120502 Sukira with Ryeowook and Sungmin [Transcript]

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They were talking about how one’s perfume makes others remember him or her. Ryeowook said that once Hae changed his perfumed, Ryeowook mistook him for someone else.

MIN: I don’t usually use perfume~

RW: But Sungmin has this special smell :3

MIN: Yeah someone has told me that before too..

RW: It’s a nice smell, so you can don’t use perfume ^^

Viewers said that Sungmin looked really handsome today^^

MIN: Ah really? ^^ actually the stylist that always does my hair didn’t have time today, so another stylist did my hair, the style is a little…

RW: really handsome! This is by far your best hairstyle!

MIN: ah really? I was still worrying about the change of style…!

RW: this is the BEST 5 among all your hairstyles!

Credit Chinese: LIVSM
Translated to English by: @paperheartsmin
Shared and Posted at WWW.SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM by myuchullie


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  1. Aww Ryeowook’s too sweet ^^ yes Minnie, you DO look handsome ❤

  2. ^^ sungminnie looks good smells nice..l love minwook

  3. Lol wookie,,ming i want to smell ur natural fragrance XD
    So wookie u already adore ming?
    Funny djs

  4. best five style…XDDD
    wook u are min’s big fan~~

    and nice smell…. ^3^

  5. lol Ryeowook is so sweet.

  6. Wel then, I guess he should change his old stylish xD

  7. LOL MinWook<3333333333

  8. MIN: Yeah ~someone~ has told me that before too..


  9. yes..change ur hairstyle is good…u looks good..tell the other stylist to change the other members hairstyle too…they’ve been using the same hairstyle since 4th jib esp yesung, kyuhyun, leeteuk, donghae…they only change for few weeks then back to the old style…

    • Same here, several members used the same hairstyle too long..ming n hyuk was the members who changed their hairstyle 4 many times

  10. Oh Ryeowook is being so romantic ><!!! Minwook is real ❤ <3!

  11. When minnie said that someone has told him before that he has this special smell, I immediately thought of Kyu! Lol 🙂 kyumin ftw!!:)

  12. thanks for the transcript

  13. they’re really sweet.. thank you Ryeowook for praising my yeobo XD
    really want to smell Ming’s fragrant.. It should be nice ^^
    and yeah he’s much more handsome these days ❤

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