120328 Skip Beat No.1 on Sohu TV Dramas Ranking [1P]

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  1. can anyone tell me what kind of ranking this is?? Is it the TV ratings?

    • erm, sadly, I don’t think so. The Taiwan ratings for Skip Beat have been passably ok. They can’t seem to break the 2.0 mark. It keeps hovering around 1.5-1.8

      given the amount of press and attention the drama was giving, some people might be harsher and call the drama a “flop” ratings-wise, but given that manga-turned-dramas aren’t popular in Taiwan anymore, the ratings imo are ok. Not great as I would like it to be, but just ok.

      They keep placing 2nd behind another drama in the same time slot 😦

      And last week’s ratings went down to 1.5 after it had went up to 1.83 for Donghae’s episode 10 and 1.85 for episode 12.

      I think the ratings would be a lot higher if they strayed from the original source and stopped focusing on the acting scenes and more on the love triangles. Donghae’s barely showed up after episode 10 and imo, as much as I adore Siwon’s Lian with Ivy’s Gongxi, throwing in Donghae’s Shang makes the show more entertaining. After all, he’s the “antagonist” and he makes life difficult for both Lian and Gongxi. It’s a great dynamic when Shang appears. You hate him for what he did to Gongxi, yet Donghae still somehow makes you love him.

      More Shang, Gongxi, and Lian + love triangle = ratings gold

      Right now in Taiwan, all the high-rated popular dramas have had the dynamic of love/hate relationships + love triangles.

      • Like I already said if you want more DH, you need to ask manga author since this drama is following manga very closely. It’s rarely changed things; just some settings not storyline. That’s why it’s solidly good. Love triangle will be appeared if there is 2nd season; if there is at all. Manga is now at chapter 186. It’s my favorite manga, amine too. I’m graceful drama follows manga, not amine; otherwise, it’s stopped at ep 13, and not have 15 eps. to watch.

        About promotion, no, they did not do proper promotion. Only when drama didn’t do well, they asked DH and SW do a quick one in TW. Beside all your reasons above, the other thing is except T-ELF, majority Taiwanese viewers still think SK is a Korean drama and frankly DH/SW are pretty new faces compared to other past famous Korean drama actors they have seen.

        About rating, it’s started getting better with the development of the love story. In manga, love is being developed very slowly. It’s still not much even reaching the newest chapter but it shows how deep it’s. Rating detail, ep 10 at 1.82, ep 11 at 1.75, ep 12 at 1.85, ep 13 at 1.95, not yet for ep. 14. I’m just glad it’s getting noticed after last ep. And it’s very popular with international online viewers. Hope it’s enough reasons for making 2nd season decision.

        I can’t wait for last ep this week. After that. I’m gonna miss it so much and pray for 2nd season, diligently. I love their acting. I can not think of any actors who could do better job than them.

        • The other thing is when SK started airing, ‘Office Girl’ was already captured Taiwanese viewers big time, rating reached over the roof, over 5 point something. Even the famous Ariel Lin’s ‘In Time With You’ couldn’t beat it. ‘Office Girl’ final ep on late Feb, then SK ep 10 was getting little more viewers because of it (of course, DH too) but be assure all ELF already root for SK. Those extra viewers are sticking with it and good words are spreading outside ELF world. So, it’s where SB is at now.

          • yeah SK is so good! I am the type of person who watch dramas not based on who is acting, well 1 reason for watching is the actor but what makes me stay is the story and the acting 🙂 I rank SK as one of my fave alongside City Hunter ans Secret Garden. All 3 have diff themes, drama, action, then this as romcom ^^

          • I hope for a 2nd season..let’s pray!!

  2. the series is awesome it deserves it ^^!!

    • Yes, it really is 😀

  3. yes, so happy, i heard that the series’ views were not as good as expected in Taiwan but they top sohu tv & I think mysoju too:)..

  4. i luv the drama its sad it doesnt hav at great rating, i hav seen many famous Taiwanese and sadly i m nt a big fan of TW dramas as i dont find there jokes funny & sometimes i find there humor inappropriate also thy r irritating bt SK is different its nt lik regular TW drama and its really nice i luv lian and gongxis prts

    • Watch ko one, x family and ko3anguo! It’s awesomely cool, funny and intriguing! Love skip beat! I love how it’s focusing on acting strongly as well as romance as I want to see how gong xi is going to act as well as dun he lian’s acting skills!

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