120403 Netizens want a sequel to “Skip Beat!”

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The drama “Skip Beat!” ended last Friday and Sunday with a rating of 1.85%. It ended in second place for its time slot.

The manga adaptation, “Skip Beat!”, left the audience entranced with the female lead’s ex-boyfriend (played by Donghae) expressing his unwillingness to let her go. Netizens want to see a sequel drama or a movie that will conclude the story.

Please tweet me  (@elf101586) if you are going to take the information out. 

Credit: UDN
Translated by @elf101586 (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)



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  1. Oh yes! Please! I’m dying to see Hae oppa back with his sexy blond hair and his attitude of bad boy *-*
    and the ending was like…no way! I want more pleaaase ~

    • Same here, Donghae stole every scene he appeared in. Plus, his chemistry with Ivy was awesome, you could tell in the BTS they worked really well.

      Of course, what I really want to see is more Shang vs. Lian. Now that’d be a lot of fun to watch both guys squirm in jealousy and fight for Gongxi’s attention.

  2. why was the rating so low??

    • The drama debuted in 2nd and stayed in 2nd.
      Initially the ratings were hovering below 1.5 but once it got passed episode 6 and got to episode 10, the ratings shot up to 1.8~ish and stayed around there.

      IDK, in Taiwan, manga-adaptation dramas haven’t been as popular as they used to be. Plus, there was another drama on another channel that had insane ratings and unfortunately for Skip Beat, it had to compete against it in the initial ratings.

      Right now, what’s popular in Taiwanese dramas is love triangles. Love love love love = high ratings.

      Skip Beat had a lot of potential, I think they should have strayed from some of the acting scenes and focused more on the love triangle between Shang, Lian and Gongxi.

      The ratings for episode 10 was the first time the drama broke 1.8 and I think a combination of that factor was because that’s one of the highlights in the manga, it was all Donghae, and there was a dysfunctional love relationship between Gongxi and Shang that audiences love to watch.

      If they do have a 2nd season, they really need more Donghae causing havoc between Lian and Gongxi. So much more entertaining to watch Lian twitch in jealousy at Shang and for Gongxi to explode at Shang xD

  3. Yeah, it was a horrible ending. Infact the drama is quite badly done. The front part has many special comic effects and then suddenly in the last 3 or 4 eps, everything turned so serious. I suspect there were two directors because the main director is known to be a serious director so I dont think he did all the comic stuff in the beginning.

    Donghae got alot of scenes in the first part then Siwon became prominent, I wish their parts were more balance. Overall I just thought the story was rather choppy.

    Then there were so much discussion about the drama they were filming at the end. I think they should have a separate drama for that Dark Moon story within the show.

    • i find the ending ok for a second season. Obviously you can’t finish everything in just 15 episodes and its based on more of the manga rather than the skip beat’s anime. The ending is suppose to leave fans piping for the second season, I don’t believe they will end it there as well

  4. need a second season and proper end

  5. It needs one, truly left the audience hanging

  6. Of course it leaves one hanging because I know that manga is still on going. I know this because I am following the manga for over a year now.
    They really should make secquel for this manga.


  8. YES PLEASSE!!!!!!!!! I love this drama<3

  9. I hope so much for a second season!!! I would to see them all again >_<

    • * I would love to see

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