[SUP3RSUB] MBC Special SJ Dreams of K-POP Legend d/l

May 7, 2012 at 4:56 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, English Subbed, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 115 Comments

SUP3RAnniversary Giveaways

Yesung Giveaway, @shfly3424 | Eunhyuk Giveaway, @allrisesilver
Heechul Giveaway, @heedictator | Ryeowook Giveaway, @ryeong9

Download link [.AVI/1.42GB]: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008
Download all 8 parts then join them with HJSplit

Credit: www.sup3rjunior.com
Translator: Jee | Subber, uploader: reneee


The size is huge, yes, however can’t do anything about it and you guys want HD right~~


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  1. HD? wow!! thank you!!! <333

  2. I love you guys *hug* thanks so much~~~

  3. Thank you so much:D


  5. Thank youu soo much….you guys are the best ❤

  6. Thank u for putting so much effort into this! I can’t seem to thank u enough >,< Good job guys~ Love u ♥

  7. wow!!! thank you so much..really appreciate it!! :DD

  8. Thank you!!!!! ❤ You guys are AMAZING! ^^

  9. where’s the part 1 till 6? why can’t i see the link? ToT

  10. can you tell me how to use Hjsplit ?
    I don’t know how to join it TT_TT

    • download all parts 1-8, download HJSplit from the link provided. Open HJSplit, click join, select the file. done!

      • but where is notice ‘join’? in HJ split?

        • after you download HJSplit, run it and ‘join’ should be on top right hand side.

          • hua!!! thanks… i’m understand… ^^

      • thanks dear for the explanation 🙂
        it’s so useful >_<

  11. You are awesome !!!!
    Big thanks for your hard work ^_^

  12. Thanks!! ❤

  13. question. is the links for part 5 and 6 available? cos it’s not clickable for me.. thanks!
    Thanks so much for your hard work!

    • and oh btw you are freaking awesome for doing this. very grateful ❤ love you guys!!

    • “download link is coming”~ if its not clickable that means its not available yet.. please be patient~~^^

      • sorry i missed that note. thanks so much 🙂 i’m willing to wait patiently ^^ again, you’re awesome and btw gratz on your status as an admin! you deserve it 😀

  14. Thank you so much. I will wait for the link part 5 & 6 patiently. You guy are the best.

  15. omg thank you so much for this!! it’s in HD and everything ;A; You guys are giving me a glint of hope that we could have an awesome SJ-subbing team once again…tbqh it sucks so bad having to depend on other non-SJ subbers to sub SJ’s shows… 😦

  16. Thank yoouuu!! Much appreciated! ^.^

  17. thanks so much renee …. will u subs about teuk and hyuk guesting on Joobyungjin talk show too?

  18. DAEBAAAAK !!!
    *BIG HUG*

  19. Reneee and Jee are super awesome XD
    should share this link.
    i hope antis watch this so they can understand why we love our “SUPER JUNIOR”

    i bet i will cry all day long (like i did when heechul enter his military service) when teuki start his country duty.

  20. oh my god I love you guys!! thanks for the sub! thanks for the hardwork!! *hugs*

  21. Thanks for subbing and uploading!!

  22. So much for lightening up my mood. Thanx.

  23. thanks a lot 😀

  24. jaing!u are the best 🙂

  25. OMG yay its HD! XD
    thanks you sfm, really XD

  26. thank youu~~ u’re really the PRINCESS manager… ><

  27. jjang!! you guys the best!
    taking it now,, >,<

  28. JJANG !!
    thank you for your hardwok !
    I really appreciated it ^^
    love you~ <333

  29. Thank u Thank u….Please keep subbing another SuperJuniors show..

  30. EONNIDEUL DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :*:*:*:*:*:*

  31. i will wait for HD!! admin daebakidaaaa~~ ^-^b

  32. thank you so much, sup3rjunior subbing team… you are the best!
    Love from the Philippines

  33. thank you! thank you! thank you!
    i love this blog SOOO much <3<3<3<3

  34. Thank you guys so so so much T^T! You’re simply the best <333

  35. i love you sup3rjunior subber team.. saranghae.. ❤ gomawo ^^.. gamsahamnida eonnie.. 🙂

  36. thank you so much

  37. nomu nomu gamsahamida………………… i love u all

  38. thank you for sup3rjunior!!!! kya!!!!!!! daebak!!! but i don’t understand to download part 5 and 6… T3T can you give the step?

