120228 Kangin with Fan [3P]

February 28, 2012 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Kangin, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 17 Comments

All Images, Reupload and Posted by: Destinyhae (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.






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  1. baby jokster!!!! hahahahahahaahaha your last picture!!! oh, how I miss your jokes and pranks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ahhhhh I miss him soooooo much, can’t wait for the 16th of April, I am gonna celebrate it as if it’s my B-day.

  3. Oppa only 48days again in army..
    Comeback to super junior,oppa…

  4. Sigh….Soon!!

  5. In the middle of missing someone on SJ member I often think about Kangin oppa the most. Since he is not appearing in any show. Doesn’t like Kibum that we know where is he. Doesn’t like Heechul oppa that often appearing on his weibo and twitter. And doesn’t like Hangeng that happy in China.. But I miss them so.. Kibum oppa smile. Kangin oppa laugh. Heechil oppa and Hangeng oppa craziness.
    But, thanks God Kangin oppa will comeback this 16th April. Hu, why i’m not become an ELF since they still 13+2.. T.T. But, I know that life must go on! I just pray that their can be 13 again. ^^


    • Seeing your message, i feel the same way too!!! Why I am not an ELF since they are still 13+2, why i don’t know that there is one boys band that working so hard, going through all the laughters and tears just to climbing up on the world topping ladder……TT.TT, I only take them seriously on 2010…..Anyway, I hope all of them will reunite one day… I believe ONE DAY!!!

  6. waaahh!! 2 years of waiting.. more weeks to go!!! TT_TT.. oppa! bogoshippo!!

  7. Kangin-oppa ^^

  8. It’s hard to see them complete maybe because of their military duties. If one comes back another one or maybe two will enlist.. It will take years to see the 13 or atleast 11 of them together..

    • It will take 8 years :/ read it in an article along with the enlisting years of members:/

  9. bogoshipo, oppa!

  10. LUCKY FANS!!
    Kangin appaaaaaaa :’)
    really really miss you soooooo much ❤
    can't wait for your comeback with your dongsaengs. But yeah, it's irritating when I remember that our leader, Leeteuk, have to enlisting at military. But atleast, I wish they met one each other before Leeteuk enlisting (Kangin-Leeteuk) 😀
    And I hope Kangin would come to SS4 INDONESIA this April. I want see them sooo badly!! :')

  11. Ooh 100% namja. Kangin looks super sexy in these photos. I can’t WAIT until he is out of the army.

  12. kim Youngwoon is my BIAS! =^.^= i love him, cant wait till he comes back, hes coming back on my sisters birthday, its no fair >.> lol funny thing is her bias is Eeteuk xD

  13. nae ~ nemupogushipsoyo Kangin ~ you Bad Cute Brat ~

    haengbokanimnida ~ 🙂


  14. gaaah seeing him smile makes my eyes teary. he’s been my bias since the day i love them… can’t wait….

    • Ahhh hes mine too! =^.^= ever since i heard him sing he became mine, beccause i remember when i first listened to super junior i liked yesung, then i saw/heard Kangin for the first time and now hes my forever favorite! 😀 hes like a giant lovable teddy bear u wanna brag about to ppl. XD

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