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☆ Sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways 

Entry submission for this competition has ended.
Thank you to everyone who entered ;D


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  1. Name : Angela Nadia T (twitter @ngelinate)
    Age : 14y.o
    Country : Indonesia

    Eunhyuk is a popular Asian Anchovy who shakes the world with his cool & sexy dance, even many popular artists adore him. Why? That’s bcs of his clumsiness & WORM dance. He goes greedy and wild when it comes to dancing or eating. And he makes ELF believe that there’s something between MONKEY AND FISH! ♥

  2. Name: Ikhlas Suleiman (Twitter @Ikhlas101)
    Age: 17
    Country: Texas

    To me Eunhyuk just makes super junior complete. He is just so loving and caring towards the other members and fans alike. I just can’t picture super junior without Eunhyuk or any other member for that matter. To me Eunhyuk is one of the most talented Kpop idols out there and he keeps getting better and better with time. He never fails to surprise me. Love you Eunhyuk always stay yourself ❤

  3. Name: Victoria Guo
    Age: 17
    Country: United States

    Hyukkie is an adorable boy and hes always in a good mood, making people around him smile. When I feel stressed, I watch a couple funny videos of him and he really makes my day better. I think hes the most beautiful man on earth (though his members disagree lol). I think hes so talented, and in my eyes, hes the best dancer and rapper combined ive ever seen. He works so hard at everything and its obvious because hes just so good! I love that he connects well with his fans and always shows his true self on TV instead of trying to live up to a typical celebrity image. Hes very pure and innocent; it reflects well on his face. I love his sweet, naïve, childlike personality. Most of all, I love him for who he is and hes become a type of role model for me. ❤

  4. Name: Ambur Staab (twitter @bambi3328)
    Age: 15
    Country: Washington State, USA

    Lee Hyukjae means a lot to me. Although he wasn’t my first bias he captured me during Mr. Simple and is here to stay. I believe that I truly became an Elf the moment he became my bias. His gummy smile gets me every time, whether I’m upset or in a good mood, his smile never fails to make me smile like an idiot. He may be considered the ugliest in Super Junior by the other members, but to me he’s the most perfect, I even love his rain boots and hairy knees. From his dancing to his hilarious personality Lee Hyukjae has truly captured me. He lights up every stage he is on and always does his best no matter how exhausted he might be. His perseverance and strong willed attitude has inspired me to not only try my best, but to also go for my goals and reach for the stars.

  5. Name: Ana Raquel Andrade (twitter: @imjacksbrain)
    Age: 19
    Country: Brazil

    Hyukjae represents to me the real meaning of “true beauty”; let me explain. He is that rare kind of person whose simple fact of existing can make life seems lighter. He doesn’t have a selfish kind of beauty, in fact, whenever he smiles everything around him, and around us, become beautiful too. His kindness and pureness can warm anyone’s heart, and his talent and charisma lighten our souls. He is complete. When I met Super Junior I suddenly felt the urge of being happy, and as soon as I saw his smile all the burden in my heart and all the darkness I once adored simply disappeared – and I discovered being happy can actually be amazing; and being kind doesn’t make me any weaker. Hyukjae truly changed my life and the way I see it; he changed everything I wish for me. And I’m really thankful for that.

  6. name:melanie umali (twitter:hyukjae_mel)
    country:toronto canada
    hyukjae is the 1st member who caught my attention bcoz of his dancemoves in DONT DON that i watched in youtube back in 2007,he looks so innocent even he has a funny hairstyle that time,but from then on i watched lots of vid of him,and thru that vid i saw how perfect he was,that makes me fall deeply in love with him,he is the kind of person who you can be proud of having,very talented,charming,kind-hearted,loving/caring friend,son,brother and IDOL.im hoping that in the future i will have a”SON”like HIM.i admire him so much.i just wish that god will always guide him,always healthy and energetic so that he will continue putting smile to everyone who loves and supporting him/SJ..LEE HYUKJAE saranghaeyo..i wish one day i will get a chance to see u.

