120303 We Got Married Ep. 17 – Leeteuk & Kang Sora [ENG SUB]

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We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora  17/17 } English Subbed

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120303 Leeteuk asks Kang Sora for permission to kiss her

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  1. OMG! That was toooooo much for me!
    I missed them crazily!!

  2. Ahh this episode was…how to say it…amazing!
    I love teuksora and I hope they are married in real life, too ^^

  3. WOW!! So fast O.o

  4. CRAZY FAST! THANKS SO MUCH! 😀 you are truly a ninja!

  5. huwaaa..finally ^^ aigoo… sweet couple kekeke teukppa hwaiting.. i love teuksora.. ^^

  6. this couple is unique! even if it’s a show, we can see that the more time passes the more they become attached to each other; they are beginning to reveal their feelings! ah love them ❤ (Teuk was very funny the way he ask about the kiss .. lol ! and for SORA, she's right! why he asked that in advance?!) ok ok I understand that he has a lot of envy for a kiss but he doesn' t know how to go about .. just do it TEUKIE! <3<3<3<3

  7. wahhh…teuki oppa want a kiss so badly…^^ sweet couple…

  8. TeukSora… love them…. 🙂

  9. so cute!!
    it’s been four months already, just kiss!!

  10. I strongly believe that they have feeling for each other.Only time will tell whether it is real or reel.I’m happy as long as Leetuk happy.I’ve never seen him happier than now with other woman.Maybe Sora is the One.

  11. yaaaaaay yaaaaaaaaay yaaaaaaaay

    thanks a lot .. now i can understans 🙂 …

    you are the best 🙂 ….

  12. OMO~!! They are ADORABLE~!!!

  13. when come the next ep or part ??

  14. ROFL..the dinner was HILARIOUS~

  15. don’t u guys think, ever since before all the fans always make kangin oppa and leeteuk oppa as a couple until they give their nickname KANGTEUK, I think it’s like a clue or a hint (Leeteuk oppa with Kang sora) sora family name is KANG, it’s look like the KANGTEUK name never gone from him….don’t u guys think about that, it’s sound interesting right? (^___^)

  16. just it? it’s too short 😦

  17. OHHH MYY GOSSSSSHHH!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDD I THINK I JUST DIED =DD That was super cute and awkward! =DD They are so adorable together!! =D

  18. wow i guess kissing is really a big thing in korea O_O they say “do it” instead of “kiss” …..

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