? Is it possible for me to enter this for both EunHyuk and YeSung ?
    Don’t get me wrong , I just want to win 1 ( Hyuk or Yeye would both be fine , they are my love after all) cause I didn’t have enough money to buy one .

  25. Can I send the picture that I draw and already post on my blog/deviantart?

  26. I’m gonna give it a try^^. I cant do fancy editing or videos so I’ll just write.
    Thank you for this, I appreciate the admins very much 😀

  27. Since I was young i always wanted to be a cloud.

    I used to spend my time watching the sky all the long, asking silly things to clouds, looking for the biggest and most beautiful cloud to saty with her forever and to float beside till I had to become a cloud too.
    I never found that cloud, of course.
    I mean, I stopped to looking for her, because one day I found a cloud here, in the earth.
    That cloud was and is still the most beautiful that I ever saw, very different from the other ones.
    Then, I decided to stay with that cloud Forever.
    Even when I know that we aren’t close, I understand that clouds always go with the wind like peers… and I feel my cloud is with me everywhere… I’m the wind.
    Sometimes, when I hear his voice I feel in the sky, I feel him so close… I feel him in my heart.
    When I hear his voice I feel like dancing in different skies… I feel like i’m becoming a cloud.
    Yesung is my cloud. And I never want to let it go.♥

    Name: Maria Jose Castrillón
    Age: 17
    Country: Colombia

    • I think you’ve a big chance to win this. You really wrote it from your heart. Well done!! Good luck :))

  28. If I drew a picture of Yesung, would it have to be my own picture of him? (Did that make any sense =_=?) Like, can I draw a picture of one of selcas or album pictures?

  29. I just sent my entry via email, thank you for this opportunity ^^

  30. Name:Nguyễn Thuý Hằng
    Country: VietNam

    ( I’m Sorry, because my English is not good but i do it all my heart..)

    At first, I dont love him because of his handsome, his voice. Those things just account 10% which i love him. I Love him by his own personal. I learned a lot from him such as efforts, striving,patience and special is team-work. Curiously, when i look his eyes, i always feel have an invisible power make me better. Yesung, who make me smile, make me cry, make me feel how is happy to see someone you lovehappy. More, Yesung oppa is motivation study.I’m not good at expressing. Thank for seeing ^^

  31. is it okay if the short paragraph has more than 150 words?

  32. Will there be a Kyuhyun giveaway??

  33. how i can send video ?? please,

  34. Name : Nurhasanah (twitter : @dira3119)
    Age : 18
    Country : Indonesia

    Yesung made ​​my first impression is very beautiful,, The first time the Super Show in seoul,, his voice could make me get carried away like a stream of water. Melodious strains of his voice. Yesung’s eyes a very deep, can make me cry instantly. Yesung has a very Adult nature, he loved his parents like me. Although Yesung can sometimes dancing in the back of the other members, but he was still shining aura.
    any given time during the event EHB Yesung dance (dance octopus) it makes my stomach hurt from too eager to laugh: D
    Yesung was able to make the condition is silent and suddenly became funny at the same time ^ ^,
    Last I saw him when SS4INA, he was very impressive, would like to learn something new to get closer to the ELF. Yesung really was meant for me, he is my motivation to always cherish all living beings, spirit of hard work to my Ignorance with friends lol: D
    Yesung you are very different, still glowing with the 13 other members, keep the spirit Yeye, I love you 🙂

  35. The e-mail has been sent. Please check unnie^^

  36. finally..i’m not late and can join this giveaway 🙂

    Name: Sabrina A.
    Age:19 YO
    Country: Indonesia
    link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=714h6vbAo5o&feature=related

    i want to ask u..btw is it okay if my video like this??if not..i’ll make the other one..but, can i do that??

    beside, thank u so much for doing this giveaways event…seriously..it’ll make other ELF who still don’t have their albums will be so happy *including me :)*

    good luck for all and once..thank u so much for u ♔Princess Managers (sup3rjunior)..XOXO X)

    • ur video wa cool…

  37. Sent ^^ If you don’t mind please check your e-mail, admin.
    If one of those albums belongs to me, InshaAllah I’ll get one. Haven’t bought this album yet because I didn’t have enough money to buy it, I was saving my money for Super Show 4 Indonesia kkkk ^^V
    But if it doesn’t, it’s okay. Maybe another ELF needs it more.
    정말 감사합니다 dear admin for making this kinda competition. I love you, keep updating 😉

  38. The e-mail has been sent. Please check,,,

  39. I have made yesung’s video.. please watch this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDsEKJER2-g&feature=plcp .. I hope you let Yesung to watch this… thanks

    Name : Sistha
    Age : 16 years old
    Country : Indonesia

  40. Name: Aina
    Age: 15
    Country: Malaysia .

    Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCIcEW-0dPY

    Thank you 🙂

  41. this video, make by editing or not..???
    umm, can I put my face >< too in this video..???
    Im sorry i dont understand about video.. TT^TT


  42. please check your email…I sent my entry…thank you very much

  43. Karina 13 U.S.A. Link: https://twitter.com/#!/khern120/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FeBVeVj2D

  44. If i want to join the paragraft where i must post it…

  45. oh I would love to participate because it’s a dream wuaaaa

  46. Annyeong. I already sent my entry. A short paragraph to your hotmail 🙂 I hope you received it. You dont mind replying to this comment if you already received my entry. my email is : bleachheatthesoulweak@yahoo.com. tnx ! ^_^

  47. When you send entries regarding this giveaway , is it sure if you’ll receive this giveaway or there is only a chance ?