  7. Name : Suzanne Zhong
    Age : 18 (19 on June)
    Country : Tahiti, French Polynesia
    Eunhyuk is a really sweet and innocent guy who is really essy to bully. He is someone that is really loyal to his parents, a perfect son. To me, Eunhyuk is one of the sweetest guy of the world. He is cute, handsome, sexy, his dancing skills are perfect and I love the way he sings. Last time, I cried in the morning when I heard him sing at the Tokyo Event. The way he is made me fall in love with him. Besides, he is really funny and just seeing him once, it can make my day bright instantly even if I’m really sad and about to cry. I love everything about him that it’s hard to put everyting in words … But, I do not regret anything. I’m really thankful to have known him.

  8. Name: Kartika Luthfi Adiningtyas (Tika)
    Age : 17 yo
    Country: Indonesia

    I prefer call HyukJae than Eunhyuk, it’s make me feel closer to him even I’m not, lol. HyukJae for me means spirit, smile, happiness and of course everything. When I get some problems, I just look at his picts, videos or reading his fact, then I could smile and laugh again and solve my problems easily. He makes me tried to dance and move, meanwhile I hate before I know him and Super Junior. I think if I can get him beside me, I won’t to make him my boyfriend, but my brother who can protect and love me from his deeply heart, lol, I’m serious. He maybe likes a Joker when on stage, but I know he’s beautiful and has a soft heart inside. Well, actually I don’t know what I’ll say here. But physically, I think he’s extremely sexy ^^ Jeongmal sarangaheyo, Hyukjae. Thanks for being my spirit.

  9. Name: Nurhasanah (@dira3119)
    Age: 18
    Country: Indonesia

    Lee Hyukjae is one who can make me laugh just seeing her face, He is very sweet though is acting weird lol, he is very professional with his work while on stage, even different aura when he was dancing on stage or not. I greatly admire the smile of a Lee Hyukjae: D That’s so awesome, beautiful gums and rows of neat white teeth. When all the members speech if he was so dirty, but he’s trying to be healthy 🙂 Lee Hyukjae when doing so charismatic rapper.
    When I heard Lee Hyukjae would leave the Tour, I always look forward style of dress him while in the airport, he was my motivation in terms of dress. Lee hyukjae really is a very mean in my life, as a motivation to further the spirit of hard work. Like when Lee hyukjae SM.Entertaiment continue to try to audition and finally selected: D
    Lee Hyukjae thank you very much 🙂

  10. Name: Maria Victoria Legaspi
    Age: 27
    Country: Philippines

    “Eunhyuk”- the only person who have a bright gummy smile and cause my heart beat so fast in excitement. I saw a video called ‘Mr.Simple’ i got curious with the blonde hair,and started search EUNHYUK, that say i become an ELF.When it comes to his dancing talent, is there a word superlative than amazing?,that’s how I can describe it.He so adorable when he gets shy.He is different ,so funny, so Unique and have a warmth heart. They say he is not that handsome but there is something in him i cant resist and make me feel ( and a lot of people too) frustrated to be with him or even just to see him in flesh.Knowing him is one of my lucky day and deep in my heart i really treasure him..in my own word he bring joy,inspiration, and bright days. LEE HYUK JAE touch my life with his gummy smile…..

  11. I post it once and I lost all of it TxT
    Name : Lưu Ngọc Thanh Tâm
    Age : 18
    Country : Viet Nam

    Well , to me , I myself have been an E.L.F since the beginning ( yes , I’ve known Super Junior for years since their Miracle day ) . And I must say that , Super Junior , or mainly EunHyuk , has changed my life a lot .
    Eun Hyuk to me , is a one-of-a-kind person . He has the gummy smile that could melt everyheart , the face that everyone adores , and the way he dances just moves me so much ^^
    People say that he should cover his gum , but they didn’t see how wonderful his smile is .
    People say he couldn’t sing well , maybe because they didn’t listen to the way the rap and dance , just like a GOD .
    Thanks to him , I took up my courage to dance even though I’m not that good .
    Thanks to him , I had the courage to do something the old me couldn’t do it .
    Thanks to him I know that when you works hard , the result would always be blessing .
    And , I know that even though he’s an idol , he still stay honest to everyone . I love the fact he didn’t drink alcolhol and smoke for 27 years , and how he admit that he drank it the 1st time without hiding it from everyone . He’s an wonderful person that I admire a lot
    Maybe in the future , when I could see him up front , the 1st sentence I wanna tell him is ” Kamsahamnida Eunhyuk oppa !”

