120402 Leeteuk’s April Fool’s Day Prank Causes Trouble

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Leeteuk's April Fool's Day Prank Causes Trouble

On April 1, Leeteuk posted his phone number without the last three digits on twitter. Since the revealed number from the last digits was 1, Leeteuk’s fans guessed that his last four digits would be “1004” as his twitter account is “special1004” — causing a storm of calls to that number.

However, the last four digits of Leeteuk’s phone number weren’t “1004.” A friend of the owner of the “1004” number posted a screenshot of the victim’s call log online, asking Leeteuk’s fans to stop. The person stated, “My friend has been getting phone calls nonstop since 4am.” The victim also asked Leeteuk to take an action via Twitter. He soon deleted his original post and wrote on twitter again, “Don’t be fooled by fake numbers. Just call my number here.” This time, he revealed his real phone number.

Later on the day, Leeteuk posted on twitter once again, “My phone has been off due to the large number of calls I’ve been getting. But I’m okay as long as you guys have fun.” However, the victim and the friend were not happy with Leeteuk’s action. They criticized Leeteuk, “Aren’t you supposed to apologize first? My friend is still getting phone calls and texts.”

Some netizens agreed with the victim, “Leeteuk was thoughtless. What was he thinking? He didn’t think that someone else might have that phone number?” However, other netizens and fans sided with Leeteuk, “It was a prank. Leeteuk didn’t know that fans will call that number.”

What is your stance on this?

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  1. i admit it was slightly thoughtless for leeteuk but he meant’s for his fans..

    • and the owner should not have assumed teukie read his/her msg right away with the number of fans mentioning him..the message couldve been flooded over..

      • i dont think he was thoughtless elf were the one who are wrong they are the ones who gest the last numbers like for me i saw the twitte but i didnt try to call becuse it is abother like when henry writtes any comment in youtube they get all crazy and that is why they call it aprail foolsday and why would afan call an adiol why ??/ i wouldnt call someone i dont know yes people i dont know leeteuk i am just afan

        • agree with you this totally our ELF fault do not blame Leetuek I don’t want him be sad T T

        • thoughtless in a way that he didnt think that some elfs might call random numbers just to get to his..some of us might not be one of those elfs that will jump on the chance and try calling random numbers to call an idol but still there are some. i didnt say he was entirely thoughtless is said “slightly”..i have nothing against him for doing the things he does coz as always he always does everything for his fans.

          dont start anything coz we are all elfs here..we may have different opinions on this matter but just respects each others thought..i dont just go and defend the boys coz i love em..i have a rational mind and am not blinded by my being bias for the boys..

        • i agree!
          was a prank… people srsly should learn how to laugh.
          And I’m not defending anyone, is just that is stupid get angry for something like this.. c’mon! HAPPY APRIL’S FOOL DAY honey.. 😛

  2. uhm, well I think he’s not thoughtless cause he did not know that fans would assume that the last digits 1004 would be his number

  3. Justin Bieber did this. He put his number without his last digits and fans called it guessing the numbers and they started calling some randon woman’s. Yet JB never revealed his real phone number, so Leeteuk did apologize, just not the simple over used “I’m sorry” Actions speak louder than words. He actually had the heart to give his own number and have ELFs explode his phone.

    • agree!

      • nae..nae…

  4. i don’t think it was exactly his fault though.. i mean he left out those numbers, and the fans presumed right?

    but i guess the person is unlucky.. i saw someone on twitter scolding teuk stupid and inconsiderate etc.. and many many pple retweeting. sigh

  5. it was all done it fun but i guess it wasn’t for the victim that kept receiving the calls.
    but it really isn’t Leeteuk’s fault…cause fans were guessing those were the last 4 digits of his number and decided to call. he could not have known that it was someone’s real phone number. at least he acknowledged the mistake even if he did not formally apologize for something that was not even his fault. :/
    but omo! so he did post his real phone number then!! XD while pretty cool of him…he’s most likely going to have to change that # now cause fans will keep calling. :0

  6. Don’t blame it all on teuk. He never stated that that number was his phone number The fans made the assumptions and caused the problem on their own so the ones who should apologize are those fans.

  7. erm, well, he didn’t expect elfs to think the last 4 numbers as 1004…

  8. sometimes our leader-nim is careless.. maybe he didnt mean to cause a trouble.. but it happened

    n unfortunately, he has many (international) haters. they blow this issue out of proportion. but please just ignore them..

    btw yesterday was so fun.. thanks to leader-nim n other members..

  9. sorry po^^ peace


  11. What? Why should Teukie apologise?? It’s not like it’s totally his fault and he didn’t even give them out that person’s actual number! I don’t think that many people guessed that 1004 anyway -_- Highly doubt that person still receive calls, Teuk already gave out his own number so why’re they still bringing this up! Why are South Koreans so addicted in making celebrities apologise in every opportunity they get? Can’t they take it as an April Fool’s prank?!

    • well said…

      they like to get the word ‘sorry’ from celebrities mouths

      • to this,i can totally it’s not just me that thinks that celebrities have it hard in South Korea.

