120306 Marni at H&M Launch Party – Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae [16P]

March 6, 2012 at 10:12 am | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 76 Comments

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Reupload and Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Eunhyuk… errrrrrrrmmmmmmmm xD

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  1. Shisus have mercy. Idk how the other boys aren’t laughing. Hyuk Jae I always love your fashion choices but this is… Looks like you’re going fishing.

    • keke ^^ agree with ..hyukieeeaahhhh sorry to tell u but this time don’t like wit u’r fashion look, who is the one choose it for you >>.<<

      • Yup but I think EH dressed it because his stylist gave him, not his fault ^^

    • hahahaha.. majayo! I feel it too 😛
      LOL with that short pants wkwk

  2. lee hyukjae.. LOL

  3. OMG…Eunhyukie style…O_O

  4. bwahahaha eunhyuk :p

  5. Hyukkkkkkie!! ♥ stupid anchovy kekekkee
    Hmmm going fishing when its about to rain, huh??
    Hae~~ is always dressing up ‘safely’ kekeke
    (Y) thumbs up to Hyukkie!!!
    Leeteuk’s looks kinda cute, like a lil boy going to school~
    I’m loving hyukkie’s kekeke :p

  6. I know I’m not good with fashion but… hum Eunhyuk, shoes are horrible.

  7. as much as you are my second bias but….HYUKJAE OPPA….WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING??? >…<

  8. who the heck in charge of hyuk’s style!!!?? its outrageous~ the stylist must’ve made hyuk oppa an experiment~ the top half is okay.. but the lower half~… huhu~ thank god there’s no something like who wore it worst~ huhu

  9. Before I load this page, I found nothing wrong with Eunhyuk’s style..
    upper body….lower body…*rolling my eyes*
    what’s up with that boots??

  10. 1st pic charming 2nd pic abit ?????????poor hyuk>o< anyway i like ? ever it is.

  11. my god, all outfits, just terrible. i looks like they jumped into a wardrobe and put on whatever was near them. Apart from the ugly tie, donghae looks beautiful ❤ But teukie and hyukie……………… JUST DON'T DO IT ANYMORE!!!
    But i still love you ❤

  12. And hyukie says Sungmin is fashion terroist , lol

  13. And hyukie says Sungmin is the fashion terroist , lol

  14. Lee HyukJae!! 이게 뭐야! haha~

  15. oooo my hyuk….LOL ^o^
    u’re so creative :p

  16. LOL I was like omg my hyukjae!<3 *scrolls down* LOL WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • same here

      • Same here to i died of laughter xD

  17. ommoo, hyukjae oppa !?! O.O
    well anyway, teuk and the kids (eunhae).. hehehehe XP

  18. LOL at Hyukkie.. I know U are still stunning no matter what u wear.. But shisus,, igo mwoya??!! LOL

    Donghae looks “so” him on that suit.. Teukkie also looks so cute on his clothes..

  19. I think Eunhyuk is ok except for the boots, but I think he carried it off quite well, can you imagine donghae in that outfit? it will look terrible. so I think overall, its ok.

  20. Woow Eunhyuk looks so sexy for me kkk so manly ^^

  21. WHUTTT!! Omg hyuk, why?? Im loving e top, e jacket and e bottoms; and of course e colours! But seriously, e wellies/wellington MUST go! I thought it’d look better if he paired e whole look w Dr Martens boots; it would have some futuristic aspect as seen being sported on e runways! Considering that this is a launch, he should have gone w like a slim cut capri pants in e same bright yellow tho! It would at least be more formal!

  22. LOL! anyway i put it it’s just so horrible! mianhe, pls don’t bash! but sut it’s just so funny. but still I LOVE YOU! HYUKJAE! so it’s ok XD

    ps: look who’s talking about sungmin being a fashion terrorist! XD

  23. PS: maybe eunhyukkie just got pranked by the members and left him with nothing but boots? and so he just jump out the dorm with the boots! LOL! i can’t help but create stories behind the outfit XDD

  24. OMG ! Fisherman Hyukkie ! LOL,
    maybe he didn’t shave.

  25. OMG!! +_+ .. Eunhyuk oppa !!! what fashion ur wear .. fashion terrorist…

    your shoes ‘re really not match with your style..
    hey, this is your stylist mistake. poor oppa.

  26. I always love Hyukkies clothes… But this is just… What the Heck?!

  27. love their pics….its just the clothes of hyukkie kinda came from the flood 🙂 lol

  28. Hyukjae looked perfect if we were to not scroll down. Omo really, what outfit is that 😦
    Donghae looked the most charming here. Teukie is really cute!!!

