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Credit:  YuHyunKwon

Credit:  @INFINITE_lurv 

^^ I will wait for an OFFICIAL announcement, HOWEVER I AM EXCITED!!


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  1. Me too!!!! It’s not the first time I saw this rumor ^^
    But even if I wait for the official statement, I am SO excited ♥

  2. If this is true, there’s gonna be Kangin too?*finger crossed* Oh, I can’t wait!!!
    Super Junior will rule 2012 too!:))))

  3. What’s the meaning? Super Junior temporary going to take a short break?

    • It just means that’s when their new album/song/mv will come out. They might take a small break in the middle, but they’ll probably still be doing small promotions like shows here and there.

  4. it would be awesome shit if its confirmed!!!! ><

  5. Let’s pray together and hope it will be confirmed. 😀
    who’s excited? ME GUSTA absolutely 😀

  6. SERIOUSLY?! *super excited*

  7. i’m so excited xD
    hope it’s not rumor

  8. just believe… if not??

    oh, one again.. just believe to together!!!

  9. so Jino gonna debut as soloist? now my sole bias in EXO is Lu Han^^
    btw,i heard this rumor long before —> 6jib on 6 November 2012 <— nothing's more awesome than that!
    And,the members are Kangin,Yesung,Shindong,Sungmin,Eunhyuk,Donghae,Siwon,Kibum,Ryeowook & Kyuhyun (ah…i hope Henry and Zhoumi will be included too)

    • Kibum too?

      • Aigoo! I hope! Kibum couldn’tt be back for the 5jib, i hope 6th!

  10. when leeteuk announced there’s gonna be a huge surprise for ELF and the response would be “wow! really?!”, i immediately thought of a new album.. some more, donghae mentioned about SS5 during SS4 taiwan…keke.. and this time in singapore press conference leeteuk mentioned that the members will continue their activities even though he’s enlisted in the army.. so………………… what does that mean………? do the math…… 🙂

    • i was thinking that this big surprise would be SJ KRY album >< cause is closer…
      and i hope the 6jib will be next year for real… cause in mr simple compback they said they wouldnt have an album for some time… so i new album in 2012 would be the best thing… AND KANGIN COOOOOOOOOOMEBACK!!!! also, i dont think kibum would comeback to SJ T.T
      but i am happy happy ^^

      • I didn’t think the big surprise Leeteuk talked about was KRY’s album cuz he later said he is gonna work hard with their activities until he enlists, and of course Leeteuk is not gonna promote with KRY.
        and I don’t think he meant this comeback if it’s gonna be in November cuz I heard Leeteuk will enlist earlier.
        and I also don’t think he meant a debut in the USA like some commented below.
        I think it’s gonna be a debut in Japan, since they said they are gonna sing in Tokyo Dome, Eunhae are gonna release Oppa Oppa in Japanese,
        a member in SJ (I don’t remember who but I think Leeteuk) said he
        wished to debut in Japan and a lot of news about how well SJ are doing in Japan have been coming out lately.
        I think these are all signs.

    • I was also thinking the same thing. Teuk did say there was a big surprise for us that would make us go “WOW!” right? it might be this, and with kangin and kibum back. ahhhh i really hope it’s that. it would be amazing.

      • eunhyuk mentioned ss5 in ss4sg tonight too!

        • plz be a new album or plz be something lke the return of kibum and a new album… really don’t be a rumor plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. so excited

  11. OMG after leeteuk enlist ?? i thought they will make 6jib after kangin’s return this april TT only super junior in november ?? wow
    OMG ukiss april with shinee beast and cnblue ?? makes me worry TT

    But rumours make me frustrated. T_T
    Let’s wait for something official from SME.

  13. amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin !!!!!!
    hope it’s gonna be really really real 🙂

  14. I’m very happy for this.. but.. I gimme KRY album please SM T____T

    • sorry, I mean I want my KRY have their own album T__T

      • yeahh, it just doesn’t make sense >< they're obviously the main vocals of the group and have held solo concerts too but still got no album –"

        • SJ KRY are already doing their album ^-^ yesung told kim (a girl that lives in korea) that the album is coming and said in english “very good job song” >< lets just wait then ^^

  15. So excited. I hope it’s true!

    is all i can say.
    after 1 year and 3 months?? T.T

    • that makes 13! 13 is ELFs’ luckiest number!

