120225 Super Junior won 3 GOLD Record Awards in the Philippines

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Super Junior proved that they are the #1 K-pop artist in the Philippines. They earned 3 Gold record awards for Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Mr. Simple.


On February 25, Philippine ELFs held 2 separate events for the launching of SS3 DVD. They all gathered to share the happiness of winning the awards and also reminisce the most memorable moments of SS3 Manila a year ago. They played games and even raffled 20 individual Super Junior portraits! It was definitely a fun and memorable day for PhELFs.

They all tweeted Super Junior members about the awards right after the events and the first one to see this was Siwon!


Credit: paucyspell | Korea.com
Photos by: sjunitedph @ Twitter, Shela Mae Santos-Lee @ Facebook

Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by supergirlRain



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  1. Like we say back home: Astiiiiiiiiiig XD
    Oh, of course they’re number one! They’re practically the ones who made Kpop so popular in the Philippines! Mabuhay Super Junior at Pinoy ELF!

  2. proud Philippine ELF here!!
    Super Junior is the #1 Kpop group here in the Philippines!!

  3. With that said, Bonamana just had 2.4 million pesos with just 4hrs of its release here back then.
    SO PROUD TO BE A PHELF!! 😀 They’re definitel the #1 Kpop artist here~

  4. Daebak ph elfs! I hope Korea can acknowledge them more, only no.16 on Forbes Korea?!

    • i agree with u.. 😦

    • Aish! I always feel sad at the fact that SuJu aren’t that actknowledge in Korea…like seriously, do they even know how much impact SuJu made on the hallyu wave?? They practically did alot for their country on spreading the hallyu wave, on getting Korea being known, yet they’re not being loved in there 😦

  5. Job well done, Philippine ELF! Reminiscing SS3 Manila…

  6. woOOaahh!! so proud of them.. no one can beat them here.. i hope they will notice it.. TT_TT. toO bad.. we are going to be forever sulking here because we dont have SS4 here.. TT_TT..

  7. Super Junior is the best!! hahaha Last man standing. I´m a proud ELF♥

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