  12. I sent my drawings via e-mail but i didn’t wrote my name so here it is:

    Name: Monika Klat
    Age: 18
    Country: Poland
    …and is’s from zenino@onet.pl
    please tell me if i have to send the e-mail again with those informations

  13. What do I feel when I see that smile?
    Is like an energizer to me, when I see that smile my world becomes immediately a little world where the only thing who cares is him, my thought goes anywhere and my heart starts to beat so fast…
    It feels like I have everything for those seconds, like I have everything to continue living, no matter if it’s just for a second.
    Because that smile means to me the real happiness.
    When I was 7 I remember that my mother said to me once “Every person in the world has a reason to keep living… And sometimes that reason depends by just one action”
    Now I get it.
    I’m alive because of his smile… Is all that i need to be alive.
    No matter how long I have to wait to see his smile face to face… Just a second, just a second is all that I need to born again in the most beautiful way.♥

    Name: Maria Jose Castrillón
    Age: 17
    Country: Colombia

  14. Name: Meherin Halim (BlondeMyeolchi)
    Age: 15
    Country: United States of America
    Eunhyuk changed my entire life. The moment i saw him i fell in love, firstly with his face of course haha. Then i started to watch clips of him and fell even more in love with his dorky personality. Almost 4 years have passed and that hasn’t changed. I will forever be his fan who supports him through any hardship he goes through, because that is the life i live as a Jewel. His talent itself amazes me and changed my perspective on people. His perfection in dancing makes other dancers i’ve seen look like amateurs. The moment i saw him in person at SM Town NYC, i shall never forget. His presence was truly breathtaking, literally. That’s when i realized how much he meant to me, when i felt like my lungs couldn’t function properly anymore. Seeing him was truly the happiest moment of my life that can never be replaced.

  15. Name : Indira Reta
    Age : 15
    Country : Indonesia
    Sometimes, in times wherein I am desperate over something and when I am in dire need of comfort, there would always that one person that always smiles to the camera. Yes, that person is Lee Hyukjae. He is that one person that give me all of the comfort I need only by watching his ridiculous and funny videos, that one person who genuinely find his group members important, and would do absolutely anything just bring a smile to his fans’ face. I only once met him in person, and I was not that close to him that time either. I met him in international airport and he was waving his hands to the fans. Then he smiled. That was the most beautiful smile I’ve seen in my life. You may think I’m over-reacted or what, but that’s the fact. Hyukjae has that beautiful and gummy smile of his. He isn’t just wonderful outside, but inside as well. That was proven by how he treated his seniors, members, and juniors. The way he talks, he always brings smile and laugh to people around him. Thank you, Hyukjae Oppa, for brought this happiness in me. And this smiles. And this laughs. Thank you so much 🙂

  16. Name: Hanna Patricia Mabini
    Country: Philippines
    Eunhyuk for me is a man who can make me smile along with his friends. He’s an idol I love not only because of his looks but also because he’s a great man, a great friend and a great idol. Though, I haven’t see him yet personally, everytime I see his smile his face, everytime I see Eunhyuk happy, I absolutely marked it on my head that someday, I will definitely see him. I like him actually after watching Sorry Sorry Music video, in the part of ‘Let’s Dance, dance dance…’, he caught my attention as well as ryeowook that time and I just say “WOW, he’s a stunning dancer”. Eunhyuk, I think he’s one of the most important member for me of Super Junior. Why? It’s because without him, we are not able to call someone on the group “MONKEY”; we can’t make a couple which is the EUNHAE. Searching almost everything I can search about him really makes me proud that I am a fan of a great man named Lee Hyukjae. Hyukjae oppa, Fighting & Saranghae ♥. Gomawo!!!♥

  17. Name:Maria (twitter @MariaAbagnale)
    Country: Italy
    I go for the fanart, made expressly for this.
    Here the link http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa65/mariabagnale/hyukjaeconcorso.jpg
    Can post it in my tumblr account?

