120406 Leeteuk Twitter Updates: please call this number only!!

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120402-? SS4 Paris Compilation Post

@special1004: 010-4460-1117 I didn’t know that my phone could display such a message..ㅋㅋ You have to call THIS number only!! Other numbers, no no!!! I apologised to those other people personally, so please call this number only!! You can see it right?^^ But please just call once!! It almost caught fire..ㅠㅠ
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(The message on his phone says: “TEMPERATURE. Please lower the temperature of your phone before using your iPhone.” His phone was overheating because of the incoming call/message activity)

@special1004: Today finally..!!! It’s the day of our first independent concert in France!! We’ll give it our all and return your love with a really fabulous stage before leaving!!!^^ jetaime~~

Source: @special1004
Translated by: @AllRiseXiahtic
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  1. I guess there were so many messages wishing them luck in Paris ^^ he really is a great leader…what idol give their number to fans and encourages calls~~silly rabbit 🙂

  2. he should employ someone to pick up the hotline. I hope his phone dont explode.

  3. he did apologized to that man ,, what a good person he is ^^ and i thought he would change the phone no. but it seems that he enjoys talking to fan

    and this is the first time i hear about a phone temperature ??

    • I am sure he got another phone. Its not possible to make any calls/message with this public phone now.

  4. leader-nim has apologized. i wish media report this, so his haters can stfu..

    btw i hope ELF dont call him too often. he’s so busy.. dont disturb him..

    • AGREE. Especially AllKpop. Haters should read this tweet.

  5. Silly oppa.hope elfs don,t disturb often.

  6. Aww teukie…so sweet…Come here, i give you a hug ^ ^

  7. i think elfs should be more considerate. dont not mean teukie oppa gave his number and all should just bombed his phone. give them some space.. he might need to answer important calls at times also. 😦 and he was also scolded by his manger hyung for doing them.. poor leader! 😦

    • dont worry. leeteuk have 2 phones. the one to talk to us.. and the other. he knows what he is doing ~~ ^^ when he cant pick up he just turn it off :))

      • I agree, he wouldn’t have made the number public if he didn’t have a “plan” lol. He posted it on his twitter, with 1 million+ followers. If even each fan only texted or called once, it would still be overload for his phone.

  8. I wanna call haha but i actuslly was afraid to disturb him (considering the other thousands of messages -.-) so i never tried, but yesterday i tried to send a simple text & it keeps saying it doesnt exsist, and it iphone to iphone? Lol i was wondering if anyone else had this problem? But after reading this, i can see he doesnt need any more fan messages for a quite some time ^^

  9. He already apologized, spread it and stop causing him problems haters! And I hope the fans would stop calling/text him. He’s busy, and what does the fans really expect? For him to answer thousands and thousands of texts and answer all those phone calls everyday? No need to break his phone right? 🙂

  10. Someone send the poor guy a batphone sticker for his mobile. He’s obviously going to need a second phone for personal calls now so he might as well dedicate the published number to being an emergency fangirl hotline.

  11. I believe he did change his number. It’s definitely impossible to answer important calls with the extreme big number of incoming calls to him. I was really shocked when he revealed his number…

  12. So he’s gonna keep the number? I can imagine 10 years later when he thought the world might have forgotten about him, in the dead of the nite, the phone suddenly went ‘Rrrrrrrrrrrrrring………………and the voice said, ‘ I finally got through……’

    • That’s going to be kind of creepy. :/ But perhaps one day when I’m rich or something, I’ll give it a call.


  13. Ah teukie oppa is really kind, but I think he shouldn’t apologize for making a prank, people always tend to misunderstand him 😦 oppa was just trying to be funny! I hope the man that was “affected” by this is okay right now and has accepted oppa’s apology ^^

    • Nah he should apologize no matter what since inconvenience was caused for the 1004 user. And it just shows that he’s a responsible man! I’m proud and glad that he apologized 🙂

  14. Oh Leeteuk, you silly leader!! Trying to do his best that he even revealed his phone number xDD

  15. Even after Leeteuk had apologized,haters still attack him …
    Haters gonna hate. -.-
    Immature people!

    • that’s why they’re called hater…they’re gonna hate no matter what..just leave them alone, they’ll get bored eventually ^^

  16. I called 60 times oppa ^ ^ oppa but hp off

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