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Please READ carefully, and PLEASE participate .. Let’s show SJ we SUPPORT them!


Hold banners with “I love you Super Junior” written in French & English, when they’re walking on stage during ‘Our Love’ If you don’t know this song, you must watch their performance at Super Show 4 in Osaka ^^ Super Show 4 Osaka | Super Junior…

Here is the banner used by K-ELF for the SS4 Seoul.


A few hundred of them will be sent from Korea and delivered for free on the day of the concert and in the standing area. We decided to follow this project by using the same original design but with a translation of the slogan. In French & English.

When to show the banner: Around the end of « Our Love », when Super Junior are walking all around the stage, we will hold high our banners to show them when they pass by !

Banners production

We were thinking of producing some banners, with at least one slogan in one language. They will be given out the day of the concert and in the standing area.

** Format A4, blue or dark letters, and a red heart.**


→ Printed on « fabric » (in Asia)
We’re waiting for the fees.
Minimum to be produced is 500 units.

→ Printed on « flyers » (in France or your country)
If the fees on the fabrics are huge or the the deadline too short.
Minimum to be produced is 1000 units (cheaper).

→ Printed at home
Of course, you can print it by your own if you can.
We will give you the design when the time comes.


“Our Love” banner English version. !! Size should be 42cm x 15cm !!
“Our Love” banner French version. !! Size should be 42cm x 15cm !!
“Our Love” banner German version. !! Size should be 42cm x 15cm !!
“Our Love” banner Italian version. !! Size should be 42cm x 15cm !!
“Our Love” banner Spanish version. !! Size should be 42cm x 15cm !!
“Our Love” banner Korean version. !! Size should be 42cm x 15cm !!

What’s important about this project is to have a maximum of people holding a banner That’s why we want to produce some in high quantity and gives them away for free.


We take care to produce banners so that people who won’t/can’t do theirs may still participate in the project. We don’t force you to hold our banner in any way for the project. Indeed, the point of the project isn’t the message itself, but above all the desire to share our love to Super Junior. Thus, you’re free to raise your own customed banner with us.

The key point of the project is to have everyone to raising a banner at the same time. 

★ How to donate

By Paypal:

With your payment, thank you specify the payment TITLE:



We are at your disposal for any questions and request information. Contact



After Super Junior member’s 90° bow to thank us, as soon as they’re standing and facing us, we will bow to great them, for a few seconds.  After lifting our heads, we will applause Super Junior, give them an ovation until they leave the stage.
(Note : We don’t ask for silence. You can sing, scream etc.…as long as you applaud ! )…

Edit: I don’t think we should scream when bowing, – uksujusid, my personal opinion..

“6집 화이팅~! ♥ (6jib hwaiting~! ♥)” Project

SJ : 우리는 슈퍼주니어~에요! SJ : Urineun Supeo Junio~eyo
ELF : 우리는 엘프~예요! Urineun Elpeu~yeyo !

FANCHANTS :  refer there —> FANCHANT ★ also During ‘Oppa,Oppa’ , we would like to add «Paris » to the fanchant, (mainly for French fan I guess… but after all, we ARE in Paris, so it’s a good reason to sing it ;]), scream it out loud or sing it.

BIRTHDAY : For the moment, we just have SiwonLover’s banner. But we will organize birthday projects and the details will be in a other post for “solo” projects 🙂

HOLA :  You know what it is right ? We have done it at SM Town and Music Bank, just before the concert. So spread the idea while queeing on 6th, April !

★★★ Projects Members ★★★

Leeteuk White-Waiting-Ocean – More information White light project, pretty much like THIS

Zhou Mi and Henry – More Information HERE

Sungmin – We love Sungmin! – More information We love Sungmin Make sure you DONATE 

Heechul  –  During Opps.. I think? (need to find out for sure…) Scream out..

“SaRangHaeYo KIM HEE CHUL Woo U BiCCal KIM HEE CHUL”  During the video part of Heechul.

Shindong –  This is a simple project to show our support for Shindong. At the end of his solo, we will lift our hands forming a heart, and sing / shout “사랑 해요 신동희” (“Saranghaeyo Shin DongHee”)

Siwon –
This is a project for his birthday, during his presentation just sing very loud “Happy Birthday” you sing in three languages, Korean & English and French. For more information: Happy Birthday Siwon

Ryeowook – 
The fansite “onewithryeowook” sends mini-banners to hold out for the solo Ryeowook. No design is available now. To show our support to Ryeowook, sing the chorus of his solo, which is ‘Moves Like Jagger‘ by Maroon 5

Kyuhyun – Isn’t he lovely? xD More information HERE & HERE

Eunhyuk – This is a project for his birthday, during his presentation just sing very loud “Happy Birthday” you sing in three languages, Korean & English and French. For more information: Happy Birthday Siwon
Also HyukToYou will produce mini-banners to brandish Eunhyuk’s solo. The mini-banners will be available for people in Category 1 & 2.

