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  1. WOW~ so lucky ^^

  2. wow they’re close?! :O

  3. omg~ i can’t wait to see the pictures taken.. so envy u!! it’s my dream to talk to yesung and i wish my dream can be fulfilled one day!

  4. “Then….psssst…secret…he removed his jacket all sexily *dies*”….ahh…what I would do to see that 😛

    And awesome fan account! thanks for sharing ^^


    • haha…it’s actually three people XD

  6. omg… anyone how who the writer of this fanaccount is? she seems so close to yesung’s family!!!

    • same here I am really curious about the writer of this.
      the name”sahar”…its iranian, isnt it?

      • okay… uhm don’t think too much. I’m one of the girls from thsi fanaccount.
        Well we are kind friendly with yefamily cause we are regular customers at H&G since a while and yes well I think they kinda like us… but it’s not like we are really, really close with them.
        but yesungs father knows who we are and he knows that we are not very… hmmm… crazy fans… we are big fans of yesung but also more calm and we usually never take pictures etc.
        so that’s prob why he showed us the 2nd floor… people don’t go crazy over a “closeness” that is not exsistent… okay?

  7. Exactly how expensive are those glasses?

    • By looking at some pics I seen the price on the glasses some were over 88,000 won 😮 and these are not prescription glasses.

      • 125,000 was the cheapest i saw and upstairs where they have the really expensive ones they cost 400,000-600,000 won but they are nice XD

      • Thanks.

        • As someone who has to wear glasses to see. I have never understood this fad for no-prescription specs. But it does explain why Yesung was pushing people to buy. I was starting to wonder if had ever heard of opticians!

          88,000 won is apparently less than £50, which would pretty cheap for a pair of frames over here. My prescription glasses cost well over £400.

          • ikr it’s 88,000 is reaaally cheap my glasses without prescription is 120 canadian dollars and it’s super ugly xD 88,000 in canadian dollars is like 78$ that’s cheap eventhough it looks expensive with all these zeros after the 88

            • well it is a really optician… it’s just that many shops which sell specs in Korea are just like accessory stores… the spec don’t even have lenses… and people really wear them like this. so WhyStyle is like a store you prop won’t buy specs all the time but you will go there when you really need specs or lenses. I think the shop will work well they have really cool stuff and I def will go there if I really need sunglasses and/or glasses/lenses but for me it is too expensive if I just look for accessory of course XD since the prices are also like in German opticians

  8. Lol. So cute. I’m jealous in a good way ^^;

  9. Ah, you’re so lucky, that I envy you xD but I love your fan account ❤ Thank you very much for sharing :*

  10. oh, the writer should have just buy a pair of glasses!

    • expensive T_T

    • wanted….but too expensive…maybe in a few months ^^

      • just expensive because they are no accessory only they are like the real optician glasses so of course they are a bit more expensive then usual XD at least some of them 😉

  11. wowo !!!!!!
    u are really lucky >>>>>>

  12. I hope someone does actually buy some glasses…

    • we heard that today there were actually people buying glasses…yesterday it was mroe fangirls not buying anything! XD

    • I heard that today there were more people that bought glasses…yesterday it was mostly fans dropping by and stalking yesung

  13. ahahaha they are Yedad fans!!


    • we are…YEDAD ❤

      • Which makes me wonder how old you are since you prefer Yedad instead of Yeye ^^ Soo luck you are 😀 Plus you seem to be familiar with the Yefamily 😀 Wow!

        • we are in Yesung’s age… but well since we met Yedad more often than Yesung I guess we care more for him since we are “closer” (don’t think to much when you hear the word “close”) and for Yesung… well we really are big fans… but what’s the point in staring at a person like a maniac??? we just would feel annoying and it’s also a bit well creepy and also a bit boring if you ask me… maybe we are too “selfish” to just fangirl over someone XD

          • Haha no it’s understandable. It’s creepy to just stare all day at them. Poor guys, they need their privacy as well. So basically you mean you’re more familiar with Yedad because you’ve seen him more often then Yeye himself, right? Either way, you are really lucky! See, it pays off to be a good fan and not a crazy one. You have the Yefamily who likes you for that and that’s super awesome =)

  14. how are you so close to the family? does anyone know? just curious, she’s so lucky,

  15. Opting to take pictures with YeDad instead of Yesung or even Jongjin *laughs*

    • lol…yeah…no 1…you can’t really ask Yesung because then he would need to take pictures with everyone…tiring!
      No 2…Jongjin doesn’t like to be asked for pictures and one should respect that – he is not a star XD

    • haha…yes…we are soooo Yedad biased…actually mostly I am

  16. who is leo?