  48. Name: Belgica V.

    Age: 17

    Country: Venezuela.

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF72_t8v6Fc&feature=youtu.be

    .ohh sorry, my English, thanks, really would be a dream to get one these cd.
    from here in Latin America, it is difficult to have or get one of their albums.
    grateful to the page, make the dream of many girls actually.
    simply want, please see my video, thanks …
    need to be sent, also by mail.

  49. Name: Belgica V.
    Age: 17
    Country: Venezuela.
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF72_t8v6Fc&feature=youtu.be
    .ohh sorry, my English, thanks, really would be a dream to get one these cd.
    from here in Latin America, it is difficult to have or get one of their albums.
    grateful to the page, make the dream of many girls actually.
    simply want, please see my video, thanks …
    need to be sent, also by mail.

  50. about pic,, what pic shud we make? is it like a fanart?

  51. I wat to participate! Heres my picture submission :3

    Age : 15
    Country : Singapore
    Name : Eugenia

  52. name : ji young
    age : 16 years old
    country : indonesian

    sorry if my english is bad… TT^TT

    “oppa I really like you …..! although I have not touched your hand or just to see you in person.
    I like you not only as an ELF, but you know somehow I can not describe my feelings for you, when I was 13 you are my first love that I see in front of a computer screen (?) And I never thought that I really fell in love with your eyes, beautiful, sharp, and fun. That’s the first thing I see from your eyes and you know oppa, I .. Perhaps only a fraction of ELF Thousands clouds that always support you and give more attention to you.
    But, if oppa know I would like to express my feelings I know that I really like you, as fans and as someone special. If I met oppa one day
    And it certainly was my lucky day, the most special day ever and I feel happy ever.
    I’m looking for every loophole to meet my first love, I saved and follow every quiz just for oppa.
    Too childish you think, because I’m only 16 years old girl.
    Oppa, promise me that your star never goes out.
    Oppa, promise me you’ll still sing along with Super Junior and ELF.
    And oppa, promise me, if one day I meet you, promise to smile at me. My first love and for all. Proud to be ELF :D”

  53. please, check your span email… ><

    • SPAM i mean.. TT^TT

  54. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/elf/sign.html

  55. What means Yesung to me??
    That’s a good question…Super Junior have 13 member + ZhouMi & Henry, so…how could one member be THE ONLY ONE for me?? The only one I look at, the one that always shine in every video I see, in every performance…
    I remember the first time I saw Yesung, it was in a Star King special…he was dancing with a girl in a weirdly form…he really made me laugh!! At that moment I thought “Wow, he even doesn’t care about his image as idol!” but this first “bad” impression changed when I heard him singing. OMG, I really thought my heart would explode with so many emotions inside!! Since then, I became his fan, not only for his handsome appearance and his beautiful voice, but also for his good feelings towards his team members and his family. He’s such a good son…if I meet him one day, I will thank him for remind me every single day that family it’s very important and that I have to be a good daughter! He’s not just a singer to me, he’s inspiration. I admire him as an artist and as a person.
    PS: Sorry for my bad english! I tried my best!

    Name: Verónica Tijero
    Age: 23
    Country: Spain

  56. [Riz (21) one of CLOUD in Indonesia]

    Yesung (김종운) is one of my favorite idol. Very Very Love Him. He have a good voice.. good singer. When him selca, His smile make me fall in love. When SUPER JUNIOR perfrom, i will support him.

    I’m always remember, when Super Show 4, Yesung oppa so close when his solo performance. I will not forget this moment. Always support until end. My love give to Yesung. Because i’m ELF, i’m CLOUD.

    I love Him very much. Hope someday, i will meet and say to him that my love, my heart and support always for you, Yesung ♥ ♥ ♥.

