tvN E News School Legend – Kyuhyun Cut [ENG SUB] – From 120214

February 19, 2012 at 9:22 pm | Posted in English Subbed, Kyuhyun, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 8 Comments

Credit: RaiChanXD @ youtube
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  1. Lol, that was a very unique little documentary there. I enjoyed it though! So proud of Kyuhyun’s accomplishments~! ^^

  2. i already knew about him being super smart, but didn’t know he wanted a motorcycle. does he still want one?

  3. Saranghae syupeo junieo

  4. kyu is famous even on his early days!

  5. Smart Kyuhyun. I wonder if he still rides motorcycles.

  6. thanks for sharing! finally eng subs!

  7. wow! Kyu is really smart ^^
    I never know before that Kyu’s college is Kyunghee University..
    daebak! (^^)b

  8. So basically, this just confirmed what ELFs, especially Gamers knew all along, that he was smart, played sports and popular in high school.

    And now I find out that he aspired to bully his teacher (lololol!) and that he aced his grades so his father would buy him a motor bike. Darn it, he’s perfect then! >.<

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