120421 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: and the celebratory cake for the 500,000 copies

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@AllRiseSilver: It’s a bit late but thank you! When I heard about the news that (Mr.Simple) sold out over 500 thousands copies, it didn’t feel real to me at first but I feel really proud and great! Thank you so much to all of you who bought the album~ I/We will prepare the 6th album well with this strength!!!! Bowing(__)

Credit:  AllRiseSilver 
Translation by: @Jinnmeow

@AllRiseSilver: and the celebratory cake for the 500,000 copies as a present from!!! Thank you^~^ I shall leave a message soon!!!!!

Translation: @sherzzz
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…. I’m not looking at the cake.. that is all I am saying. 



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  1. Woow I must say he looks REALLY tired…It´s like something is wrong….
    SM please let them rest for a while :/

  2. Awww….congratulations everyone ,<

  3. AHHHHHHHHHH did he just wrote 6th album??? 6JIB!!!!!!!!! 6JIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6JIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……………….

  4. omfg!!!! 6TH ALBUM!!!!!….. gotta start saving money now, i guess!!!!! hoping for another 500k sales…. maybe more!!!!! oooohhh SJ, i really love you with your surprises… :3333

  5. “…. I’m not looking at the cake.. that is all I am saying” hahaha omg :pp

    • are you looking at teukie…..

  6. aaah… please take some time for the new album.. with just sujuwritten songs.. i can wait longer.. just please..

    • i agree ! i liked Mr Simple album but now i think it’s time for them to “grow up” as artists.
      I want a Ryeowook’s composition this time ^^

  7. Now it’s already confirmed. 6jib and sjm album in 2nd half of year 2012. But there is also rumour about KRY album which is still a mystery, when it will be released.. I want it so bad too.. >.<

    • me too TT

      • I’m waiting for kry album, sjm album, 6th jib & Kyu’S solo album:)

  8. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey 6jib

    good luck for the album oppadeul 😀
    hwaitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing :*

  9. Heart spazzes a little every time I hear 6jib. Haha, I’m so happy they sold 500k albums. ^^

  10. jib 6 fighting copy

  11. 6Jib????
    Waw GREAT!!!!

  12. you make me hungry right now hyuk ~~~~
    i want that cake !! ^ ^
    and 6Jib? Wohooo !

  13. yyeeeeaaaaahhhh !!!! 6JiB !!!!!!!

  14. Ah, because you can’t tease about 6th jib in Sukira, now you tease through twitter.
    Hyukjae should compose one song, just please, Lee Hyukjae.

  15. omo 6jib confirmed again from hyukie oppa after wookie oppa confirmed in mtv studio c…..i can’t wait for 6jib but hoppe oppadeul still healty and still storong for 6jib….elf always beside u all oppadeul….suju hwaiting n elf hwaiting…!!!!!!

  16. omg HE MENTIONED 6JIB!

  17. انهيووك اوبا انا احبك كثيرا جدا واتمنى زيارتك لنا في المملكه العربيه السعوديه

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