Yesung – A heart for you, More Information HERE

Donghae –  Not sure?

… I shall updated this post.. ;D

Also French ELFS, if you see anything missing etc.. Please comment then I shall update ;D



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  1. Yay I love this idea! I hope you have a lot of fun people who are going! Give lots of love!

  2. Hwaiting!! I hope it will be a great success 😀

  3. Whoa…thats a lot of projects!!
    I wish you guys good luck <333333333

  4. wow…i want to see their reactions!! awwww how i love elfs!! i wish i can see a concert with suju…………maybe someday :(…………….

  5. ahhhh ma gosh XD im soo frickin excited i can’t wait must learn fan chants and hold up allll the banners XD

    • Are you going??? Me too! My first Super Junior concert, i can barely contain my excitement! Its gonna be awesome!!!

    • I’m also learning the fan chants right now, I hope I will learn them all in time 😀

  6. nooo i don’t have facebook can someone tell me the fan chants pleease (: thanks and also what’s hola? i couldn’t go last time :L

  7. where is SHINDONG ????????????????????

  8. please help ss4 paris Eunhyuk project small donations are welcome

  9. This makes me so excited for the concert!! 🙂 but also stressed because I have some problems with getting my ticket D:

  10. Everyone, please show your support for Kim Ryeowook: will be handing out banners at the show, and so please show them proudly during his solo “Moves Like Jagger” XD has been working really hard for this project, and it would be very much appreciated if they could count you in during his solo, even if Kim Ryeowook isn’t your first bias. After all, it’s all about SUJU love. XD

    For more info:

    Tout le monde, veuillez montrer votre support pour Kim Ryeowook: offrira des bannières à son effigie, et donc veuillez les montrer à Ryeowook durant son solo “Moves Like Jagger”. a travaillé très fort pour ce projet, et donc votre participation serait très appréciée, et ce, même si Kim Ryeowook n’est pas votre membre préféré. Après tout, c’est votre amour pour Super Junior qui importe!

    Pour de plus amples informations:

    • Please note that I am not part of onewithryeowook staff – I am just a Ryeowook fan XD

      Veuillez noter que je ne fais pas partie du staff de – je ne suis qu’une admiratrice de Ryeowook XD

      • Woow i can’t wait for support Ryeowook ^^
        I’m French ELF, have u preview for banner ? =)
        My twitter : @DelphineELF

  11. woahh…so interesting..I would be glad if there’s SS4 in my country,seem like there will be no ss4 here T.T

  12. AWESOME PROJECT !!! hope u’ll get success for this one :)))

  13. I´m a bit curious, how big are the bannerst for Eunhyuks Project? Will everyone get one? (It is only for CAT 1 and 2 right?)

  14. Yes it’s “Oops” for Heechul’s projets ^^

    Heechul – During Opps.. I think? (need to find out for sure…) Scream out..

    SaRangHaeYo KIM HEE CHUL Woo U BiCCal KIM HEE CHUL’ During the video part of Heechul.

    And make hello military =)

  15. That’s really great!!!
    I hope that you all will be successful àn make all you and SuJuhappy together
    Fighting becoz we’re ELFs

  16. Hiii~
    Could you guys help me out a bit (again ^^’)
    I could really use your ideas ^^

  17. anyone going to ss4 paris? 😀 i dont wanna go alone T_T
    gonna see my oppas yaaaaaaaay ❤

    • Hey i’m going on my own too! I think a bunch of us should all meet at the station and go queue together. we’ll have to go our separate ways to our seats though. but it would be nice to meet people in the queue at least!

  18. I’m going to SS4 in Paris, but I won’t participate in any Fanproject. I think we shouldn’t try to copy Asian ELFs. Why can’t we just cheer them up or listen to them ? And it doesn’t make any sense to organize an Ola. It’s supposed to be spontaneous.

    We should just do it the way Frenchs, and Europeans, do it.

    • I agree. But the Ola isn’t a project. lol We just thought it should be fun if E.L.F can do it. But it’s not a project and not organizing. ^^ If it happens, it will be great, if not, well… We don’t give a damn.