  12. the owner of the number should think 1st before he pointed his finger to Teukie oppa i m not on Teukie oppa side bcuz i love SuJu but think u think he doing this on purpose?he’s jz an ordinary man he might do mistake n so u..maybe worst than him..jz bcause of tht u blame him tht so unfair..think if u r on his side how’s ur feeling??what r u gonna do?..saying sorry? i m sorry if i m talking rude but someone like u seem to be the hardest 1 to say sorry..whoever u r, u shouldn’t blaming others on that kind of way, that isnt a manner of a human being who was given a brain to think!..tQ..:)..peace no war

  13. but actually why fans did they assume it was the 3 last numbers ?
    that’s stupid ! it’s not like he could choose exactly his phone number according to his twitter name !

    • lol that’s kinda what I was thinking… what are the chances his phone number has the same numbers as his birthday…

  14. So THAT’S what was going on. I couldn’t understand why Leeteuk thought posting his real number made anyone an April Fool, Fair play for attempting to limit the damage once he realised there a problem (and Heechul for helping him prove it).

  15. isn’t the fan fault for assuming ?

  16. Is not his fault, he didn’t know that fans will think about the last 3 digits and start calling other numbers, is not his fault at all so people should not start blaming him for nothing. >.< He was just making fans happy by posting his number and I completly understand that. ❤

  17. i don’t think that it’s Tuekie’s fault, he didn’t reveal the last digits, the “1004” number is what fans guess and they tried to call that number. How can it be Teukie’s fault?? He didn’t say anything about 1004. The victim was a little too much, wasn’t he?? Why did he want Teukie’s apology? i started to have a thought of him trying to make things bigger

  18. Not siding on Leeteuk but… That victim was really immature. I would probably not mind it if it were me and even if I hate the person.
    And he shouldn’t expect that Leeteuk would read his mention -_-
    He’s an idol for goodness sake -____-

    • i kinda understand the victim though..receiving calls while you’re still in deep sleep and answering them then knowing it was just fans trying to find out if it was really teuk.. it’s stressful..

      but then again i agree with the mention part..his mention must’ve already been flooded over..sigh..

  19. A mistake is never intentional. But if your action by default causes someone else to suffer, it would be nice to apologise. Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Idols are humans too, so it is normal to err.
    I am sorry if some of you do not agree. But this is what I’ve been taught since young.

  20. i agree, i think teuk should at least say a simple sorry. i know its not his fault that fans guess 1004, but he should have known that fans were going to guess something cos he tempted his many fans into thinking they could speak to him if they guessed right.

  21. Know something that I admire Leeteuk in this incident? He actually just post his REAL phone number because he cause a trouble for another person by not revealing the last few numbers at first. If I were him, I’d just say a sorry and ask everyone to stop calling another person but not revealing my number like AT ALL. But he did. Just so fans can stop bothering that person. Eventually his phone hang and couldnt be switched on. Isn’t that MORE of a sorry said? Actions speak louder than word. Why? Why something happen to Leeteuk, everyone have to think that it’s something bad? I’m tired of all the bashful comments, really.

  22. Leeteuk had left the last 4 digits blank n it is up to the fans to guess. So leeteuk shd not b blame for the fans guessing. Logical right?
    But I sympathize with the victim. Please fun take it to heart…

    • Sorry typo… ‘dun take it to heart’ not ‘fun’… That’s the prob with iPhone auto correction of words… Sorry!!!

  23. Sorry, but I really think the fans who speculated that the last 4 numbers were 1004 and called up that number were pretty thoughtless. They didn’t even bother trying to find out what the 1004 in his username stands for. (I remember researching about it a year ago and I found out that the 1004 had some sort of relevance to the word ‘special’) The chance of Leeteuk getting ‘1004’ in his phone number is one in a million.

    I understand the victim. Imagine, receiving 100+ text messages and calls that aren’t even supposed to be sent to you. That would be really annoying. However, I think Leeteuk’s already made up for his mistake. He’s sacrificed his own phone number to show that he feels sorry. That’s not an easy thing to do for idols as popular as him, especially when there are sasaeng (did I spell it right?) fans lurking almost everywhere.

    I think posting an apology to the victim online would have caused Leeteuk more troubles and that would surely catch the attention of issue-makers. Besides, everyone was having so much fun at that time, I don’t think Leeteuk would want to ruin the fans’ mood. And who knows? Maybe Leeteuk’s already said sorry to the victim but just didn’t post the apology online, I think that makes sense too.

  24. I think teuk handled it coolly by rvealing his own no,so that fans didn’t bother that guy anymore. He even scrificed his number for fans. btw, haters gonna hate.

  25. Oh sh** !!! was totally on week-end off &didn’t knew ‘bout da Teughie April’s prank!!! if so… i wouldn’t even dare calling^ω^uprarious(@^▽^@)…Park Jung Su Ssi stil IS & WILL ALWAYS BE the best leader EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!! (∩_∩)V & I’m pretty sure my poor teukteuk called personally 2 apologize,no need airing ヽ(*’-^*)。luv him sooooooooo much♥♥♥eager 2 watch’em in Tokyo(///ω///)テレテレ♪

  26. i’m still at leeteuk’s side! no matter what,i’m happy for eeteuk coz,only him can did that..revealed his phone number…other artist cant do that! haha.