  39. i can’t download it… where is notice ‘join’ in hjsplit???? can you give the step??? thanks !!!! you’re daebak blog!!!!!

  40. Just an idea.. why dont you guys hire some more ELF for subbing, timing etc so Sup3rjunior will have official subber team and sub some video regularly..
    Well only if you guys dont find it as a burden ^^
    Btw, thank you so much for the sub ❤

  41. YEAH!!!! \O/ WOW Thank you so much for subbing this!!!!!! ^_________^ HD is more than welcome 😉

  42. Thanks you so much for this ^^
    please subscribe to Super Junior’s channel

  43. one again question.. is the video are full in your link youtube??? thank you before.. i’m sorry to many question… *bow*

  44. whoaaaa~~~ thank you so much for subbing and uploading this, even with D/L link >..<

  45. yeay >_< thank you so much

  46. tq 4 subbing! y r e best!!!!

  47. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading it 😄😄

  48. kamsahamnida! u guys are the best! ^^

  49. Oh my God! Thank you so much for translating, subbing, and uploading this show! Moreover, it’s HD! I really appreciate your hard work~♥

  50. woww.. Thank Youu So Much…^.^

  51. love you guys..
    thank you for HD sub.. hhe ^^

  52. thank you soooooo much….^^

  53. Errmm.. is it just me or the download link for part 7 was broken?

    • me too. I can’t download part 7. The repair downloading message keeps pop up

      • It’s downloadable for me ^^ Try to refresh the page~

  54. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you.. Sooooo much..

  55. thank you very much ❤

  56. Thank you so much!!^^

  57. Thanks a looooot~~ i have downloaded it..and i cried when i watched this video

  58. Thank you soo much!!it’s HD!! XDD

  59. thank u so much for uploaded
    god bless u!

  60. Thank u so much!! for everything, really! ❤

  61. you are the best ;A; thank you so much ToT

  62. Thanx alot. 🙂

  63. really appreciate your hardwork.. unfortunately, i cannot download part 7 ~ would u mind to fix the link? thanks a lot ….

    • It’s downloadable for me ^^ Try to refresh the page~

  64. Why I can’t download part 8? Is there something wrong?

    • It’s downloadable for me, Try to refresh the page~

  65. Thank you SO Much!!! The best blog of super junior!!!

  66. thx sup3rjunior , but i cant download part 1 ,, T.T

  67. thank u so much.. i’ve waiting this so long~

  68. hmmm… why i cant download part 8?? T____T

    • It’s downloadable for me.Try to refresh the page~

  69. thank you so much..
    you guys are the best ^o^

  70. thank you so much sup3rjunior
    thanks for the english sub

  71. thanks so much!!!

  72. kaka ko udah aku download tp ga mau dibuka yah, formatnya ga mendukung ka

    • Join these files with hjsplit ^^

  73. i cant download part 5..

    • It’s downloadable for me~ Try to refresh the page~

  74. Hello~ Thank you so much for the sub!
    Can I make a request please?

  75. Hello~ Thank you so much for the sub!
    Can I make a request please? ;~;

  76. Thank you so much! ♥

  77. thank you thank you thank youuuuu

  78. Sadly, everytime I tried to download part 04, this message went out

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
    Try reloading: 199.­91.­154.­181/­j8uq7sh2dyfg/­m94h5azgcr58lfl/­[sup3rjuniorsub]­+120427+MBC+Spec­ial-­+Super+Junior+Dr­eams+of+K-­POP+Legend.­avi.­004
    Search on Google:

    mind to repair the link becoz I only left with part 4.

  79. Thank you so so much!! =))

  80. So sweet, sad, and awesome this video… Oppa You are my everythink…:)

  81. Oh, thank you so much! Suah a great work~ Thank u~

  82. thankyou so much for you hardwork ^^

  83. You guys are super duper amazing, full of dedication, Daebak..!!. Thank you for your hardwork

  84. forever thankful for HD!!!

  85. super thanks

  86. Thanx you so much
    You are the best here❤

  87. Ahh thank you so much!!

  88. Aaaah I already downloaded 1-3 but only part 1 I can watch 😦

  89. how to join? when i click the button “input file” it just appeared 1 file and the others files can’t found.. could u help me? please… thx

  90. youtube blocked it 😥

  91. Thank you sooo much for this! :)))))))))))))))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  92. HEY GUYS ! YOU WERE AWESOME ! its hard to find the full HD file with english subbed ! ANYWAY THANKS GUYS :*


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