  18. Name: Ma.Jullianne Emerald N. Baxis
    Age: 14
    Country: Philippines

    What does Eunhyuk means to me? A year to earn but days to tell. He means a lot to me not just because he is a member of Super Junior but also a member of my family. I treated him just like my family! I do cherished him as much as i cherished my loved ones. He might not be here beside me or living in our house but he remains in my heart forever. He taught me a lot of things, not personally but emotionally. I may not be seeing him as of now but my presence still left a big mark in his life. I knew that, a lot of ELFs felt the same way too. I’m not regretting anything especially being his fan. It may be hard as it seems because i can’t do anything to buy their albums nor buying vip concert tickets but i do not regret anything as i knew i’m supporting him and them with my whole life. I would still cherish them until my 2nd life. By that time i may not be a fan again but i do not regret that one of the lives this soul had this was the most special. I do thanked God for bringing me such kind opportunities.

  19. Name: Adilah Nur Fatanah
    Age: 16
    Country: Malaysia

    I made a video of him. Oh God, I wish I can win this as my birthday present:D

  20. Name : Hara
    Age : 21
    Country : Saudi Arabia

    I made this slideshow 4 Eunhyuk oppa ^^ hope i can win $__$

  21. Hello again, I’ll just put the entry here 😉

    Name: Marsella, just call me ella/E6 (@e8604)
    Age: 20
    Country: Indonesia
    the link: http://youtu(.)be/vZyjEZjdGTM

    thank you…

  22. Name: Ewa Placha
    Age: 16
    Country: Poland
    I made a picture

  23. Name: Ewa Placha
    Age: 16
    Country: Poland
    I made a picture~

  24. name : purple
    age: 19
    country : singapore

    @Sup3rJunior http://twitter.com/PurpleSilverbox/status/201978549337464832/photo/1
    just incase the above link doesnt work , here is another link to the picture for my entry ^^

  25. Name: Astri Nur Khusna
    Age: 14 (15 on May 21th)
    Country: Indonesia

    Lee HyukJae. This only person who can make me OMGing, laughing, crying, fighting, everything! First time saw SuJu on a magz, just Hyukjae who caught my attention. If I didn’t saw him, I might be an antis now? He’s really adorable, sexy, cute, had high sense of humor, warm, full of affection: what I can feel from his eyes. He loves his family, hyungs and dongsaengs so much, always take care of them. And also Choco, which always miss him because he’s really a good person! When I saw he’s crying, I’ll be sobbing. When he’s smiling brightly, it makes all of my anger and sadness turn to happiness like a magic! I knew God sent him to me, no problem if I just can feeling Hyukjae’s warmness from internet. His’ face and heart are handsome and that’s true. He’s my everything, my all is in him. Love Hyukjae forever

  26. Name: Stephanie (@SteffiSpencer)
    Age: 22
    Country: United States

    Hey fellow ELFs. I’m sad because YouTube won’t accept my video that I made so I don’t know if I can do this or not but I’m posting a MediaFire link.


    Since I now don’t have a comment box if you want to stalk me (since I don’t really have any ELF friends 😦 you can follow me on twitter or facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000510365766

  27. Name: Elisa Blanco (@elisa_blanco)
    Age: 23
    Country: USA

    How can I describe Lee Hyuk Jae? He’s a “miracle”, my “shining star”, a “good person”, “no other” is like him, “mr. simple”, “my love, my kiss, my heart”, a “wonder boy”, a “superman”! I know I may never meet him but I feel “happiness” when I think of him and love him with “all my heart”!!
    Eunhyuk is so special and I’m glad he is a part of Super Junior! He brings so much laughter, joy and love not only to the group but to all ELFs too! He’s the cutest anchovy and amazing dancing machine! He is so talented in everything he does and I know he will succeed even more. I am so happy to know him because he makes me smile every time I see him!
    He always gets teased about not being good-looking but to me he’s a GORGEOUS man! Hyukkie is definitely a precious jewel!
    Sarangheyo Lee Hyuk jae! Sarangheyo Super Junior! ❤

  28. Name: Cheong Wai See (@eunhyukbibi)
    Age: 18
    Country: Malaysia
    Link: http://youtu.be/IhLGKdYOpIU

  29. Name: Patricia Karol Ong
    Age: 17
    Country: Philippines

    I have draw a photo of Eunhyukie, but I currently don’t have a scanner. I’ll email it once I get home ^^