  27. Hmm.. After reading all the comments , my conclusion is this. Yes teuk should apologize, but on the other hand other people could just utter sorry and maybe just call the fans to stop calling or whatsoever. On the hand he gaved out his own phone number which was really gracious of him~ He now would definitely need to change his number and inform people of the change and might be quite troublesome. On the other hand, trying to let people guess his number was quite thoughtless as a few digits wrong might lead to another’s inconvenience and how would he clear it up? I get the frustration but still obviously teuk has made action he doesn’t need to be so adamant in one damn apology and even criticize teuk for it. If not I rather teuk issue an apology and don’t do any action and let the fans prank his friend lol.

  28. Leeteuk should apologize to the person…..he should know how crazy most of his fans are and that they would start guessing and calling random people, so b4 i blame his fans i would blame him…….
    I would really hate to be that person with that number, getting calls and messages from unknowns that may be flooding my phone and inconveniencing me all due to the mistake of someone i don’t know….That person may have important calls to receive but stuck with fangirls calling his phone……To those who are saying that the owner is immature or shouldn’t be angry that’s cos you’re Leeteuk’s fan that’s why you would say that out of fangirling but in reality that would be one of the most annoying things to happen to someone….

    • You are right. On top of that, who is going to pay for all those excess phone charges. If the victim happens to be a businessman, he’ll be totally screwed because all of a sudden, he became uncontactable. He’ll probably has sleepless nite becos overseas fans are also trying their luck to reach Leeteuk. I’m not surprised if he’ll also have rude callers who’ll slam down the phone when they realised he is not Leeteuk.
      Leeteuk offering his own number to limit damage is another matter. The victim’s plight should not be conveniently forgotten. If anybody here thinks it is all fun, come on, who is kidding who.

  29. It´s not teuk´s fault tho, fans went crazy thinking that by dialing “1004” they could get teukie, what´s weird about this, is that teuk´s tweet didnt happen at 4 am or during nightime. it was actually like 4pm in korea when they started tweeting and playing around with fans… also i remember when he started tweeting, he tweeted the full number, with the “1117” at then end. he never tweeted the incomplete number.

    so it does seems a little suspicious. teuk is always the target for rumors, no matter what he does people will still want to bring him down. if he quotes an article, if he plays with his fans. people just hate everything he does, so you guys take note of that.

    • oh and third, someone on twitter already verified this is a rumor, since teuk since the beggining did tweet with the “1117”…

      • I saw a translated tweet from Leeteuk with an incomplete number in it before all the fuss broke out. Had no idea what it was about at the time, just that it was clearly too short to be a full number. Maybe he deleted it.

        Actually, the “rumour” makes a lot more sense than Leeteuk posting his real number as an April Fool joke. The whole point of April Fool is to trick people. Posting your real number isn’t a trick.

      • the incomplete number was sent out first… that was like just after midnight I think…

  30. i can’t believe Teukie actually gave out his real phone number later though! that is INSANE! yeah, Happy April Fools! why so serious?! ^^

  31. I believe Leeteuk had apologize personally to that person!
    Plus,the victim is also in wrong. Seriously,blaming Leeteuk instead of the fans! –;
    Yes,Leeteuk was thoughtless when tweeted the number ,however,the fans are more thoughtless by trying to guess and calling his number without being 100% sure whose number that was.
    Anyway,haters gonna hate no matter what Leeteuk does!

  32. i don’t see how this is his fault.. he even gave out his real number after & deleted the tweet.. also, “1004” & “Angel” are pronounced the same way in korean, i didn’t know that ’til about a couple months ago, i always thought it had something to do with his birthday or something ._.

  33. It is not his fault fans guessed it was 1004. Leeteuk was just having fun and now everyone is being mean to him. More Leeteuk. I want to cry.

  34. whenever Leeteuk tries to do something nice it’s blown in his face, all because his haters always blow things out of proportion!
    btw Leeteuk already revealed his own number so nobody is calling the guy why does he need an apology? it’s not like Leeteuk asked the fans to do what they did, just like people say leeteuk needs to mature will fans need to mature too! and that guy too, he was annoyed by fans calling, they are not calling anymore so why is he still mad??????? and btw Leeteuk said he is gonna keep this number!

  35. lol, all the comments defending leeteuk, of course, you ELFs

    • I think leeteuk need something to do than did a stupid prank, he really need grow up…sigh

    • Yeah. I twas a mistake..we all know that, but it caused this person problems..he should have apologized.

      Sometimes your Oppa makes and mistake and does something silly or should call them on it rather than find a way to excuse it away.

      • he has already apologized by sacrificing his own number. (no reason for anyone to continue calling the presumed number) he experienced what the victim experienced and definitely much worse & for a longer period. yes he shld apologize, but the mistake is made only because some elfs presumed. so leeteuk is not TOTALLY at fault.

  36. just like a kid

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