120427 MBC Special Documentary – Super Junior Super Show 4 in Paris [Eng Subbed]

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120427 Super Junior’s Leeteuk becomes emotional talking about his parents


Credit: Nayaonewluv2 

Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. Thank you for the subs…and your hard work…really enjoyed this.

  2. it makes me cry….

  3. Oh Donghae you just break my heart! I wish someone could comfort you and ease your heart.
    I hope one day you won’t feel the loss of your father so acutely, one day you will be able to think of him and smile instead of cry :0(

  4. please would u tell me what is this ! i mean Where !!

  5. it gave my heart a pang after watching the videos (thank you so much for subbing btw! your hard work is much appreciated)… these boys, in spite of their immerse popularity, are still feeling somewhat insecure about their future, about how long they can stay popular… i wish there is a way for us elfs to reassure them of our love! that we want super junior to last forever too!? I LOVE YOU SUPER JUNIOR!

  6. Thank you very much for subbing these..!!!! being an elf makes us realize Super Junior is not just an idol group, but an amazing group they had become after overcoming so much things. SuJu daebak..!!! Watching them makes me realize nothing is impossible… Keep on rocking SuJu..!! ❤ …"It's not the END, it's the AND"…

  7. Excuse me for the length of the comment, just skip this if this bothers you, but there is no way I can’t keep this shut anymore..

    I went to the concert just yesterday. It’s the one event that you’ll never regret going if you die. For me it was one of the “biggest” thing in my life to be able to see them just meters away from me.

    I heard their real voices, which I usually listen to from my players or downloaded videos.
    I got to see their actual bodies with my own eyes instead of images of pictures or videos in my laptop, even though they looked tiny down below due to my place that far above in festival rows. It felt different because they were real, they were in front of me.
    We’re in the same place, breathed the same air, felt the same hype. I could witness and be a part of,an excitement when cheering, clapping, crying, screaming, laughing, smiling happened in one place. It’s ONE kind of concert, and there’s no other concert can be like this.

    When I saw the footage of the Paris Super Show, the images flew again and that was exactly the same experience and feelings that happened to me just yesterday.

    Watching the parts that showed how they are so much loved by people across continent, who speak different languages and have different culture, makes me really proud of them.
    At this kind of moment, I don’t mind everything else.
    People may keep on comparing, but Super Junior keeps on winning.
    People may keep on looking down at them, sneering at them, but Super Junior will keep on moving, writing down another history.

    For us ELF, it doesn’t matter anymore.
    They’re the one making us smile when we are feeling down.
    They’re the one cheering on us when we’re fighting.
    They’re the one lifting up our spirit, when we’re lost in hopelessness..
    They’re the one we are looking up for, when we need example of success
    They’re the one whose footsteps we will follow, because they have shown that success and staying humble can walk together..

    Watching them tearing was the hardest thing ever. It’s like a reminder that though they are superstar, they’re like us, with their human side intact.
    We would like to be support they need, be the hands that wipe those tears away, and be the clown that makes those trembled lips smile..

    The smile on their faces are the only thing we hope for, nothing else matters..

    • I haven’t even gotten close to them like you did, but I agree immensely. I’m trying not to break out in tears because I’m supposed to be studying, and I have the feeling that if I tell my mom and sister that I’m crying because a math problem is so difficult, they won’t believe me.
      But yes. When Super Junior’s on stage, it doesn’t matter if they’re Korean and I’m Filipino. It doesn’t matter if I go bankrupt to save up for a concert ticket or albums. It doesn’t matter if my family shakes their heads at me like I’m mentally insane (…well, I kinda am…). The connection I feel toward Super Junior, and ELF, it’s REAL. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt, and I’m not gonna let go of it anytime soon.

    • You are so sweet – it would warm their hearts if they knew how much they inspire you.
      I don’t know, but it feels like the feeling is mutual, that they need us as much as we need them. That we inspire them as much as they inspire us!

      I went to Paris and it was my first Suju concert, it really was amazing! I left the concert hall more in love than ever and it still hasn’t wore off – Super Junior are just EPIC!!
      Seeing them so close – it just was the coolest and i felt so lucky and honoured that they would come to visit us!

  8. u all super junior will die in hell bcoz ur religion is not true

  9. there’s no hard sub for this?? I wanna download it for myself 😦
    if anyone know please send me the link ^^
    thanks before

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