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Super Junior's Kyuhyun Is an Ideal Son

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun recently revealed that he signed an affidavit of support for his father’s business, making him the ideal son.

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on March 7, Kyuhyun was listing all of the things he did for his parents with his income. Beforehand, the members of 2AM were showing off what they did for their parents. So because Kyuhyun didn’t want to lose, he revealed that he signed an affidavit of support for his father’s business, which drew many eyes.

This episode of “Radio Star” was a 2AM come back special. It featured the members of 2AM, Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong and Jinwoon, who all have both the looks and the skills. They also showed off their exceptional variety program skills as well.

When the MCs asked what they did for their parents, Jo Kwon answered that he gave a car to his parents. Seulong gifted his parents with a house. Then Kyuhyun blurted, “I made my parents move to a 40-story apartment complex.”

Kyuhyun continued, “I’m driving the car my mother used to drive and I gifted her with a new one. My father started an academy in Taiwan and I signed the affidavit of support,” to everyone’s surprise.

It’s nice to see our K-Pop idols be good sons/daughters to their parents!

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  1. Kyu.. Such a nice son.. Our evil maknae has his good side and it’s good.. ^^

  2. LOL evil kyu!!!! so kyu-te and definitely an ideal son! my parents would love him as a son-in-law… and i would love him too~😄

  3. 25year old guarantor for his dad’s business. Daebak!!

  4. aww,kyu~
    “kyuhyun blurted” xD

  5. usually parents signed to be the guarantor not the other way. kyuhyun’s really is an ideal son

  6. Does anyone know the link for the video? i wanted to watch but i also need eng sub too .

  7. Awh kyu is awesome! Haha glad that he has money to spend, but why does hyuk have to resist eating beef since it was expensive?(in vitamin from last year august hehe) oo

  8. Wait what’s affidavit?? >,<

  9. I always say Kyu is my mums secret son, because he looks my mum sort of.. My mom likes Kyu and Hannie❤

  10. “So because Kyuhyun didn’t want to lose he revealed that……” hahaha really evil magnae…cute Kyu

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