120413 Donghae Twitter Updates: Wow Mr.Simple sold over 500,000 albums !!^^

April 13, 2012 at 2:27 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Donghae, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

@donghae861015: Wow Mr.Simple sold over 500,000 albums !!^^ Thank you so so much ELF !!^^ELF the best !!


@donghae861015: A kiss to the Golden Disk ! Commemoration of (having sold over) 500,000 albums !^^ Travelling from Japan to Shanghai !!^^ See you next time !! I really miss all of you !!


Source: @donghae861015
Translation by: @teukables
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by supergirlRain


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  1. You’re welcome Hae oppa ^^ Thank all of you too! That award is really pretty with all the inscriptions. And so is Hae’s muscle arm xD

  2. is the golden disk from china ELF ?

    • yes… why? you scared? me too…

      • can you tell me this is golden disk 2010 or new golden disk from china elf for mr. simple?

  3. wow~ its the first time i see the elf made golden disk~ its really preettyy~ ^^

  4. Donghae..you are so sweet….
    This Golden Disk from China ELF for yr 2010??

  5. It’s the Golden Disk given by GDA for selling 500,000 copies of album…the one from Chinese elf is not encased in glass!

    • I don’t think the disc was given by GDA because on the disc itself written from Chinese elf

    • nope..it’s from C-ELF
      you can see the word E.L.F on the disk ^^

  6. Donghae’s so sweet! We finally get to see the GDA by C-ELFs ♥ So surreal!

    And holy crap, has anyone seen the huge banners ELFishs from Only-Hae have made for Donghae?! They’re AMAZING. I’m amazed and happy by the overwhelming support they’re providing him.

  7. are you trying to kill me hae!!

  8. they are proud of this disk rather than the actual one from gda .. kkk 🙂

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