      • and also 15 months eh? xp

        • nice XD

  17. really ? happy ^^
    hope it is not a rumor !
    i guess Kangin will “replace” Leeteuk TT
    plus a SUJU”s manager told us that if Super Junior won GDA they would be safe for 2 more years remember !
    actually i didn’t understand why Super Junior had to stop activities as a group as soon as Leeteuk would enlist ! i love our leader but i always thought that no matter how many members enlist year after year, SM should just keep on with the others.
    But i’m still hopeful for a KRY’s album though ^^
    SUJU fighting !!

    • the “TT” was not for Kangin’s return but for the idea of Leeteuk leaving !
      i’m really happy of Kangin’s return ! btw does somebody know the date of his release ?

      • Its April 16th, 2012. Its 56 days more. Its getting nearer. He is my bias so im totally cant wait for him^^.

        • ok thank you ^^

      • yeah, the 12th of April, if I’m not wrong 🙂

        • I’ll be in Korea either on April 12 or 16th…hahaha:)

        • its 16 not 12. Hahaha sorry for being petty bout this, its just my fingers so itchy if im not corrected the date. Blame my Mrs. Kangin part of me ;p

          • Oh, doesn’t matter, thanks for correcting my mistake!

    • sometimes i don’t understand SM. i think at first SM don’t believe that SJ will have great success with 5th album (more than 50 awards!!! Even I, an ELf, don’t believe it is true). I think SM is thinking again now.Anyway, I still don’t believe it until there is a confirmation from SM. I don’t want to be disappointed.

      • Yeahh… I remember before 5jib’s released, there was a rumor said that the title of the song is GotchaNumba n one of american’s singer will participated in the album, but the fact the title’s Mr. Simple n no one american singer who participated-_- so I cant be trust on this rumor until SM confirmed it

  18. Yah hopefully zhoumi & henry will be in as SJ member instead of only appearing in SJM. Felt that they are being left out.

    • Agree with u.. Mochi Mimi fighting !!^^

  19. if it is true u i will buy all there albums


  21. If it’s true all SM artist comeback except for TVXQ!
    SJ november comeback a month before GDA?

    • If this is really true then I think GDA won’t be important to sj this year since like according to them you can’t win GDA twice in a row also.. But this is a rumour so let’s all just wait for the truth to be out shall we ^^

      • maybe SM is giving way for SNSD for the GDA..
        but with or without GDA, 6jib would still be so great!! XD and if it really is released on november 6, then that’d be a 7 year anniv present for them and ELFs, whoaaa so cool!! XD

        • Yup, well awards are not important just as long as ELF is always with SJ 🙂

        • I like the way you think!!
          Don’t care anymore about GDA!!

    • If it’s true, it means that SJ won’t have any chance to get any award in 2012.
      By the way, i’m thinking of the surprise leeteuk said. i don’t think it’s about kangin because it’s obvious that kangin will be back. No surprise about this. The surprise i’m thinking the USA d… (may be i’m crazy.

      • i have 99,8% of sure that the surprise is the SJ KRY album ^^ yesung already confirmed that they are recording it… also his mom and kyuhyun mom !! ^^

        • they will make a new album again ??? but they just released a new album last year didnt they??

  22. i hope its true. however i will wait for them!!

  23. haha, nobody else dare to be with Superjunior when its their comeback!!

    I am really not so sure about Kangin. Actually I started following SJ after Kangin’s departure and I am not sure how he can gel back into the group. Two years is a long time and the members has done much.

    I really dun think Kibum will be included becos I just watched SS4 ystrday and they only show videos of HeeChul and Kangin.

    I am sure Leeteuk will be greatly missed when he is gone, he is always the spokesperson and emcee.

    Yep, KRY shd really hv their own album and henry/zhoumi shd be included more.

    • there was a video of kangin??

    • The only member that can replace Teuk place for TEMPORARY is Kangin. The KangTeuk couple is there not just becouse of their bromance (I dunno how to explain it more clearly since u dunno bout Kangin^^)
      Kangin will SURELY can get back to SuJu just like he’s never leave the group.
      Oh, and is there really any Kangin vid in SS4? I never heard bout that

      • can’t more agree with you.. Kangin got some power more than Leetuk had to make members obey him.
        i tho he even talk a lil bit more than Teuk too.
        the only one problem with him is his bad drinking habit which i hope will gonna disappear when he out from army.

        • Yes, I believe he got his lesson now and like what he had promise to us that he will be a better kangin after he discharged from army^^

    • can kangin can always come back because he is a member and to other ELF who have been here since the beginning, he is just as important. He IS going to go back into the group, so you don’t need to question about how he will get back with suju.