      And the fanprojects are not all ‘copying’ Asian fans (I’m not talking about individual members projects, I don’t know all of them…) Applause is something they never did. Anyway, to hold a banner isn’t something particulary to Kpop or Asian fans. Fans all over the world for any band in the world bring banners to a concert. It’s a way to communicate. It’s not originally from Asian fans. ^^

      That’s why the ‘Our love’ project isn’t that everyone should hold the SAME banner, but hold a banner, a message they would like to share with Super Junior, at the same time. ^^

      We don’t care about the message on the banner, the project is to hold the banner you want at the same time, all together.

      It’s not copying Asian fans, it’s doing it in the continuity, in our own way.
      We provide a generic banner (we love you Super Junior in different language) only to those who would like to hold a banner and didn’t know about it, or simply can’t do one.

  19. go french and european ELFs!! let’s show how superjunior has united us all! XD

  20. oh for kyuhyun’s project, there’s a mistake in the lyrics.. it should be ‘i never thought through love we’d be…’.. i don’t know who to tell though, so might as well put it here.. hope somebody’d notice and change it 😀 thanks!

  21. heenim project,i really want to be there.thank u for all these projects whoever work hard on it and all ELFs who are going to accomplish all these excited.

  22. vous n’avez rien trouver pour DongHae , ZhouMi et Henry (s’ils viennent 😦 )

  23. To all ELFs going! Hwaiting for the fan projects and enjoy the concert!!!! 😀

  24. To all those lucky people __ enjoy the concert and take a good pics , hwaiting

  25. Henry and Zhou Mi are not comming 😥

  26. anyone here that i can talk for donghae project?

    • YESSS!!! we really should make a project for donghae! if we’re all making projects for super junior isn’t donghae included too? 😀

  27. just wondering.. is ss4 paris sold out yet?

    • i don’t think so. a couple days ago they posted an article about how there was still tickets left to be sold

  28. ., oppa :D,.

    .this project
    Lanz E.L.F

  29. all the projects are great! 😀 but is there going to be a project for donghae?

  30. hey guyss! i’m going to the concert! hehe 😀 but im just wondering, aren’t we going to make a project for donghae too? cause all i know is that we’re making projects to all suju members apart from donghae? :/ shouldn’t we make projects for donghae too? 😀

  31. good project!!! fighting !! ^^.

  32. Concerning KyuHyun’s project, I find it quite rude to sing over his own singing. I know it’s something we do in Europe for western artists but he isn’t so I fear he’ll misunderstand what we mean. Moreover, I’ve been told another type of banners will be distributed for free rather than merely printing our own. What are we gonna do if we aren’t able to print it?This one isn’t really pretty, sorry for the ones who design it =(

  33. Hi we have a project for Donghae too ! You didn’t add it yet 🙂

    – The french fanbase ELFish will give 1500 banners for Donghae and for the solo “Oppa Oppa”. This project has been made in partnership with StarfishPH (donghae’s fanbase in Philippines).
    If you want to participate (by giving some money for example), you can contact us directly :

    Here is the design for the banners :

    – The French ELFish fanbase will also bring to the zenith a big white banner (1.50m) with markers. Everybody in the queue at the Zenith will be able to sign and write a little note for Donghae.
    We will try to give it to him during the rehearsal or via the staff.

    More informations: @frenchelfish

  34. Omg! Yesung is going to enlist in the army as well as Teuki yet more people are aware of the leader’s enlistment than Yesung ): hope Yesung’s project goes well ^^ shame I live too far away T.T

  35. Hey i know this cOmPletely random, but does kangin have a twitter account? I made a twitter today for the first time (cuz i was never into twitter) but now i got one to follow suju, and i wanted to follow kangin but idk which one is the real Kim Youngwoon. If any of u know his real twitter username, or if he even has one, can some1 please let me know? Thank u fellow ELFs i love u guys like family ^^ i love me fellow elf 🙂

  36. And During Leeteuk Solo —–> White lighstick – not blue (for white ocean !) =D

  37. I am going to SS4 paris; But I have a question. Are they going to sell lightsticks there or anything else? (BLUE AND WHITE)

    • I hope so! Otherwise I’m screwed. I don’t have a lightstick yet… wost planning ever hahaha

      • *worst

        • I also don’t have a lightstick . And I really want a lightstick.!!

  38. Hi, I’ve just add something to YESUNG HEART PROJECT Can you help me and share it please? ^^

    I know there’s already a lot of banners, but some clouds ask for one in relation w/ my project so… there it is! Of course it’s not an obligation, I can’t ask for more than throwing hearts. It’s just a little something for those who want to have a banner for Yesung ❤

    Thank you in advance!

  39. hello,i’m yesung’s fan

    and i hope yesung’s project goes well

  40. How’s the result? Please upload the photos. Let’s see the fantastic supporting environment

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