‘Skip Beat’ – Siwon kissing Ivy Chen Cut | From 120401

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  1. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omg…. Finally, he kissed her.

  3. Their kiss lasted way too long…

  4. jealous ><

  5. The director said from the beginning of the shoot, he received many messages on his twitter from fans about whether there should be a kiss scene or not. Finally, the conclusion was to have one.

    But seriously, I consider it a very “technical” kiss, looking at the angles. Ivy kept her mouth shut which just seems to be shutting Siwon off. So the lead up was very romantic, but the actual kiss, hmm, not really that great.

    • i know they’re not having a real kiss…but still…OMG >.<

  6. ahhhh!! spoiler!!! my eyes! wait.. it’s not a spoiler when you know its going to happen, right?? haha aanyways… is 16 the last episode??? goshhh i really hope not. 😦

    • It’s actually episode 15. And yes, it is the last episode.

  7. They have to film season 2!!! I hope they film it by this year so it can air next year! It’s too good a drama to be deprived from getting better! Haha so shocked when lian kissed gong xi I thought it wasn’t going to happen but when it happened it ended up only being her imagination! Best drama of the year ^__^

    • If the drama does good(sales etc) and audience love it they might comeback for season 2 🙂

      • Awh man wish I could support somehow o__o

  8. ôi trời ơi ……oh my god …..my eyes……… 😦

  9. jkgkl\jgkfljjfjgj THIS WAS SO DAMN UNFAIR!!!! THE KISS SHOULD HAVE BEEN REAL T-T we do need a second season soon!!

  10. They look so cute ♥ ^^

  11. totally jealous >_<

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