120319 Super Junior runs to the chicken

March 19, 2012 at 7:26 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Endorsement, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 3 Comments

Where’s the chicken? Give me the chicken!, a certain tofu would say. Indeed, that seems to be the message thatKyochon Chicken is sending with the latest poster featuring Super Junior.

A previous poster of Super Junior showed the members posing charismatically in suave outfits, but in this new poster, the boys are running to go find the chicken. And yes, they are dressed in suits, which still makes no sense to me. I kinda get a 007 vibe here. Movie poster, anyone?

Well, looks like Onew has trained you well, Super Junior!

Source: Ningin
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  1. Ryewook – “yeah, hyung just go run there. I’ll be walking like a boss *smug*”
    Hyung – 0.o

  2. man in suits.. hotness! 🙂 running to the chicken, aye.. .ryeowook doesn’t look like he’s running… he looks more like he’s gracefully walking… haha

  3. guys help super junior to win this
    now we lost with bigbang.. so please help to vote… ELF,
    and don’t forget to delete history and cookies if you want to vote again and again..
    common ELF, we can do it.. !!!!!!!!!!!

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