SUP3RJUNIOR — Rules & Regulations! R♥R

February 26, 2012 at 2:27 pm | Posted in Mod Post/Compilation Posts | 50 Comments

please read the RULES AND REGULATIONS. Thanks, sup3rjunior. 

1. this blog supports Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Zhou Mi, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun, Henry. Don’t like this? well don’t visit. 😀

2. Introduce yourself at the ☆Guestbook
We want to know your name, where you are from, who is your bias, etc etc.. Also it is a place where you can write a testimony about our wp, any advice, tips (in order for the improvement of this blog)^^

3. Please leave a COMMENT! We feed you with dozens of posts about Super Junior. Feed us back with your comments. You can spazzzzz as much as you want ~~! The longer the comment the better xD. This is something we really appreciate!

4. NO BASHING!! (profanity, racism or discriminatory remarks in general) 
Do not offend or disrespect Super Junior, other ELF, other artist, and/or other fanclubs. Critics and debate are allowed, but never ever use rude or harsh words! Don’t curse someone just because he/she has a different opinion to you.  Do that and we will ban you! (also the sup3rjunior TEAM can get away with some of this..wakawaka)

5. If you need to find something, start CLICKING. Click categories or tags available of the side bar. Or click related post, we always link everything when related. We try to make it as simple as we can for you. & trust me this wordpress is well ORGANISED.

6. Feel Free to Like  Sup3rJunior on facebook. You can tag all of pictures that are available of our FB, we don’t mind! All you have to do is just LIKE us ^_^

7. Feel Free to Follow @Sup3rJunior on twitter. We update every single post there. Make sure you don’t miss it. (Every now & then I do talk random crap, but it’s GOOD stuff)

8. Do SHARE your own pictures/fancams/fanaccount related to Suju with other ELF. Mention @Sup3rjunior and we will post it here. Of course you will get full credit. Please don’t get upset if we don’t, half the time.. it’s impossible to see all mentions (because we get mentioned alot xD)

Taking sup3rjunior GOODS

Hotlink means is the use of a linked object, often an image, from one site into a web page belonging to a second site. The second site is said to have an inline link to the site where the object is located.”

Please respect the photographers, the source, the cameraman, the uploaders, and the translators.

All authors spend their time to search, re-upload, and post pictures and news.
So, please support your beloved authors too.

Rules & Regulations for authors can be found here R♥R , you should know the password already. If not tweet mention me 🙂

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  1. Oh thanks for that ! I respect your work =)
    And Heechul looks very threatening lol

    • HAHA .. that was my intention.. xD

  2. thank you sending many photos and[ DO READ]and [Taking sup3rjunior GOODS],i thought about myself.i disappointed you, i found.i try to be a good supporter.

  3. ^^ will put this in my mind because
    ElF is the best ever

  4. i really love this blog so much really cant live without it i mean it so im all active on facebook so i ll tag ill like & comment to support you guyz ^^ plz keep it up of what ur doing
    aswam blog :)))

  5. lol when i see these things i have a panic that i did something wrong ^^;

    will do my best to follow the guidelines, and posted on the guestbook 🙂

  6. I was really scared! I thought i did the wrong thing by spazzing out too much x.x
    Glad to know im free to spazz out kekek ^^

    • Oh, and i already left a comment in the guestbook 😀

  7. Thanks for giving us so much of information regarding Suju ^^ And lol at the gif XD

  8. i love your blog, and i always visit and comment here hihihii thank you so much for putting this up!

    Yeah! Philippines!

  9. bery bery very very well organised thanks for your hard work! appreciate much!

  10. LOL me, I tried looking for the Guestbook link and somehow it disappeared and I realized you made “Guestbook” a link in item 2 so I just clicked it. So it’s under the the “about-sup3rjunior” tab already… And I searched for my name and there it is, I have already posted there…I thought I haven’t…xD

  11. it is really great to have Rules & Regulations! so that all the readers will not make mistakes … thanks a lot for your hard work .. this ih the best blog that i ever known … 🙂

  12. last u have the rules!!! some of it use your pic without credit it… thankz for all your hard work!!! im glad found this blog ^^

  13. ooh Thank You ! We Respect all Your rules & thanks for all your hard work ^^ !