  30. name: Winda
    Age : 17th
    Country : Indonesia

    Eunhyuk for me like an Oxygen .. Without him , i feel so weak, *I can’t breath without oxygen right ?*. My life so dark if i doesn’t hear his voice or seeing his video (even it only 1 hour a day) 😦
    I know , so maaaannnyy girl (out there) Love LEE HYUKJAE. But , i love him MOST ^^

  31. name: Winda
    Age : 17th
    Country : Indonesia

    Eunhyuk for me like an Oxygen .. Without him , i feel so weak, *I can’t breath without oxygen right ?*. My life so dark if i doesn’t hear his voice or seeing his video (even it only 1 hour a day) 😦
    I know , so maaaannnyy girl (out there ) Love LEE HYUKJAE. But , i love him MOST ^^

  32. Name: Marian Justine Tolentino
    Age: 17
    Country: Philippines

  33. Name: Lorenzo Gabriel G. Sengson
    Age: 16
    Country: Philippines

    for my Entry ^_^ please watch… Enjoy

  34. Name: Duong Quynh Anh
    Age: 17
    Country: Vietnam
    The 8th angel of ELF, the lovely little Monkey of the Miracle Pearl Sapphire Blue planet, thank you so much! Thank you for being fragile enough to childlikely cry in front of other members. Thank you for being strong enough to persistently pursue your own dream. A boy, who is silly but sincere, always tries his best to make the name Super Junior more and more popular. The boy used to be inferior when thinking that he was not as famous as other members and day by day practiced hard to be recognized. “When I go out with others, people always realize me and say that they like me but when I go out alone, it’s opposite^^”. “The training days were really hard, however, I always encouraged myself to keep trying and I believe that the day would definitely come – the day I could stand on stage”. He said that:). Six years passed by, shy Eunhyuk has become the Jewel guy – the one who is self-confident enough ro be a DJ and MC, to smile cutely on stage. And, the dreams come true, he now can express his skillful dancesteps and unique rap voice. However, behind this aura of success, behind the precious nickname “Dancing Machine”, are many teardrops and poured sweat in silence. We ELF – the little but strong girls will always protect the little Anchovy – Eunhyuk, keep the image of a boy named Lee Hyukjae in heart. Life is hard, but there are 14 small hearts – 13elieve and ELF, everything will be alright^^. Just think about the lyric of my favorite song: ”I love you, although I couldn’t speak out these 3 words, but I’m pleased with this fact; the fact in which I could look at you from a distance, see your happy smiles; with me, it’s enough.” (No one else – Lee Seung Chul).

    Thank you for reading:)

  35. Name: Ayreanna Kaem
    Country: United States

    Eunhyuk means happiness, means laughter, means if you believe, you are already half way there. Someone you can depend on, someone you can trust to lean on, someone there for you in your rough patches of life, someone who makes the mood lively despite the melancholy atmosphere. I admire how Eunhyuk can be so full of joy, filled with blessed spirit, when everyone else is not at their best. He shines light into peoples’ lives every day. As quoted by his members as evidence, he never gave up! He always has a mindset of improving, causing him to reach his goals and aspirations. He taught me to never give up, to just have fun and enjoy life to its fullest! I am one honored fan to know that he is living his dream and making others’ dreams come true through witnessing his determination. Even though all doors to success seemed so far away, he made the decision to push on and make his life the life HE wanted to live. I Hope to see him still prosper from here on out along with the other members after their careers. It is simply amazing that I discovered such a truthful, wonderful person Seeing Eunhyuk happy means more than anything that can be interpreted. Thank You Eunhyuk for just being you and not anyone else. 사랑해요<3

  36. Name: Stephanie Nguyen
    Age: 20
    Country: Canada

    I don’t know if anyone has realized how much this man actually influences me and inspires me every day of my life, but there aren’t enough words in the universe to express my love and admiration for this preciously perfect being. From the way he’s grateful about everything he has, to the way you can always see his endless love and loyalty for the people around him, Hyukjae is the most endearing and angelic soul who is impossible not to love.
    슈퍼주나어의 부석미남 은혁. Well-rounded, versatile, dependable, honest. Not only does he attract people with gorgeous exterior – with his beautiful gummy smile that can light up the darkest of nights and his ridiculously well-kept body and hair, his dorky personality and monkey-like laugh are enough to completely draw you in already. Then there’s always his soothing DJ-fit voice, his amazing lyrical ability, his entrancingly fluid raps, his effortlessly prefect dancing, his rare but enthralling vocals, and the way he does SO well variety because of his quick wit and amazing sense of timing. Really, what can’t this boy do? He can even act! And not to mention, he has the best taste in fashion. ♥