    Saranghaeyo Kim Jong Woon Oppa ♥ ><

  57. yesung meaning for me, i think he is the happiest person in this world. why? because for me, he always smile though he was sick or not. he always make me laugh with his dance and he always to be funny in front of camera. his voice make me feel good when i sad. and he never tried to look weak in front of E.L.F he always give us a bright smile. i think he is one of my favourite in Super Junior because his pure heart and smile.
    ps : sorry for the bad english.
    Name : Vania
    Age : 15
    Country: Indonesia

  58. How can I send my picture? To your email or where?

  59. Name: Marian Justine Tolentino
    Age: 17
    Country: Philippines

  60. Name : Nonie Olivia Adia M. (@oliviadiamtrs)
    Age : 14
    Country : Indonesia


    Thank You 🙂

  61. Hiii….. I sent an email for my entry my email is michelletorres82@yahoo.com. Please let me know if you received it. Thank you so much for the opportunity this means alot. ^_^

  62. Hi, I just sent my entry to your hotmail.. Hope that you already received it. Thank you. =)

    • hey can i sent it by Yahoo mail ??

  63. Name: Gyuzel (@Gyuzel90)
    Age: 22
    Country: Russia

    Thank you!

  64. Hi..I sent you a mail.Hope you like my entry… 🙂 And good luck to others too….

  65. QUESTIONS!!!:

    1) If I have enter for Yesung, can I enter for the others too?
    2) Must it supposed to have twitter, I have one but I’m not an active twittee.
    3) I just need to choose between the 3 right; either video, pic or essay?
    4) Where should I upload the video? can I do it on fb?

    • 1) yES
      2) No you don’t have to..
      3) Yes choose between the three..
      4) Youtube, Facebook.. wherever you want;D

  66. hii there,, this my email leehanna63@yahoo.co.id
    please let me know you received it… gamsha…

  67. Name: Sara.
    Age: 17 years old.
    Country: Algeria.

    I’m sincerly dreaming about receiving 5jib with YeSung cover. Unfortunatly I live in Algeria, and there’s no way to get one. So I really hope that you’ll realize my dream.
    For me YeSUng is the most mysterious member of Suju. But he also has the best voice. He has a unique beautiful voice. Then I love how his eyes are so dark! YeSung is one of my favorit member because he’s so serious and at the same time completly crazy, especially when he dances (SuJu EHB xD) I mean that he has many facets in his personality and that makes him so Special for me! To sum up, Yesung is very mysterious and that makes him So attractive and shining … When I listen to his voice, it carries me away, far away and it feels good!
    I know that YeSung will go soon to the army, and I’ll miss him so much, so I really want to have his cover to see him every day!

    Ah, I really want to thank you for this giveaway, Because really, you’ll realize the dream of some persons, and that amazing, so Thank you!

  68. Is the deadline over when the clock turn 12 and it’s the 20th, or am I still able to send you my entry on the 20th? 😛

  69. Name:Marie

    Kim Jong Woon is just a boy
    With a voice piece of art
    He sings with joy
    And he looks like a star

    He is a candy for the eyes
    With his well-shaped abs
    His big haed and his little-little hands
    always taking selcas teasing us

    He is a wierd-wierd guy
    Loving huging you from behind
    But you have to be aware
    He’ll touch your philtrum in the dark.

    Well from the very first time i saw him i fell for him. Although I had already a bias he soon became the second one in my list of people from kpop that i love~ Yesung became the first one~ ^^ There are many things that made me fall in love with him. One of them is his powerful voice. His voice is pure and touching. Every time he sings he brings out so many emotions and i can feel that he bring the song into life. Also he is so handsome. His eyes, his nose, his lips~ I love his big head and his tiny little hands. I mean i have a thing with hands and Yesung’s small one’s are so cute it makes me wonder how it’d be to hold them. Last but not least, i love his wierd personality. It’s unique. He may be like a five year old kid sometimes but he is really helpful and caring. He is really lovable~

    Ok the poem is a crappy one but i really wanted to send this~ ^_^

  70. I’ve sent you my participation via email! Thank you for all your work ❤

  71. Here’s my words for Yesung Giveaway. I’ll send it via email too.
    Check it out here!
    Thanks a lot! ^^

  72. So You Can Talk All About Yesung Even He’s Weird Nest ??

  73. And How Can U Get The price

  74. Again. Yesterday I sent my entry and now I don’t see that T___T Why?
    I’ll try write it again.

    What Yesung means to me? It’s difficult question. Loving people don’t know why they love someone. Usually they tell you “I love him/her for anything”. Paulo Coelho wrote that “One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” I agree with it. I don’t know why I Iove Yesung.
    Maybe because he has awesome voice. Thanks to his strong singing I can forget about everything around me and listen to his voice.
    Maybe because he is really funny. Thanks to his amusing behavior in programs he makes me happy and my day is better.
    Maybe only because that he is there? He exist and he makes Clouds to love him?
    It’s his charm. It’s Yesung.

    Name: Patrycja Wielgos (@Imuana1)
    Age: 16
    Country: Poland

    For sure I will send you this via e-mail. I was afraid I lost my paragraph T_T

  75. Name: Arie (@aisyarimurti)
    Age: 16
    Country: Indonesia

    I sent my picture submission via email too. Gamsa 🙂

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