120416 Siwon Twitter Update: With Karl Lagerfeld in Paris :)

April 16, 2012 at 4:09 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 35 Comments

With Karl Lagerfeld in Paris 🙂


Credit: SiwonChoi (siwon407) 
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid


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  1. I just got a heartattack…

    • me too check my comment below

  2. from a bday greeting from a confirmed freemason and illuminati member (paulo coelho) and now a pic of a devout christian (choi siwon) and an [alleged] member of illuminati and a 32nd degree freemason (antichrist). my God, I hope and pray they are not trying to recruit him. may the good Lord protect you always.

    • Are you serious right now? Put down the Dan Brown novels!

      • love the comment about dan brown novel 😀 also what first came to my mind

      • ahahaha havent read any dan brown novel yet, ever

    • so what? do not be too paranoid!!

    • Yeah, no harm praying for him. It is easy for one to get lost along the way and got carried away. His very rich background and good looks also makes him a very attractive candidate for anything.

      • lol bt i think the possibilities of thm turning into devout christians are far more than siwon turning into a freemason!!

    • Freemason isn’t an antichrist. And what really? Are you being delusional?

  3. first dolce gabbana thn will iam thn paulo coelho now Karl Lagerfeld how cool can this man get!!how many cool ppl does he knw!!

    • how cool?? all three of them are said to be members of illuminati (antichrist) btw peace!

      • You must be joking. Please stop living in fear and learn to separate fiction from reality.

      • so wat tat thy r anti christ?i m nt talking abt there religious beliefs i m saying tat thy r cool becz of wat thy hav achieved in there life and meeting such ppl inspite of wat thy believe in and wat siwon believes in doesnt make a difference!!

        • Our siwonnie is so cool, right ????
          Im so proud of him

  4. Somehow his circle of friends or his circle of acquaintanceship surprises me than his green pants in Mr Simple’s concept.

    • hahahhahah I totally agree with you. When pictures like this appear I actually make some noises and ask out loud, “Siwon, how the hell do you get to know these people!” It really amuses me.

  5. Please get inspired Herr Lagerfeld .. and do your next collection with Sujumusic

  6. Its cos hes so freaking pretty, i’m sure they just appreciate his beauty thats all.

    No need to panic or conspircy theorise ladies, he’s a big boy he can take care of himself.

    • ^this.
      Siwon is a big boy already, he can take care of himself..and we all know how religious he is, no need to panic ^^

  7. I read Dan Brown, but seriously, I’m not that paranoid. Siwon can take care of himself XD
    That said, OH. MY. GOD. I will not be surprised if Siwon winds up modeling for some world-famous fashion designer sometime in the near future! Although, why does Karl Lagerfeld look kinda grumpy in the pic? XD

    • crash dieting and bad surgery (Lagerfeld, that is, not Siwonnie)

      • When was this taken? thought Siwon was in China…Lagerfeld looks embalmed…

        • I’m sure it was taken when he was in Paris long time ago..

          • you are not sure

    • Yup wouldn’t it be fabulous if he kind of models for world famous designers in Paris, New York or London hehehe 🙂

      • Ee…..Lagerfeld gives me the creeps. If Siwon is going to model in Paris, I hope Hangeng can join him too. They both look great as a pair.

        • I am talking about bromance, not coupling.

  8. That is too cool for school. Siwon is a boss. That is all.

  9. Awesome!

  10. first I was like.. ‘Wow! Siwon’s so handsome!’
    and after staring at it for a while.. ‘WOW, isn’t that Karl Lagerfeld??’
    damn, how could he stay gorgeous while posing with an ultra-famous person..

  11. OMG!! He always amazes me of whom he knows. I wish he will be a brand ambassador of Karl’s brand someday ^^

  12. Siwon is actually there for Chanel photography session..and KL is the photographer himself….how awesome is that

  13. Siwon for US magazine model
    yayyy,, and KL is the photographer himself
    proud of u baby

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