      • i am with suju for 1 year .. and this doesnt change the fact that i fucking love kangin.. he is almost like my bias…
        i wasnt here when all 13 were presents.. but hangeng and kangin are on my top bias list … and kibum, i just love him so much…
        everysingle ELF will be happy seeing kangin, he will stole a lot of hearts ^^

    • i have been with super junior since 2008
      all super junior members are important to elfs including zhoumi and henry…
      kangin presence is important after leeteuk enlisting because he can lead the members…i didn’t mean he will replace leeteuk as a leader…
      kangin have leadership…its just his bad habit drinking problem

  24. This is super deabak!!! omo i cant wait! hopefully the rumour is true. i also read a rumour in twitter that new sj album will be release in 2nd nov 2012 title ‘my soul’ with kangin n kibum 🙂 yet im still hoping there will be ss4 in malaysia!

  25. why dbsk is not inside?? I don’t like this, I hope SME is not thinking of letting them retire..and only Suju in Nov? I don’t know what to say but I believe it’s true, SME knows Suju’s selling powers & as much as SNSD is their main focus, Suju is still the most wanted Kpop group, at least this is what I observe in Taiwan, China and Singapore, SME knows it’ll be their loss to let them rest..and why do we have 13 members in the first place, it’s to keep activities going even if some members are away..but I want a KRY album too, after going to SS4SG last night, I’m really astounded by Yesung’s emotional & strong vocals…I’m really excited!!!

    • yeah, what you said does makes sense….
      knowing how greedy SM is, I dun think they’ll let SuJu being inactive just like that..As long as SuJu is still popular, SM will do anything to make money out of them!!

    • I agree with this but I really hope their comeback is not in November, really then SJ won’t get as much awards, and I really want SJ to win awards, I liked last years excitement and the hard work ELFs and SJ did, and nothing can make me more happy than making SJ happy and they were with all the awards they won especially GDA, if it’s in November it would be really hard to win a GDA.
      oh well nonetheless I will support their comeback whether it’s in November or before.

  26. I heard this rumour too praying it will be true… I am so excited that kangin will be coming back…

  27. omg, just praying.
    hope it will be true

  28. Woooowwww…. Really excited….. I hope it true… SM please give us new sj’s album…. Huuaaaa….
    KRY!!!!! So excited with this too….. Their voice make me melt…. ><

  29. soo exiited… !!! well i’ll just pray now and wait for everything : KRY’s albums, EunHae sub-units, kangin and kibum’s comeback, 6jib, SS5 … everythiiiiing … !!! XDXD hahahahahaa……
    *just 1 thing that will make me sad : leeteuk’s enlistment 😦 oppaaaa….. T_T

  30. Woah, this got me really excited
    1. Super Junior Comeback, i thought they would only be promoting in units, actually i like it that they’re coming back on november, makes it more special, and the awards, it’s okay, we’ll still get them, hahaha
    2. POSSIBILITY OF KIBUM RETURN, no doubt kangin’s returning but seeing this makes me believe that kibum will come back, he will.
    3. Shinee, beast, cn blue comeback <3, i'm looking forward to key-dongwoon interactions, and maybe minhyuk and jungshin will get close to them and join the 91line. kekeke
    4. No Mblaq?

    I'm really a big fan of the 91line, i want nicole and nana interactions! kekeke
    and nicoles my bias too, and she's the mc so more interactions! Keycole ❤

    Btw, i read somewhere that hankyung said super junior is still his group?

  31. wow i’m really so exicted hear this….hope and pray this is official news,although teuki oppa enlist super junior must go on until teuki oppa comebak after enlist army…..elf,let’s pray together hope this news will be true an hope kangin n kibum oppa comeback too soon………

  32. OMG!! REALLY?? I hope it’s true…/cross finger
    But Idk whether to be sad or not, November is such a looooong wait..I want something new from them already >,<
    Btw, what happened to sub-unit? I want SuJu KRY & SuJu M new album too!!!
    Well, I wish them luck..but I just hope Henry and Zhoumi could be part of SuJu 😦 (lol Am I too greedy? :P)

    • I also think that HENRY & ZHOUMI WILL be official SJ members!..& RELEASE KRY & SJM ALBUMS…about KIBUM ..? do not know!

      • henry and zhou mi will never be a “official” SJ member (even thought i consider them one ><


        • Well SuJu’s number keep on decreasing, it’ll be a good thing if they could join officially to make up for the missing members…(And making up doesn’t mean replacing those missing members)/ Anyway, Henry and ZhouMi are REALLY talented people, it”l be a waste of talent if they’re only active in Suju M, dont you think??