  37. Name: yuniar vernanda
    Age: 15 y.o
    Country: indonesia

    Prince Eunhyuk is anything for me, i can play dance because him. how he became a role model to another person is something that makes me proud.
    Prince Eunhyuk never give up to make something new.
    always trying hard, though obstacles ahead.
    be a strong person of anything.
    crying is not something embarrassing, but something that reflects the nature of people’s hearts.
    if one day I can directly say that I’m very proud and like Prince Eunhyuk, then I will never leave a bad impression for the Prince Eunhyuk.

  38. Eunhyuk may be a stingy guy, but he actually loves those who are important to him – his family, donghae, and especially when kyuhyun was in the car accident. To me, he is really a caring and very hardworking guy, who is not afraid to be himself and one who keeps his word! Last but not least, his dance moves and smile never fail to mesmerise me!

    Name: Grace Goh
    Age: 21
    Country: Singapore

  39. Name: Quan Duong
    Age: 17
    Country: Luxemburg

    Eunhyuk is someone who cares about others very much. He ignores the prejudices he receives from the haters because he knows that his family, his friends and ELFS love him. This sweet and kind-hearted guy taught me how to keep a promise and eventhough he broke it recently, he did manage to stick to his words for almost 20 years which is a very very long time! Maybe Eunhyuk is not known for his visual but sure enough for various talents like dancing, emceeing, singing and he is even a choreographer and composer for some parts of Super Junior’s songs. Eunhyuk puts all his effort in every thing he does to get the best out of it and he does his job with a lot of passion. Everytime when I am upset and do not want to talk to someone, I just need to look at him and watch that dorky side of him and I will immediately feel better. His gummy smile exudes some certain magic which leads me to put a big smile on my face. His gentleness, carefulness and tenderness are overflowing. To me he will be a great father for sure.

    Saranghae Eunkyuk!

  40. Name : Dian
    Age : 20
    Country : Indonesia

    Why I Like Eunhyuk oppa?

    Eunhyuk oppa different than other SJ members. when I first saw perform SUPER JUNIOR, I’m fall in love with Eunhyuk oppa. Eunhyuk oppa is so cool and handsome. I’m very love him. And he very dear will of his parents. he is my favorite idol that I admire most. ability as main dance in SUPER JUNIOR, i’m always remember when he perform and his smile to JEWELS. when he singing, give me a motivation and spirit. Thank You very much, Eunhyuk oppa. Love AllRiseSilver… Love Anchovy…

    I Proud to be ELF, JEWELS. Very Very Love You.. No other Like You… Love U More, Lee Hyuk Jae Oppa.

  41. Name: Paula Asato (@Paaulii24)
    Age: 17
    Country: Argentina

    I made a video, here is the link.

    I’m also going to send it via e-mail, just in case 🙂
    I really wanted to thank to all of you for doing this giveaway.
    In my case, it’s impossible to buy an album, (personal resons and mom wouldn’t let me either :P) and I’m sure a lot of people here is going through the same, so, I’m really thankful for this oportunity.
    Also, want to take the chance to met new ELF friends from all over the world!
    You’re awesome!
    Thanks! ^_^

  42. Name: Merve
    Age: 15
    Country: Turkey

    The word “Eunhyuk” can make me laugh. He is the funniest man I have ever seen. When I’m in a bad mood or good mood, first thing that I do is watch his videos. I can cry or laugh with him.

    He is such an excellent dancer that when I see his dance, I can’t take my eyes of him. Not important what other people says, he is ‘really’ handsome for me – when dancing or not. Also I love his rap, her voice can make me happy everytime.

    Yes, I love him even he is crying. He must be an angel or a sweet baby. How a human can keep his handsomeness even crying? He can do this easily. But, of course, I prefer seeing his gummy smile.

