120427 Super Junior’s Leeteuk becomes emotional talking about his parents

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Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk has been hiding something behind his cheerful smile that’s brought joy to fans and viewers alike.

The April 27th broadcast of MBC Special ‘Super Junior, Dreaming of a K-POP Legend‘ featured the members performing at their independent concert in Paris, France.

After five years of being a trainee, I wondered if I would ever be able to debut, and if I would ever be successful,” Leeteuk began. “I thought to myself, ‘Why am I so unhappy, I would have been so much more comfortable had I been born into a wealthier family’.”

I was the kind of person that chased after happiness,” he continued. When asked how his family situation was before he debuted, Leeteuk shed tears as he remarked, “I’ve never said this before, but…

My parents did not have a good relationship,” he admitted for the first time. “They fought a lot, and I was physically disciplined a lot too. Things like that caused me to be so stressed since I was young, and I felt bitter towards my father who I was also afraid of.”

So when I became a trainee, I wondered if I was walking the right path, and became all the more eager to become successful,” he explained.

Source & Image: AsiaToday via Nate, TVReport via Nate and Allkpop
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  1. remember once in 500 question (the show named like that ) when he was talking about how he had some difficulties as a teen but he didn’t say any thing about it know i’m thinking he meant this ..glad that the past i know resolved and he and his parents has a better relationship

    • I remember that – and the fact that Heechul instantly undestood his reaction when it came up and the had a moment of connection about it. Some kids from families with problems become very proficient in covering them up and presenting everything as normal and I wouldn’t be surprised to find Leeteuk in that group so it’s good that he had obviously opened up to at least one person already.

  2. my poor baby TT but something is wrong about this article, of course our leader is always smiling and leading his members brightly but… how can i say that… i think only ELFs knew somehow that he had a big scar. Our leader is someone very cheerful and he enjoys a lot his life as a Super Junior’s member but he sometimes seems so melancholic and lost, my opinion though. I think his fans can feel that in him.
    I always thought his hunger of success came from his childhood’s situation since he didn’t talk a lot about it.
    Reading this i can only be thankful of the man he became.
    It must have been hard to be the leader knowing how he was “physically disciplined” by his father, to be obliged to give orders etc… ELFs know how great he is with his dongsaengs and respect him a lot for his exemplary sense of leadership.
    Leeteuk oppa ^^ no matter what, ELFs will always trust you and try to comfort you when you will be sad so just be yourself with us. We love you 🙂

  3. I really really adore him…I love how he’s always smiling in front of his fans no matter what!! It’s not an easy thing to hide your pain and just smile it off..I have so much respect for him ❤

    • I feel the same – you have said exactly what i feel.

  4. I never thought of that .. he really had a hard time … poor boy ..

  5. Mean parents are the worst thing :(. I am so grateful my parents are really nice. I feel sorry for Leeteuk :(. At least he is happy now :D!!!

  6. I don’t know if this is true, but does anyone know that Leeteuk’s father is already gone? Can someone please confirm this? ’cause I saw some post on tumblr saying he lost his father the year Donghae lost his dad too. This is making me cry T_T I saw it here http://hwaiteuk1004.tumblr.com/post/21511694628/somebody-please-answer-me-does-leeteuks-father I’m not sure though. 😦 I feel so sorry for Leeteuk. He’s such a strong and wonderful person.

    • Nooo,,,, his dad still alive

  7. Oh oppa, he had it hard growing up. I had no idea that there was so much pain behind his happy smiles :(. Opaa is so brave and strong to grow up with that, I admire him even more now. Oppa, we’re here for you! 🙂

  8. Watching Teuk cry hurts so much. There is sorrow behind his angelic smile. Wish I could comfort him.

    • Agree! So much…

  9. So he’s saying that his father was abusive towards his mother and him, but only in nicer words. God… that must be so painful to watch your mother being abused, whether it be verbally, emotionally, or physically, in front of you.
    Behind every smile, there’s a story. Being an ELF for this long, I never knew this about Leeteuk. It pains me to see that this still brings him sad memories. No wonder why he rarely spoke about his family. He didn’t want to be reminded of all this. Now I know why he loves and cherishes his members so much and why he acts like a father to them. He’s the father that he didn’t have growing up.
    It takes courage and strength to share this with all of us, Leeteuk. I hope that by opening up, you feel more free and less burdened by your pain. You’re more than a great leader, Leeteuk. Your a hero to your mother, to all of us, and thank you for never stop fighting. You are truly an inspiration.

    • I also currently have the same situation as him. My parents fought a lot that I didn’t care anymore and I became distant towards them. I also chase my own dream on my own using my own money without my parents knowing. And I’m glad to what Leeteuk has became. He’s so different from me even when we share the same past 🙂

      • Its tough when you’re up bringing is not a happy one – but as you grow up i think you learn that it doesn’t have to define you, even if it effects who you are. I hope you are happy now and you have been inspired by Leeteuk. Whatever youre doing, i hope you are living your dream! :0)

  10. Oppa I can understand you, my parents are like that also and I once even fell into depression because of their constant fighting:( I had to go to the physcologist for 1 whole year, but even until now I still blame my parents for it. So its great that you have learnt to let go and forgive and forget, and I should learn from you!:) Oppa himnae!:D

  11. i hate when he’s crying and i also hate when sj members cry.-_-

  12. I’m getting upsed because he has suffered about this kind of thing. But it also makes me happy because he has made trough it. It proves that our Oppa is strong !! so we ELF should stay strong too and be beside them, that if there ever comes anything like this, we would always stay beside them ~~ Teuk-oppa is my hero ❤

  13. Stay strong leeteuk oppa. Dont forget if ELFs always beside you to support you. Dont forget if you have a lot of people who loves you too and the most important you have God ♡ . We love you oppa! FIGHTING!! ♡ ♡ ♡

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