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  1. I hope he will take care of himself .. Workaholic boy get some nice rest ..

  2. Always rushing here and there. hope he can rest well for the next few days before the tokyo concert again. Leeteuk-ssi, Fighting!

  3. he surely super exhasted.. after 3 days SS4 Indonesia,long hour flight and goes straight to recording.. take some rest oppa.. 😦

  4. WAHHHHHH!!!! take care of yourself OPPA!!! 😦

  5. oppa,please take a rest!! ok. :))

  6. omo, i hope he can get some time to rest. reading the article makes me feel really sad. 😦 Leeteuk oppa, hwaiting!

  7. oppa,
    Please take care of your himself..!

  8. I feel bad, I hope he’s ok and I wish he gets better, he should take care of his health more.

  9. This leader work too much!! He went straight to recording after a long flight and a 3 days concert….must be tiring..take care Leeteuk T,T

  10. I want to know, is this Leeteuk’s choice? Or does sm make him work so hard :(? If sm is forcing him to do so much than I will be really sad. However, if it is Leeteuk’s choice then I will have slight peace of mind.

  11. well Teukssi asks for more schedules from the manager but he is really pushing himself>< i guess he wants to do more and more before his enlistment. Im so glad he didnt attend the showcase, thank god

  12. =(

  13. Oppa, dont push u’r self too much,,,
    u need take a rest,,,

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