    He is a worldwide anchovy, and I hope he will be famous more. And Eunhyuk must smile, I’m living for it like other Jewels. ^^

  43. Name : Melita brainta (@melitabrainta)
    Age : 14
    Country : Indonesia
    When I first like suju , I really loved kyuhyun not hyuk. But when I saw SJ variety shows I started to like eunhyuk because he’s very funny and so attractive. And one day when I watched a show , I saw eunhyuk said a quote that amazed me. “The greatest problem a fangirl can face is when she fell in love with her bias.” Just 10 seconds after watched it I have already fallen in love with him although the membes say that he is not good looking but for me he’s sooo handsome cute and charming. Every day I will ask myself if eunhyuk is doing well? Has he eaten?and another stupid questions. Just seeing his picture , he will make my day. He is my moodbooster! His dancing skil also amazed me! I really love him and he’s the first person driving me crazy ❤

  44. Name:Emi
    Country: France

    I decide to create a picture of Eunhyuk (send by e-mail)
    Hope the Jewel will like it ^^

  45. Name: Shana Lim
    Age: 19
    Country: Malaysia

    Among all the members in SJ, I wouldn’t say that Hyukjae stands out the most but for me, an ELF, can really feel his commitment, his great effort, his persistence in dancing, his loyalty in friendship and all his sacrifices for the team. I really love his attitude, his style and him, as Lee Hyuk Jae.
    He may not be a great singer but he never afraid of trying, of making himself a better singer. I’m always touched by his singing because it’s sounded so gentle and soft. On the other hand, he’s an awesome rapper!
    He’s the most lovable,admirable and passionate Anchovy in the World! He’s a JEWEL, so rare, so precious and so shiny. He has made us (ELF) proud of big family. Lastly, I hope that Eunhyuk can really be happy and as well can find the real happiness for himself.

    • @shananana_0916

  46. Name: ELGHALY Karima
    Age: 22
    Country: Morocco

    Eunhyuk; how can anybody not love him?

    I dont know from where i should start : his dazzling gummy smile? his sweet and caring personality? his funny dorky side? his damn charismatic dance moves ? or his mesmerising eyes??
    I really cant find the right words to describe him cuz he’s just… PERFECT!!
    Even from the first day my friend showed me my first SUJU video, i couldnt take my eyes off him and apon learning more bout the jewel boy i couldnt help but fall for him even deeper.
    If ever somebody told me before i will change this mush for te sake of someone, maybe i would have mocked him, but now i beleive it cuz loving hyukie really changed me a lot: i now always see life from it’s brightest sides and try to bring happiness to poeple even with a smile cuz it remind me that my idol have a dazzling smile wich warm all the hearts. I also started dancing cuz my idol is an amazing dancing machine and i become a more hardworking girl with strong willing who follow her dreams and enjoy doing it cuz my idol suffered a lot to acheive what he had now but still enjoyed every single moment he spent seeking his dreams.
    I learnt to be loyal cuz we only have each other: SUJU & ELFs. And most importantly, i learnt to LOVE from the bottom of my heart; no body succeed in melting my icy heart but that dorky shy boy.
    i feel down every time i think that maybe i’ll never be able to see my beloved idol or even get a souvenir that will remind me of te most beautiful memories of my life, but still i have faith and i’ll never lose hope cuz i promised to BELEIVE.

    • well i poured my heart here even if it’s not even half what i wanted to say or express cuz my english isnt that good 😉 mianhae for bad grammer and mistakes !! hope u’ll like it !! ^_^

  47. Name: ZOUYGHY Malika
    Age : 23 y.o
    Country: Morocco

    hi ! me and my sis are HUGE fans of SUJU since 3 yrs ago! my sis is crazy about hyukie she was trying for so long to get suju album but we couldnt get it so i tought that if i win an album to gift it to her that would be amaing cuz her b-day is coming soon !!!!! anyway this is her drawing hope that u’ll like it 🙂

    • this is the same drawing from another angle hope it’s not against the rules cuz it’s the same drawing ^^

  48. Name: Resti Hendarwai (@restihendarwati)
    age: 14
    i want pick a star from the sky. it’s brightly and gorgeous. you know? it’s Eunhyuk oppa, i want keep it for my self and i won’t show or share to everyone in the world. Because Eunhyuk oppa is cool when he dance and sing. when i tired and sad just see Eunhyuk’s oppa photo it will make my power return. it’s the reason why i want keep Eunhyuk oppa for my self

