120503 Super Junior wins in three categories for the Singapore’s ‘e-Awards’

May 3, 2012 at 4:12 am | Posted in Awards, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 7 Comments


Super Junior has come away with three awards at Singapore’s ‘e-Awards‘ music ceremony!

Super Junior took home first place in the categories of “most popular group”, “most popular Korean artist”, and “most popular U-Weekly cover”.

The ‘e-Awards’ is sponsored by China’s union Wanbo, radio 1003, and omy, and gives out awards to exceptional stars in the categories of music, film, TV, and radio, through fan votes. Out of the 14 total categories, Super Junior won three, defintiely an admirable feat for the boys.

The ceremony party will be held in Taiwan on May 15th.

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver
Translation by: Allkpop
Shared at by supergirlRain



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  1. Sweet. Congrats to the boys, hopefully they can appear for the awards show. But why’s the Singapore eAwards being held in Taiwan xD Not that I’m complaining, I love Taiwan and Singapore, but shouldn’t the Singapore eAwards be held in idk, Singapore?

  2. actually both “most popular group” and “most popular U-Weekly cover” went to Super Junior M and Super Junior lost the “most popular music video (mv)” to Alien Huang as they were ranked 2nd……

  3. Until the last day of voting I still saw SJ-M “太完美” top for the 1003 most popular song.. but too bad turns out to be another singer.. nvm.. 2 awards to SJ-M and 1 award for SJ are still great, esp the competition for “most popular Korean artist” is very tight! hee… =D

  4. WOW congrats SJ!!!

  5. Congrats SJ! But why didn’t I hear about this voting b4…I would’ve voted ^^

  6. so proud ^^ Singapore ELFs daebak !!!

  7. LOL. i voted for this. and I’m Malaysian. kkkkk

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