120217 new member for Super Junior?! *shock* [1P]

February 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 57 Comments

lol.. HAHAHAH this is not a new member of Super Junior
A face combining all 13 members creating this perfection..  xD
this concludes the random post of the day xD

Credit: Super Junior Baidu
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (



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  1. Lol~ Nice picture 🙂

  2. i have now seen perfection~ XD

  3. Hahahhaha look too handsome for a new member :p

    I think, kangin and leeteuk’s face dominated on this foto. I like his smile 😀

    • haha kangin was the first person that popped in my head too!

      • Yah,, me too..
        I miss him..

        • when he will come back??

      • me too ^^

  4. hahaha why do I see XIah Junsu here XD well, close enough.. :p

    • OMG SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • me too, i thought he was Junsu. LOL
        but the eye brows is Siwon’s trademark

    • something is wrong with ur eyes.. junsu?? not even close..

      • LOL.. junsu?? what the.. hahahha. no way.. Kangin or Kibum maybe..

  5. omo~ its damn cool ! I wanna take it home if there’s one really like this. *rofl


  7. You can def see Leeteuk, Ryeowook and Kyu lol. IMO since they all blended so well they must have really similar features. So now I don’t feel so bad that when I first saw SJ it took like 2 wks to get the names, faces, and voices correct haha.

  8. Lets name it 😀

  9. At first glance I thought it was Xiah Junsu xD
    I can Definitely see some Kangin and Kyu there 😛


  11. What can I say – Super Junior IS a handsome guy xD

  12. lol he looks like Onew to me…

  13. whose eyes is that? hmmm??

  14. first i thought it was xiah xD but now i can clearly see siwon ^^

  15. omg i was scared for a sec

  16. looks like Siwon and kangin =D

    • agree with u !! xD

  17. i dunno but it looks like ryeowook to me..xD
    And yeah.his eyebrow is Kyu’s lol..kekeke

  18. I see Siwon, Kangin, Wookie and little Kyu here, lol

  19. Why am i the only one who see henry and kyuhyun? chubby

  20. I see Siwon’s eyes, Leeteuk’s lips, Yesung’s nose, Kyu’s eyebrow, all in all perfection.

  21. I CAN SEE a few people. kyu,leeteuk,kangin,ryeowook.

  22. it’s looked like kangin kkk~`

  23. i can’t see Hyuk in there, which part of him in there? Any body know?

  24. where is Hae and Hyuk part?

  25. Kyu’s cheeks, Wook’s lips and Hyuk’s hair lolol the nose looks familiar x3

  26. Looks like Onew.
    Hyukjae’s and Siwon’s eyebrows, Siwon’s and Donghae’s lips, Siwon’s face-shape.


  28. waaw O,O
    i think kangin and wookie’s absolutely perfect!!

  29. He has wook’s smile there isn’t it?.. XD

  30. don’t the nose looks like Sungmin-ssi’s nose? I really can’t decide! keke.. all i know is this boy is soooooooo handsome!^^

  31. kangin+kibum

  32. I see Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Kangin and Siwon.

  33. me too, he looks weird, lol 🙂

  34. bcoz he’s the combination of everyone, so he’s moderate and modest. thats what i see. just enough of everyone’s part. =)

  35. what pop-ed in my mind was THAT BOY IS SO PEACEFUL <333 kyakyakya so cute i love the new memberdo~~~

  36. i thing he looks like kyu, kangin, wookie and teukie oppa… so pretty… ^^

  37. it really is a mix of all of them i see them all. i even see a bit of xiah junsu as well lol its funny how everyone else said that

  38. LOL I can see all of SJ member in this pic! and it’s look like change every second! more I saw it be more change again! OMG what’s wrong with my eyes?? O.o
    But, he’s really handsome! XDD

  39. i see kangin, kyu, sungmin, a little leeteuk, and ryeowook’s chin. hahahahaa
    but he’s not really stunning. XD

  40. the first suju member that pop-up in my mind is ryeowook oppa.. XD
    but this pic really a kotdminam….
    and if this person is real… i’ll maybe become his fans.. XD

  41. PERFECT..^^

  42. LOL That’s definitely Siwon’s eyebrow…the Shibrow XD

  43. he looks a bit like junsu lol

  44. THE BIG EARS WAS KYU’S!!! LOL i cant stop laughing

  45. Lets name him SJ!!

    • then SJ is really really handsome ^^

  46. i keep looking this picture, but still can’t see kyu 😦

  47. man seriously he looks like xiah TVXQ

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