  29. LOL Hyukkie Oppa…. XD
    i really can’t stop laugh when i saw his clothes..kkkkk

  30. Guess how tall is Eunhyuk-Oppa’s insoles????? (- oo -)

  31. Eunhyuk oppa, so cute…

  32. hahahhaa…I can’t stop laughing when Hyukjae…
    soooooooooo fashionable….^^
    but when I see his leg, I was thinking he is so skinny…

  33. Hyukjae’s legs; Funny. hahaha hyuk, fashion terrorist much?!?

  34. lol sorry but since isaw the last pic i couldn’t stop loughing,it’s may be the most unusual outfit hyuk had,not only him but the three of them just like(hyuk—>ready for fishing,leeteuk —>for grossary,donghae—>office with weird tie)&the three are waiting for a bus,toot toot fasion mistake


    Look at Hyukjae! Even he himself isn't happy with what he's wearing! D:

  36. OMG!! WTH did the stylist do to our hyukkie?!! hyuk’s stylist should be fired ASAP! and leeteuk, what’s with the bag?! hae’s outfit is the only ‘normal’ one. but still, i don’t like it either. fire the stylist! who’s with me?

  37. it is not a fashion, not attractive

  38. Well, eunhyuk pulled off the concept very well.

  39. Hyukjae-sshi…
    you make me speechless when i saw your ‘weird’ shoes…

  40. Eunhyuk seksi banget hahaha XD

  41. hahahaha did hyuk lose a bet or something?? or is this a dare?? :)) oh my gosh, i want to burn their outfits!

  42. gone fishing, hyukjae? you already have your own fish.. :3
    lol even henry didn’t want to wear shorts anymore.. but you seems enjoy it, hyukjae XD
    i love your hairy legs btw ❤ for real. :))

  43. aigoo… our poor myeolchi… T_T what have they done to him?? lol. this fashion is a total FAIL :)) he looks like he’s going to walk on a puddle not a red carpet :))


  45. ha ha ha tats like the biggest fashion disaster i have seen and seriously ppl only commenting on boots wats with those shorts and boots combinations its outrageous if i would have been in his place i would have locked myself in a room and nvr come out, man he has guts to go on an event wearing tat seriously thy need to fire tat stylist, wat did the poor guy do to the stylist to do something lik tat to him, dnt experiment things lik tat on our boys!!

  46. i like it, so cute

  47. haha..oppa u make me lough..it too cute!what ever u wear i like it! u make me smile every time i see you…>.-

  48. Ik feel sorry for Eunhyuk oppa. I love how he still manages to smile.. I would like… or go fishing

    • I mean.. i would cry

  49. At the top photos I was like, whew, Eunhyuk is so HOT!!! But when I scrolled down and saw the thing, I am so sorry but I can’t stop laughing with hyuk’s lower outfit…ahahahaha… But don’t worry hyukkie, you’re still my no. 1 bias and I love you so much more… :))

  50. I don’t think Eunhyuk would look bad if he had long pants with those rain boots..the shorts just don’t really go well with rain boots period. He looks good from the upper body upwards..hehe

  51. emmm..eunhyuk.. i don’t know what to say~

    • btw hyuk is taller than teuki *cough* insoles *cough*

  52. i just thought his shorts are means for teukie coz of its color. either way is he on a bet or something? why would he wear something like that on a launch party? my mymy, can you exchange with me your small legs. Pretty please ;p

  53. OMG!!!! ^^ Eunhyuks outfit!! LOL im dying of laugh^^

  54. Lol..oh the outfits. But I must say that they are actually wearing the clothes from the Marni for H&M collection and Eunhyuk manages to pull it off someone okay.

    • somewhat* (not someone) whooops for my error!

  55. lol somebody burn Eunhyuk and Leeteuk’s outfit STAT.

    Donghae playing it safe, like a boss. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Work with what you know best. Standing next to them, his outfit looks so tame.

  56. Eunhyuk’s outfit TT__TT
    Still love you guys xD

  57. oh I love the outfits ^ Marni collection for H & M ^ as clear as if you have the fashion oppas 🙂 🙂

  58. very beautiful very beautiful super cute ^_*

  59. bcoz it’s bermuda (short)…and HIS LONG LEG HAIR…to cover it…he decided to put on boots…

  60. I think eunhyuk didn’t really like his outfit too, lol ^^

  61. always, teuk and his kids. feels like teukie want to teach eunhae how to manage his work b4 he goes to the army *wild imagination*
    hyuk.. $&?!*#?!!!! who did that to you??? i always love your fashion that inspires me so much. but this time… i dont want to do it. sorry oppa~ >.<

    • &look at teuk hyuk. yellow. shining. hae: cool as always. just do it like hyuk, hae. xD

  62. Seriously, I always love how hyukkie dressed, but this……aigooo~ he’s been fashion terorist I think kkk~
    I’ve some trauma w/ short pants *remember siwon’s cover 5jib* so…..don’t use this pants again, arra ? Hahaha~
    But you still look cute and also charming oppa, loveyaa

  63. Lol, Hyukjae and His Un-shaved Legs:p

  64. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Monkey, SO MUCH FUN xD

  65. LOL My laptop didn’t allow me to see the entire picture. I literally screamed after scrolling down. Totally unexpected.

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