120406 SS4 Paris – Yesung with Bra [Fancam!]

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120402-? SS4 Paris Compilation Post

Credit: @xKaesungx
 Posted by: Destinyhae (



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  1. Omgosh Looks like teuk purposely picked it up…then gave to Yesung. Teuk is a dirty birdie ^^

  2. lol lol lol…..

  3. i couldnt help but laugh!!! i loved how he ran! XD Teukie,your so dirty

  4. LOL Teukie was the one who gave it to Yesung, hahaha i love how he just froze

  5. OMG too precious!

  6. sungmin saw it first ran away xddddd

  7. Excellent ! i laughed so hard ^^ ~~because they’re naughty naughty ~~
    but fans are naughtier !

  8. So it was teukie, that naughty leader. Hahahaha how cute!

  9. hahaha.. LOL.. the members were like..
    o_0 oh my God!!! Run for your lives !!!

  10. just loooooooooooooooooooove the way Yesung got frozen with bra in his hand and dropped!!! Too hilarious!!

  11. Can’t stop ROFLing…. hahahahhaaa

  12. they are playing……… love them soooo much…..

  13. omg omg ;DDDDDDDDDDD like a bunch of kids ;D

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