[SUP3RJUNIOR.COM] ★★ Siwon’s Birthday Project ★★

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Siwon’s birthday is coming soon on April 7th 2012 and SUP3RJUNIOR.COM is going to join hands for a little project with SIWONLOVER.COM (International) and THE SIWONEST (Korea) to collect money and donate it to UNICEF KOREA under Siwon’s name 🙂

Any amount of donations are welcomed, we’re helping children in need so everything counts.

Donations deadline is April 5th 2012

Together with us in this project are:

China: @Siwon_Nuna // www.choisiwon.cn
Indonesia: @ForSujuIndo // www.foreversuperjunior13-indonesia.co.nr
France: @FrenchELF_Line // www.frenchelfline.bbfr.net
Thailand: @SEE-WON // www.see-won.com
Worlwide twitter fanbases: @WeloveChoisiwon, @Welovewonhae, @Siwonbiased, @Wonindonesia, @ProudofSiwon, @SiwonestChile

ㄴ Send your donation to: ynkadr@gmail.com
Pick the “Money Owed” or “Personal Gift” option; if there is a fee, please cover it.
ㄴ Write your name and country in the notes when you send the payment.

[★] HOW TO DONATE (If you do not have paypal)
ㄴ OPTIONS: Bank Deposit, Money Order, Western Union, concealed/hidden cash in an envelope.
ㄴ Contact your country representatives below via twitter or email. If your country is not listed below, contact @EuniceDrw 🙂


Indonesia: @EuniceDrw // ynkadr@gmail.com

USA: @Yoshiflower // yoshi_flower44@hotmail.com

Singapore: @miuiyu // dudutare@yahoo.com

Philippines: @jem_prue

Australia: @reneee107

Thailand: @SEE_WON // donation@see-won.com

↘ Deadline: April 5, 2012
↘ Every donation made, will be tweeted on twitter @Siwonlover
↘ Link to original post at siwonlover.com >> here
↘ Link to THE SIWONEST post related this topic http://cafe.daum.net/sm0217
↘ Link to choisiwon.cn http://www.choisiwon.cn/board.htm
↘ Link to frenchelfline http://frenchelfline.bbfr.net/t179-siwon-lover-and-french-elf-line-presents#946
↘ Link to See-Won.com http://see-won.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5418

Let us join hands to celebrate Siwon’s birthday by doing a good cause \^^/

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Do share this post~!! ^^


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  1. daebak. thanks for letting us help

  2. I will donate 🙂

  3. Will there be a Hyuk Project too? 🙂

    • if you know anyone whos doing a project for hyuk let me know @reneee107 ^^

  4. i will donate as soon as i got my allowance for this month. 🙂 Of cos i can’t miss my Siwon’s BD project.

  5. I wanna donate but hown can I do If I’m from Perú?

    • you dont have paypal? if you dont you can contact @eunicedrw and she can help you arrange the best way to donate 🙂

      • I don’t have paypal but I thinking to make an account… but I’m not sure XD anyway thanks!!! I will contact her

        • me too! I’m also from Peru!

      • How to donate ??? I not understand, can you tell me please ?

  6. Will donate for sure!! ^^
    I just need to put some money to my PayPal~~ ❤

  7. Siwonnie ❤

  8. WAIT what? i thought Siwon’s birthday was February 10th? ahhh im so confused can some one please explain…. please….

    • that was his registered bday his actual b day is 7th april 1986 his parents registered his bday 1 year later for some reason

      • wow, so strange. thanks for the info, wikipedia still puts it as feb!

  9. Will there be any project like this for Eunhyuk Birthday?

  10. Wooow daebak
    if I can I’ll donate

  11. Great idea for his present

    Since he is already too rich, this is probably the most sensible thing to give him.

  12. Oh, good deed. I need to inform this to my group of online friends and save money. Thank you.

  13. This is the perfect idea for a birthday project! Siwon will be so proud!

  14. I want to donate, but I’m from Mèxico …do you know if there is someone I can contact? 🙂

    • do you have paypal? if not just contact @eunicedrw ^^

      • I don’t have paypal! T_T But I found someone of Peru to help me 🙂 She told me to send me an account and she will say that I’m from Mexico ^u^

  15. I want to donate, but….
    I don’t have much money

  16. No representative in Japan?

    • you can contact @eunicedrw and she might be able to help you ^^

  17. Done!!! Brilliant!!!! Let’s hope enough money is raised to make a real difference, and make Captain proud!!!!!!! 😀

  18. Hi! We would like to know what you will like to write in the public with your LT’s at the SS4 in Paris. We ask it on our page, https://www.facebook.com/ELFProjectOfficial.WE.LOVE.SJ , so please aswer to it!
    Your vote is important! ^^

    Thank you!

  19. hé? but he’s birthday is on February 10? and eunhyuk’s birthday on April 4? it seems logical to me that we do something for eunhyuk. please explain?

  20. good job…like it elfs!

  21. I want to donate, but I from Malaysia…

  22. I don’t understand how to contact Eunicedrw? I’m in Canada would like to participate via Western Union? What do I do?

    • if you have twitter you can mention her @eunicedrw, if not you can send her an email stated above.. hope it helps!

      • Yes, that helps. I couldn’t see her e-mail anywhere last night but today I saw it right away. Guess I was just too tired and missed it before. Thanks for answering. ^_^

  23. Hey !
    Did you see that poll ?
    Singapore e-Awards 2012 ?

  24. I wish i could donate…:(

  25. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/261/519/115/we-want-mr-simple-back-in-youtube-charts/

    please sign >< we only have 139 and our goal are 10.000 🙂

  26. I donated some money…but I don’t have much coz I’ve just bought B1A4’s album~
    Anyways it’s such a sweet project!! I’m sure Siwon will like it!! ^^

  27. I’ll love to know how much money have been collected we just have 2 more weeks to show our love and support for lovely Siwon!!!!!

  28. How about a special April fools prank for the birthday! I guess it would be cool.

  29. I am in sweden.. who should i contact if i want to make a donation?

  30. excuse me, but, what is this playgirlz.com thing?????

    • What day is it tomorrow?

  31. why after school here?

    • fool’s day tomorrow right?am i right?

  32. april mop yeah?? =.=

  33. for a moment I wondered if the site got hacked… !!!!!!!! LOL

  34. playgirlz?

  35. at first I wondered if the site got hacked!! lololol but realized tomorrow is april fools

  36. oh my god, i thought i just came to the wrong site! Fwouhh, my heart ~
    April Fools Day Everyone ! ^ ^

  37. Good Good~ x3
    But this is one of my favourited site so it couldn’t fool me!! ^^

  38. Loved the april fool’s [play girl} joke
    It definitely fooled me when I came here.
    I was like After School? did I press something wrong
    “Blew my mind- cause i’m mr.simple”
    Sorry just came to my head.
    Lol ^^

  39. *o* After School♥

  40. haha It’s okay since I love After School too ^^

  41. LOVE this prank since AS is my favourite group omfg 😀

  42. Does my sister really rejoicing the birth of Ion Hyuk Oba on Wednesday?

  43. I contacted the one I was suppose to contact, got a reply one time and haven’t heard about her since. I still want to donate though but it’s not possible anymore because I’m leaving for Paris soon <.<

  44. love suju forever

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