    • Leo is Yesung’s cousin ^^

    • Leo is Yesung’s cousin XD

  17. Wow. so damn lucky fans!!! he even greeted them first!! *i really wonder for long would fans act stalk that place without even buying. unlike H&G, where they could sit and drink and eat for hours, i bet its weird if u just stand and stare inside without even going in.. -_-

    • I think there will be always some fans lingering around outside and inside…but not like sitting in there for ages…just staying in the area and randomly stopping buy ever 20 mins or so! XD
      It was already less crowded today ^^

      • kkkk lingering is the thing that i dont think i cant do forever…. ah… envy those people, and their determination. kkkkkk

  18. X_X luckiest people ever. I would give anything to be close with Yefamily and I would DIE if I got to talk to Ye.

  19. Oh wow!!! You are a lucky girl!

  20. LOL YeDad fans??
    I wonder how cool Yesung’s dad is…

    • Yesungs dad is basically like Yesung just in old and dad-style XD I feel they are really similar but Yesung is more talkative… maybe he got that from his mom XD cause people at first seem a bit scared of Yedad but he is really nice… and it’s so adoreable seeing him interact with Yemom… makes you nearly envious over their happy marriage 😉

  21. seriously! you r so lucky! i was like reading a fanfic..just continue with romance stuffs a lil bit.. LOL!

  22. I thought the price is not really expensive. It depends on which brand we want to buy. I usually spent US250 – US300 for glasses. I’ll buy when I go to WHYSTYLE. As Yesung’s fan I should support him with buy glasses in WHYSTYLE.

    • no it’s not expensive when you expect an optician but since most spec shops in korea are mearly accessory shops it seems expensive first… and it is if you are just looking for accessory but not for real specs 😉

  23. OMG! /envious die/ I would do anything just to see Yeye at H&G or Why Style. Going Korea on july but don’t think will be lucky 😦 Hehe hardcore fan of Yeye but i’m still getting the glasses. Must support him! 😀

  24. may i know where is it located?i’m planning to visit korea soon.i wanna visit y style too.

    • It’s in Myeongdong (which is a shopping area in Seoul)…and it’s at a mainstreet across from Lotte Young Plaza ^^
      Just ask for that…or maybe you might even find it on google maps ^^

      Or…go to the subway station Euljiro-1-ga, Exit 6.
      From there you just walk down the mainstreet until you practically trip over Y Style ^^

  25. Pictures or it didn’t happen…

    • haha…what kind of pictures??? ^^ I only have the one of us with Yedad that we took when we came back for the second time! And pictures of us wearing the glasses Yesung chose for us ^^

      But there is of course no picture of Yesung or Yesung with us or anyhting, because me and my friends are not the type of fans to prefer taking pictures of our idols over actually looking at them!
      Besides it’s a bit rude to take pictures of the guy while he was talking to us.
      And honestly as you usually never have the chance to ask for signs or a picture as he refuses it (because if he does it for one fan he would need to do it for all of them) it actually didn’t cross our minds to ask for one upstairs.

      Well, haha…you don’t have to believe the story…I know it happened, my friends know it happened, Yedad knows and Yesung too ^^

      For my part…for all the time I stayed in Korea so far, I never took any pictures of any of the SJ guys I met anywhere (apart from a few at Sukira back in October 2011).
      No pictures of Yesung at HnG, no pictures of Kyu, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Donghae, Ryeowook or Yesung at Kona Beans…I am just not much into taking pictures…especially as my own camera is big and heavy and too annoying to carry around all the time! I never have it with me XD

      So, who wants to believe the story, good…and who doesn’t want to…haha…not my problem ^^

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