120401 Siwon KISSING Ivy Chen :O Skip Beat [2P]

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Credit: Yes娱乐快递 
Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
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bet you WISH this was an APRIL FOOLs prank..



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  1. Oh c’mon, it’s in Skip Beat and it’s just a light lips touch, Ivy told about this kiss in another article some time ago 😉 I can’t wait to see this scene 😀

  2. but it’s the last episode today. I was thinking “YES!!”, the drama is reaching it’s peak, but it’s the last episode already? Is there another part 2? I have not gotten enough of the story.

    • i think there’ll be more episodes because siwon’s over in China filming something. if it’s not skip beat then i don’t know what it is…

      • He’s filming his new drama BACK TO THE PAST

  3. Aww!! I’m so jealous 😀 I can’t wait to see this episode with subs *_*

  4. Why wishing this was a prank? I’ve been waiting for this kiss since the first episode and, OMG, this is so exciting.
    Lips- brushing in dramas are always so sweet and innocent… 😀

  5. It is the end… 😦 but it does feel unfinished. Esp after Donghae’s words in the drama about how he’s going to be fighting for Gong Xi.

    • I heard that SK 1 is really unfinished cause they based it on the anime, if we want the full drama then there should be part 2!! I hope so.I love this drama to the max!! I really like IVY for Siwon :)))

      • Yeah I heard that too! So the manga is not finished yet right? It’s a new manga? ?__? Heh I’m a Donghae shipper tho lol. xD

    • Ikr?? I think there should be another season!! I don’t want it to end~~ And I want Donghae to fight for Ivy!! 😀 ❤ and manager Du is so adorable!! ❤

      • yup..I hope so…I want the drama should be part 2..I luv & like Siwon in this drama so cute. I want the drama finish happy ending! 🙂

  6. I think I had a kiss like that when I was twelve.

  7. nah though i m die heart fan of siwon i want him to have kissing scences so tat its easy to imagine myself in the girls place just remove the actress and place your self and imagine he is kissing you 😉

  8. Idk how many times Siwon kissed someone in dramas….We’re used to it xDD~

  9. The kiss was sweet! Haha love this couple super cute ^_^

    • huh!! this is verry verry so sweet

  10. got rly jealous at first, but then i realized that i love it when siwon kisses someone on dramas. he looks so charismatic while doing that *?* 😀 i’ll just imagine that he’s kissing me *?* :*

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