[ENG SUB] MBC We Got Married – Episode 20 with Leeteuk & Donghae | From 120324

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We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora

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Credit: kshownow.net
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  1. *Cries* please someone tell me 1) this show will end soon 2) there is a 0% chance any of them have real feelings for eachother

    poor teukie should be getting some time off instead of this show >.<

    • If you don’t like this show don’t watch it =o=, Who knows what will happen? Do you? Are you psychic?

      If you actually watch it you would know that he seems very happy. As a fan shouldn’t you support him rather than tell him to not film the show?

      • I don’t watch it…
        and he is most likely being forced to do the show >.>

  2. Is Donghae really this shy?

  3. wooooooow Donghae is so cool … I love their dancing 🙂 ..

    thanks for updating with Eng Sub 🙂 …

  4. =O I feel so happy for them, seriously I wish they could find their special someone and be happy like this. I don’t know if it’s going to be Eunseo or Sora I don’t care, who ever is… I just wish them hapiness ^-^
    SJ forever happy with a family, and obviously they would always love ELFs 😉

    • Those girls are nobodies. I don’t think our boys can find happiness with them. Super Junior deserve someone who has similar status as them. Super Junior are like super famous but those girls are like not at all. They need girls who are also famous, who understand Super Junior’s situation. Bah. I personally hope they never get married.

      • well i personally hope you change your attitude.. sooner or later all of them will get in to real relationships and eventually get married so if you think you’ll have a chance on em dude you better wake up coz its never gonna happen.

      • well personally i hope you change your attitude. sooner or later members will be into real relationships and eventually get married. so if you are one of the fans that thinks you’ll have a chance on em, dude wake up coz its never gonna happen. and they should be with “super famous” girls too?? duh as long they love each other and the woman promises to care and love him thats all good for me..

        • Don’t misunderstand. I do not think I have a chance with them LOL I am not that crazy. And I am not at all worthy bahahaha I would not even dream of marrying Super Junior.

      • oh my God, are you don’t want they (SJ) get their happiness? married and having child, they definitely want it (they sometimes said it in other show). If someday they getting old, they will need they own family, to caring for and treated them.

        You are no body, not those girls
        Sometimes I wonder with the way of thinking from a lot of immature ELFs

        • I realize I am a nobody duh.

      • “status” is not important…as long as they love and be happy with each other, that’s all what matters!!!

        • I suppose. I just have a very old fashion way of thinking haha.

          • Duh! all of this just for wish them hapiness -_- but I keep on what I’ve said, They deserve to be happy with whoever they want. Girl, that’s not old fashion way of thinking, that’s having low self esteem. I hope you can realize it.
            I think that if they fall in love, even a simple person has a chance, u.u why not? We don’t know how Love works, even Kyuhyun said in SH that he fell for a nurse (or recepcionist I don’t remember so well ^^) of a hospital, silly girl… I know! XDD
            Whatever! we all agree that they deserve the best. 😉

      • You do not write harshly. I like what you said here “I don’t think our boys can find happiness with them.” – Don’t waste your time thinking about it, because those boys are old enough to decide for themselves. Happiness doesn’t come with conditions. Whoever they are happy with, isn’t something predictable.” It makes me feel better. I will stop worrying about them they can make their own decisions yes ^^. I might read your blog.

  5. donghae is the cuttest thing in the universe he is so kyeoptaaaaaaaaa *sobs*
    but sersly teukso is the funniest ever i lov’em the most but if they put donghae in this show it would be so interesting yaaaay excited best part ever the dance part when hae takes off his jacket the girl must’ve ….. never mind lol!! and the feeding part umaaaa~ so cuute
    they also should put hyuki and sena would be awesome <33
    thanks forr the upload ^^

  6. Ok, whenever someone gets smart and decides to clone Donghaes, I want a Donghae of my own! LOL He’s so sweet and he has the cutest smile!

  7. OMG! my long wait is over.. here comes the one with english subs.. i super love this episode though im a full pledged donghae bias still, i enjoyed watching this episode.. quite happy to see on how donghae treats eunseo, it even made me love him more.. 🙂

  8. Yay for english subs, thanks to kshownow team!

    After this episode, there won’t be anymore Donghae on WGM *sobs*
    I loved seeing his dorking personality on WGM and the endless teasing of being guy number 3 on WGM.

    I hope the other SJ members, Kyu, Hyuk, and Sungmin that were featured in the earlier episodes as Sujumma and on the blind date get to appear in WGM as well.

    They’re so much fun xD

  9. i want to see Hyuk too! with the girl he got matched up (sorry i forgot her name). she seems really cool!

  10. Eun Seo is a good girl, but she’s too quiet kkkk…Donghae is quite enough and he’s a shy boy, I think he needs a cheerful girl… kkkk

  11. I actually like Donghae and Eunseo in WG, but if it doesn’t happen, then it’s fine 🙂 Soon enough, we’ll gonna witness their marriage and their kids! ^^

  12. Such a fun show! and I hope that everybody finds their other half and live happily

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