  33. Ahhhh excited as well but it also REALLY saddens me at the same time. Leeteuk is my second fave and the fact that he’ll be already in the army and not with Suju on stage will make the stage feel like it’s definitely missing something. I “guess” Kangin could replace Leeteuk temporarily but really we all know we can’t really “replace” the leader! Teukie…. 😦 ❤

  34. I love how no one’s having their comeback in the same month as SJ xD
    Totally excited for this, hope it’s not just a rumor 😀

  35. If this is true, then Kangin will most definitely be in that album!! I hope Teuk can manage to squeeze in a part before he leaves for the army, the way Kangin did in 4jib. Oh…what will SJ be without our Teukie??
    I also hope that Kibum, Henry and Zhou Mi will be there. I’m alternating between feeling angry at Kibum for not performing with the group, and being patient with him. He’s missing out on so much!! I also hope that the boys have more creative control in their next album; everyone knows that they’re awesome composers, and Shindong has proved to be a pretty cool director!
    I thought Jino was gonna debut in EXO-K (he was the only reason I watched What Is Love), but oh well XD Jino and EXO are definitely to watch for, although to me, SJ will always be the best ;D Hopefully Jino will collaborate with SJ sometime!
    😀 😀 😀

  36. how exciting! =D This will be a bittersweet comeback given that we will lose a member but also gain one. =)

  37. I believe this rumor is false, because Big Bang is not listed and they comeback nearby.

    But I believe thats Super Junior can release 6jib this year, with Leeteuk,Kangin and Kibum (and maybe with Hangeng) before Leeteuk enlist

    • isn’t Bigbang comeback in february??? list start from March..

    • ^ Yeah , Big Bang’s comeback is on February, this month, that’s why they’re not in the list 🙂

  38. hope this is true, it seems so unfair that the rest of the members would have to wait till Leeteuk and Heechul come back from the army before doing another album as Super Junior, as after all each of them are having to go to the army at some point and there are 10+2 other members, although I doubt Kibum will join them any time soon but obviously Kangin will be back. Most other groups have about 4-5 members usually and TVXQ continued with only 2 members. So SuJu definitely have more than enough members to continue making albums as Super Junior whilst other members are away on Millitary Service.

    • Actually I do agree with what you said about other members waiting on doing an album. I did hear a rumour (or truth? don’t know ><) that Suju will go on a 2 year hiatus because of Teukie's leave for the army… 😦 That made me sad but this comeback (hopefully) reassures me yeah although Super Junior is not complete, it will still keep going! ^__^

    • sorry but i though yesung will enlists this year too ?

  39. There are so many possibilities to look forward to~! Kangin coming back (though that’s not just a possibility), SJ-M album, SJ-KRY album, SJ 6th jib, Kibum return, and other comebacks this year. OH, I hope all of them will come true!! >_<

  40. I hope it true!!!! I hope this is true and if it is i hope Kangin and Kibum will be in it and maybe squeeze in Leetuek,Henry,and Zhou Mi too! I hope they they do release an album in 2012! And if they do, i hope they would release i earlier cuz if u release it too late in the yr, u might not participate in GDA! But idc i only care if Kangin and Kibum is back!

  41. What does JIB stand for? Hehehe 🙂

    • JIB = Korean word for album..

  42. i hope its true not only SJM comeback or SJ KRY album but also SUJU album along with kangin kibum n hankyung
    OMG i’m so excited i cant wait november >< ^^

  43. I remember the boys saying that there was something in store for us this year, maybe this is it!!!! And if this isn’t it, I hope Leeteukie is still with them when it takes place ❤ 😀

  44. hope that Super junior will comeback with kangin, kibum, n hangeng….

  45. I hope it’s true 🙂 new comeback with kangin , but how about leeteuk 😦

  46. oh god, i hope it`s true
    praying for this
    let us not give up hope and stand together ! ^ ^

  47. not to be the pessimist here but you guys… seriously we have no idea just how true this is. where is this list from? how ‘official’ is it? and why on earth would there be a list like this in the first place? i doubt all the entertainment companies share when each of their artist is going to comeback
    also… out of all sm artists i think suju is the one that would be focused on the least. at most, kry (which is what i’m hoping for). for one there’s still exo (and why is jino listed here as debuting solo? isn’t the rumour that he’s part of exo? how on earth can you know this? -.-)
    if it’s true, i’ll be so happy, but for now i’m not really going to believe this, or even think about it.

