[SUP3RJUNIOR.COM] POLL Please help choose the design of sup3rjunior’s banner!

March 21, 2012 at 4:39 pm | Posted in Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Polls, Projects | 42 Comments

Random post ~~! Since SS4 Paris and SS4 Indonesia are around the corner, we (SUP3RTEAM) have decided it’d be awesome if we could participate and show SJ our support ~! So we’ve decided to CREATE A BANNER ;DDD  to express what they mean to us, and to show that we sup3rjunior EXIST.. ! ;D so please help in choosing the official design, from the following options below!  (DECIDE based on what would SJ like the most)

The hangul pretty much says “KINGS OF THE WORLD” or emperors of the world? Super Thanks to Jo (allrisexiahtic)  for the trans…!! ❤ Lol I came up with the “KINGS OF THE WORLD!” well because their obsession with the movie Titanic, they are pretty much like Kings in our eyes.. and of the world because the are ruling the world, leading the hallyu wave and all! ;D Also SUPERRRRR THANKS to Afifah ㅎㅅㅎ (avfhamatulloh)  for designing all banners, and not forgetting all sup3rjunior backgrounds!

It’d b SUPER awesome if the readers of sup3rjunior can assist us the sup3rteam with donations! Everything will go towards the banners ;D (we intend on producing two) along with other future projects!!

Edit: the watermark obviously won’t be there when we print it out xD
Also the size of the banner is going to 4M x1M ;D I think? xD



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  1. Wow, nice idea! I like the 2nd one

    • yes! i garee.. the second one is really nice.

      • yeah me too ^^

  2. i think they all look awesome but sapphireeeeee blueeee ❤

  3. Trang tiếng Anh mà sao toàn comment Việt thế nhỉ? ELF Việt vào đây đông vui quá, hihih
    I like the first!

  4. omg, i cant choose, i like it all!!!

    • i want this to be TOWEL CHEERING?! sooo pretty T^T

  5. soon after this poll closed..i will print it out and send to you sid

    • What do you mean?

    • Oh lol.. hahah can you check the price and everything first? The poll will close in a day ;D

      • okey i will check it today..i’ll let u know then

  6. the blue one!! for suju! ❤


  8. I voted for #1 but I like #2 too, both are great! Yes, it’s time Super Junior know about Sup3rjunior, one of SJ’s biggest promoter! 🙂

  9. I choose no 2 becoz eventho’ i love all, but I think the 2nd one with the blue background will represent ELF better^^

  10. It’s hard between 1st and 2nd I voted for the 1st cuz it’s super cute and very noticeable.. Love all the designs. Choose the 1st one 🙂

  11. Althought I do like the blue one, I think #1 is more eye catching and would stand out better in a dark arena (like the ALWAYS project). You’ll already have sapphire blue lightsticks so it’s ok ^^

  12. At first I thought the second one… but the first one might be easier to see in the dark? :p Great job girls!

  13. all of them are beautiful but i choose the first one,,,,,,,,fighting

  14. ahhh! all so pretty. I like the the first one and a second… The font of the first one is pretty! i like. but the second it’s blue and simple… ahhh. how to decide!!!

  15. The first one is nice and lovely. I like it ^^

  16. Hmm just a suggestion! I feel that King Of the World will be better than Kings of the World. Just like how we say Last Man Standing instead of Last Men Standing since SJ is one ^^

  17. boy so hard to decide… i like the sapphire crown in the first one, but i think the 2nd one will probably be easier to read in a concert/dark place? really nice designs! good job guys!

  18. 2nd one. In the 1st is too much details.

  19. the choice is hard, I love the first and the second, but okay i need to make a choice so the first for me !!


    • i am thinking about cheering towel too, pleaseee XD

  21. I like the Second one. It is simple and I like the blue!

  22. I love the 1st one 🙂 Hope it get’s picked ❤

  23. I like 2nd and 3rd..hmmm..i choose second one ^^

  24. The 2nd one!

  25. TBH I like the 3rd one. It look classic (in a good way),yet very stylish and expensive.
    but i’ll go with the 2nd one since blue is our colour

  26. i want the first one ^_^

  27. Would the sup3rjunior team be open to doing a bulk purchase for the winning design??? If you get enough interest of course…I’m not sure how expensive printing and shipping would be, but I’d definitely pay for your design ^^

    • I’m not sure, kk is it ok if I get back to you? Thanks ;D

      • Thanks ~ 🙂

  28. aaaa~~ the banners look so awesome!!
    but i choose th first one 😀

  29. Number 1 and 2 are both great! I had a hard time choosing between both because number 2 is BLUE while number 1 is much more colorful (: I settled for number1 though 😀

  30. No.1 is cute ^^

  31. i like both the 1st and 2nd one. As long as u choose one of those im cool. Itd be really cool if they recgonize this site….ELF will be very happy and loved. Saranghaeyo ELF, my loved family!

  32. fast question can i have one too? and how much doease it cost? X3
    thank you p.s all designs are awsome i love version 3~

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