‘We Got Married’ Looks At Adding a Couple, But Not Cancelling | From 120413

April 14, 2012 at 12:35 am | Posted in Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 16 Comments

Rumors have been flying that MBC’s ‘We Got Married’will be cancelled, but the production crew has stated that it is just a rumor and they’re actually considering adding another couple to the show.

On April 12th, a WGM spokesperson stated, “The rumor is not true. We are rather discussing about adding a new couple to the show to make it more enjoyable.”

The rumor began when it was revealed that MBC Music’s ‘Music and Lyrics’ was scheduled to air on April 14th because of the MBC strike.

The show’s producer, Kim Joon Hyun added “We are thinking about airing the show again when the strike is over. We haven’t heard anything from the company about stop airing the show.”

Well that’s a relief for WGM fans. I wonder if they really will add another couple, and who it would be.

Source: Ningin (Original Source)
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  1. I am happy if its right.. The cancellation only rumors.. I want to see dimple couple again.. I want to see our lovely leader happy besides kang sora.. Its very nice to saw another side from our leader.. I’m happy if see my bias happy, and I’m also disappointed if see him disappointed..

  2. oh. a good news!

  3. good news! i really hope that strike will end SOON.

  4. Happy news!!! Yippee!!! Please..please..please…let the new couple be whom I have been hoping for.
    Please…please…please…not a couple whom I have been praying for not to happen!

  5. as long as the new couple isn’t Eunso and Donghae I don’t care
    I’ll take it as good news for teukso 😀
    but pls no Hae ><

  6. I wouldn’t mind if they added the Donghae/Eunseo couple, I know there’s a backlash against them, but I guess I’m in the minority that supports them. But I hope they get to show more of their personalities, especially Eunseo. Girl can kickbox, show some more of that fire and spirit that is required of kickboxing! But yeah, if it’s another couple, that’s cool too. Either way, congrats to the new couple, whomever they may be.

    • that’s so true! and i also want to see the romantic side of donghae. XD

      anyone’s fine except if its kyu or sungmin. > <

  7. I dont think eunseo couple will be adding to be a new couple.wgm need a good rating,so for me it’s better couple is non suju.having leetuk in wgm is enough.maybe Shinee’s member,tvxq or big bang is good to boost up the wgm popularity again.

  8. They should have Hyuk and Sena!! 😀 As much as I love Hae him and Eunseo were too awkward and just too awkward too watch… :/

    • Agreee. Oh yea I wonder if eunseo and donghae would be the new addition couple o_O They aren’t really official couples right. If they are I really hope they get past the awkward stage! I want see more teuksora!

  9. Instead of thinking of adding new couple, they should concentrate on the current ones. With the strike going on, they can’t even manage to shoot current couple’s wgm and now wanting to add new couple ?

  10. Teuk unfollow Sora again in Twitter…i wonder why?this is the 2nd time

  11. im happy that the rumor is not true…..i love dimple couple they have chemistry…

  12. Please shoot footage of the Dimple Couple as many as possible before Lee Teuk goes off to the army in June. By as many as possible I mean so that it can be aired for as long as he’s in the army! That’s 2 years of Dimple Couple!! WOOHOO!!

  13. As Long as The Dimple Couple don’t get cut off, i will be happy. I’m only enjoying WGM cause of the Dimple Couple, but having Donghae and Eunseo would make the show interesting as well. And Jenn maybe Teuk didn’t delete her, something faulty could’ve happened or one of the other members did it secretly on him (which would be sad.)

  14. Teukso ❤ Best couple on the show by far.

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