  48. REALLY REALLY REALLY?!? KYAAAAA~~~! I cant wait !! ^^ November must come quickly ! but… thats November.. Leeteuk is leaving October isnt he? D; and so.. there might be Kangin and Kibum? will Yesung leave too? TT_________TT
    OMISHISUS JINO?! AS IN SM THE BALLAD JINO? YAAAAY!! about time that kid debuted! ^^
    and btw… what happened to KRY? didnt Kyuhyun’s umma say that KRY’s gonna release an album? :3

  49. Deep down in my heart,i want this to real…
    But,for now,i’m not going to put much hope for this,
    there’s so many rumours/official statement? floating around…
    my resolution:i just gonna wait patiently for now..
    And where is my KRY album?????LOLO

  50. WOW! is that true?! omo~ I’m so excited! ><
    and maybe Kibum oppa too kekekeke

    • aahh, some my text is missing =,=”
      so annoying~~~

  51. this better not be just a rumour! 6jib yay! but in the mean time … SMent… where’s our KRY album already……. :p There might also be a SJ-M come back – but that’s mando pop so prob not listed in the kpop comebacks list.

  52. Btw – Nov comebacks can still win awards… we just have to make sure we buy all our albums in the first few weeks!!!!

  53. while Teuki go to the army, the others should go together w/ him… we have to wait only 2 years later , but we’ll see all of them in a complete formation again x3 who’s agree??

  54. the very first k-pop song I heard was super junior dont don in 2007 but in all this 4 years I just I loved them as a korean group & no other gruop couldnt took my attention after that & I m not interested in k-pop itself & I just listen to suju songs.this year that I was completely sure suju will go on a haitus I was planning to laeve all kpop related sites but if this rumor would be true I need to stay here for more 1 year.at end I wish the best for super junior this year I wiil wait for a new album.

  55. OMG really, please 6jib…
    and when will KRY come out with album. would be better if feat sungmin & donghae & kangin (if possible). i like kangin’s voice^-^

  56. omo!!!omo!!omo!!
    i can wait till november or many years from now to see them altogether
    i really love SUJU!!
    proud to be ELF!
    i hope this is going to be true!!

  57. YAY!!!!! Happy Day!!!!!

  58. Guys maybe I’m a bit too greedy or pessimistic but having their album be released in November, just a couple of months before yearly awards, wouldn’t that affect their results?

  59. Lol.

    I highly doubt the legitimacy of this list. I think it’s more likely that SJ-M will promote than having a 6집. That’s fine as long as the other members get activities as well: musical, drama, etc. Like, can we give Yesung something before he leaves for the army? Seriously, SM. It’s getting old. ):

    I also think it’s very unlikely that Kangin will make his comeback as interim leader of Super Junior. Kangin has been gone for more than two years. Throwing him into the spotlight as the leader of six other boys immediately after returning would hardly be conducive to a smooth transition back into the group. Personally, I think Hyukjae would be the best interim leader. He’s been partnered up with Teuk since day one. He knows the ropes. He’s an extremely charismatic and funny MC. He loves Super Junior with everything he’s got and more. If anyone can take over for Teuk, it would be him. Hyukjae would have the strength to hold up the rest of the group. He always has.

    As for Geng and Kibum.. Well, Geng isn’t coming back. Though we can never know the extent of his communication with the rest of the members since his departure, I highly doubt he’s planning on returning to the company that he sued for unfair treatment and ridiculous contracts. That isn’t going to happen (and SM sure as hell isn’t going to allow that to happen). Geng is doing very well in China, and he’s been ridiculously happy and healthy. That’s all that matters.

    Kibum’s passion has always been for acting. I honestly have no idea why he was put into Super Junior in the first place (as much as I love him) because it was very clear from the beginning that singing and dancing wasn’t why he joined SM Entertainment. Kibum is an actor. It makes him happy, and I’m okay with that.

    Woo, long comment, lol. I would love to see SJ-M again. Henry and Mi needs some activities as well. They certainly deserve it. I’d like to see all the members busy with something. That would be nice. (:

  60. i am very much excited for 6jib…BUT….
    COME ON…we WOULD TOTALLY BE HYPED UP…if this is an album with KANGIN and KIBUM = 10 members…only 3 members missing :(( :))

  61. well, now we know this list isnt accurate since shinee is making a comeback tomorrow when on here it says april so sadly this list may not be real ):

  62. CANT WAIT OMG !!! 😀

  63. And one more thing… is that SJ-M will have another album this year?

  64. If Kibum is comming back I’d die a happy woman @_@ I think Kangin is definitely coming back after his mandatory service in the military which I’m pumped about, I really REALLY hope they both return miss them both! Kibum no matter what I’ll always support you ❤

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