  49. Name: Yusur Alsalihi
    Age: 15
    Country: United States of America.
    i am having this fear that i did everything wrong x( i hope not. good luck to everybody, hope we all can win!
    here is the link —-> http://youtu.be/9Io7MsZs2eU

  50. Name: Klaudia Jakóbczyk (@KadisKJ)
    Age: 16
    Country: Poland

  51. Name: Sara B.
    Age: 17 years old.
    Country: Algeria.

    Because I live in Algeria my desire to get one 5jib is totally inconceivable. So if I get this 5jib, It’ll be my first album ever, and I’ll be so so so Happy!
    In fact, EunHyuk is THE BEST DANCER I’ve ever seen, and compared to all the other best dancer in the world, he’s just amazing! He’s the best, and he know it! Then for me, Hyukkie is that funny guy with the most cute smile ever! He seems naive and innocent, sensitive, kind and without bad intentions, but he’s also strong and attractive. I just love the way he is. He gives cuteness new meaning, He’s Suju’s Monkey. Some people think that he isn’t all that beauty, but they can’t understand! He’s a “Jewel” … so precious … indescribable! He’s an “International Oppa”! Ah! I can’t talk about EunHyuk without talking about “EunHae”! Because EunHyuk and Donghae are so perfect together! In my opinion, EunHyuk is a hard worker, who dance very well and he’s so cute and funny, with an adorable smile ❤

    And I really want to thank you for this giveaway, Because really, you'll realize the dream of some persons, and that amazing, so Thank you!

  52. Name: Marwa Hassan Zain
    Age: 19
    Country: United Arab Emirates
    this is the design that I made for eunhyuk ^^

  53. I sent here my entry but now I can’t see it. Why? o.0
    In other giveaways it seems the same. I don’t see my entries.

    Anyway it’s my video. I sent it via e-mail but I’m sending it again.

    My e-mail: seisevan@poczta.fm

    Name: Patricia
    Age: 16
    Country: Poland

  54. I forgot!!!! ><
    Name:Thazin Myint Myat
    My mail:ngpuu98@gmail.com
    Thz 🙂

  55. Name: Maryam Mohammed Jaffer

    Age: 21

    Country: United Arab Emirates

    Hi unni ^^ I love Eunhyuk oppa so so much >< and I wish that I could win this amazing album ㅠㅠ and this is the design that I made for eunhyuki hehehe ^o^
    I also sent it by E-mail ~~
    thanks a lot =)

  56. Name: Elena
    Age: 26
    Country: Spain

    What Eunhyuk means to me? I also make myself that question everyday. It never happened to me before that just an idol, somebody that is in the other part of the world, could make my own world just change 360º. But he’s not just somebody. Thanks to him, I realized that there’s no age to be a fangirl, that just a picture of him can make my world shine a whole week, and a video can make me smile, laugh and even blush! But also thanks to him, my standars getting a boyfriend have increased dramatically! I can’t find a boy or man just like him, and I’m talking about the way he is, that makes me feel a proud fangirl: because I never knew a boy like him, funny and natural, so charming when he’s shy, so cute when he’s dorky, so hot when he’s dancing, and so child when he is crying: I can’t get enough of him.
    He will always be my favourite idol, the person who made me fall in love with kpop 🙂
    Thank you Lee Hyuk Jae! ❤
    (Sorry for my mistakes in English and thank you for this opportunity!)

  57. Name : Sagari Nilamsari
    Age : 22 y.o
    Country : Indonesia
    What Eunhyuk means to me?
    When first time i know SJ, i just fell for him. He is so funny, simple and not like the other. He has something that make me fall to him. He and SJ changed my life. I feel happier and i had more passion to life everyday. I love his smile i love his rapp i love everything about him.
    He means a lot to me, he is my strength. When i started to give up, i just remember him. How his struggle till he get what he dream of. How is his pain and tears to get all his popularity and success today. Even now, he still struggle and fighting when he had everything in his hand. That make me think that i have to be like him. I cant give up now. I always remember him when days feel so hard for me. I can’t give up i have to be strong pursuit my dream just like him. That’s why i love him.Maybe word isn’t enough to explain what i feel to him. But the one things i know, that he is the best for me.. Thanks my dancing machine, thanks for give me a new world and new hope for my life ❤

    *Anw,thanks for the chance ^^ you are the best ..

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