120307 Yesung Twitter Update: Stop hacking already, before I really get angry.

March 7, 2012 at 2:01 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Wonderboys, Yesung | 19 Comments

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@shfly3424 Stop hacking already, before I really get angry.

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  1. What is he talkin’ bout??
    May I know??

    • i hate hackcers bcoz i really bullied them
      and STOP HACKING!!!!!:(

  2. Oh man!!!! Stop it before Yeye turns into Chucky to kill you at night!!

    • LMAO!
      however… the same happened with Siwon Oppa.
      I hope.. anyone who is doing this.. go to the hell!

  3. Now i know what he meant by his ‘Please’ tweet yesterday.. to the hackers please respect their private accounts. Please be contented with the things they share to us fans.. Don’t wait for him to close his account for good..

    • Ooo..Now I understand too..
      Urrgh!! Those hackers..Dont they have anything better to do??!!
      Poor Yeye..

      • Now I also realize the meaning behind that “Please…”
        Damn hackers beware of Yeye’s fury. He will haunt you like Chucky.
        On the serious side, he seems really scary when he’s mad.

  4. Hacking is illegal.. I don’t want him to close his acc.. People plz stop

  5. what private account actually? twitter? is there spesific activities lately that I don’t know about?

  6. Ugghhh.. I hate those hackers.. Leave their accounts alone. -_-
    What is their purpose of doing that? Seriously.
    What if it comes to a point where the members decide to leave their accounts for good? Don’t want that to happen. T_T

  7. Angry Yesung … it doesn’t sounds good and honestly it sounds a bit scary, I don’t want to see angry Yesung :((

    • lol I’m sorry but that suddenly remind me of angry birds xDD

  8. I hope those hackers stop!! They are so selfish to be doing this. And i dont want to see an angry yesung either 😦

  9. reading this.. he is scary.. seriously.. hope that hacker will stop now.. T_TT poor oppa..

  10. Hackers are most probably/obviously not fans, maybe they might even be antis or fans of someone else.
    So I’m quite sure they won’t mind of the account is closed for good.

    Either whoever they’re a fan of doesn’t have an account or they don’t mind that person being hacked too.
    Yup, people without a conscience are like that.

  11. I swear I’ll get soo pissed it yeye close his account!!!
    That person better stop before ELF gets mad >,>

  12. These kind of people need to wake up from their dreams before they carried themselves away for nothing.

    • leave yeye alone ! 😦

  13. This would be one of those instances where one person does something stupid and it could ruin things for everyone else…
    I hope Yesung can get rid of his hacker, what an invasion of privacy that must be. >_<

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