  15. ok, keep give us all info about suju. it’s so helped

  16. Hi, I found this site only recently and it has been a great source of information.

    If we find somewhere someone who looks like he/she did not follow the rules (especially the hotlinking and crediting rule), do we report it to you, where/how? Thanks!

  17. hye.. thnx for all the info regarding SuJu members

  18. Thanks for ur R & R !

  19. I very like this blog ^^. thank you so much^^. 😀

  20. Very nice looking blog!

  21. hard and good work, you are the best ^^ thanks

  22. New, looking at all possible links on the site, loved this blog and foun it hilarious 🙂 lol but im just happy i can spaz lol i have my random major spazzing moments xD

    • hahah.. I like to spazz much about SJ too ;D

  23. thank you so much for posting and sharing all about SuJu information ^^
    and thanks for the R&R,
    it helps a lot ~~
    Fighting !!

  24. Thanks^^ really like this blog!!!

  25. cant believe i read all of this Rules and Regulation lol
    Q; should we spazzzzz with ‘english’ or we can spazzz in other languages?

  26. I read ! thank ,always!

  27. Thanks a lot for dis blog…it was really hard to find about SJ in 2006-2008 till i found it on 2009.05.29…GOMAWOYO!!!

  28. Heechul trông thật là đe dọa….==”

  29. I’m a SG ELF. My bias is Kyuhyun. Thank you for creating this site. It have provide me with lots of SJ info. I really feel grateful but i dunno how to express it in words.
    SJ ❤ ELF

  30. ok~ i respect the rules and regulations. :))

  31. My name is epha..indonesian…
    I like all member.. My bias is leeteuk :*
    but i’m so miss heechul,kibum.kangin . And.. Hangeng … I hope i can see SUPER JUNIOR 13ELIVE 🙂

  32. Thanks so sharing all the Super Junior info
    B.T.W. I love this blog


  34. I really really love your blog! It helps me with my own page…and i always remember to credit you cuz i know it’s really hard work. Thank You for been so hardworking and keepin us updated!

  35. i really love your blog and fast updating goodjob! 😀

    • I also think the same..thank for your update..^^

  36. Thank you for your hard work~! I really appreciate it!
    I check this blog EVERYDAY, morning and night! Heeheehee~

  37. ¬¬ok I understand … I will comment now because I made ​​it difficult but it was solved so I like and thank you very much for giving us information about our beloved oppas ~~^^

  38. thank you for making and always this wonderful blog, tis blog have been part of my necessary things when i open my firefox, thank you so much again reneee and friends ❤ 😀

  39. OMG! I love that gif ><
    Heechul oppa is my bias..
    love him so much hehe ^^

    btw I'm a fan of your blog. I always visit everyday ^^
    I've followed u on twitter and like your fanpage ^^
    don't get boring to share many things about Suju to us..
    I really appreciate the authors job ^^
    hope we can know each other and can be friend too keke

    Saranghaeyo Super Junior
    Saranghaeyo E.L.F

  40. me too!!! i really love your blog!!

  41. thank you for everything. this blog become my daily dosage on Super Junior.
    Thank you so much for sharing updated news about them.

  42. YEAH ~ right SUJU hwaiting ~ 🙂

  43. I knew this site from my sista that love SuJu so much!!! firstly i love ft island but i got influenced with my twin sista that love Suju and i love them too twin sista always recommending all of fanbase or Elf’s site,but i just choose this site and make this site the second choice or bookmark on my lappy after youtube.
    Just keep on Ur way and i always support U..fighting!!

  44. Spotted this on a JYJ site and couldn’t help thinking it was a pretty good rule to adopt: Would never want to hear the things about Super Junior that I’ve been hearing about JYJ today. When it comes to sasaeng fans, publication is validation….

  45. haha i like heechul’s not-so-obvious dimple xD <33

  46. Why there ia a protected file on your web? Neven seen this before.. What is the password.. Please tell me.. Thx

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