[Clarification] the issue regarding Shindong and DBSK (tvxqjyj)

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Shindong talked about TVXQ and JYJ reuniting on ShimShimtapa (120127/28)
Since a minority of individuals are criticising Shindong (demanding for an apology, which is not even needed) without fully comprehending the situation I thought I’d gather information to explain that CLEARLY Shindong responded the best way possible. In fact I would respond the same way, who doesn’t want tvxq to reunite? Hello YUNJAE?! -uksujusid

the original Korean script
the full audio 

Other Person: The hottest topic of the entertainment industry these days is the report made on the rumor regarding TVXQ’s reunion.

That’s right, what’s it all about?

Other Person: A Japanese media report stated that JYJ and TVXQ are planning a live concert together to commemorate a reunion. And they said that Avex, not SM and JYJ, but Avex is the one in charge of it. Do you think there’s a possibility of this happening, Shin Dong?

Shindong: Are you asking me?

Other Person: Yes.

Shindong: I think there is a possibility. The possibilities are endless. Because it’s not like there’s a 0% chance of this happening. Even if the chances (of it happening) are 1%, that still means that there’s a possibility that it could happen.

To be honest, I only found out about this after I read the news article. I’ve never heard anything about this before from our company. I’m friends with Yunho and Changmin’s a close dongsaeng of mine, but I haven’t heard anything about this from them, for now at least.

Other person: Would you like them to (reunite)?

Shindong: Personally, I’d like them to reunite. Since TVXQ is a group that started out with five members from the beginning. Though JYJ and TVXQ are both doing very well right now, I believe that no one can beat the power that they have when the five of them come together. That power is so great so it would be nice if they could just once…

This news came from Japan. (Korean) Fans could end up feeling disappointed if they (the five members) were getting back together just for a Japanese concert. So I think it would be nice if they could perform together in Korea, as friends or for other possible reasons.

Other person: Is this SM’s official statement?

Shindong: How could I? How could I be the one to give SM’s official statement on the issue? This is just the official statement of Shin Dong.

(talk about K-pop and other stuff)

Shindong: Okay, so we’ll listen to one song first and then come back to you. (Mirotic starts playing) We shoud listen to this, right? A song by TVXQ. What was the title of this song?

Other person: Jumun

Shindong: Ah, Mirotic. Sorry. Sorry, Yunho. We’ll listen to Mirotic!

Translation by: JSL (jammytart13) 
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpresscom by uksujusid



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  1. he handled it very well I think!

    • exactly ;D

  2. “Official statement of Shindong” love it!

  3. Very diplomatic and reasonable of him. Anyone that thinks this deserves some sort of apology must have some serious residual butthurt about the split still… ¬_¬

  4. People are bothering Shindong about his statement? People always trying to start rumors, “is this SM’s official statement?” Yeah because SME communicated with Shindong telepathically at that moment and told him to say that in behalf of the company >_< Anyways, it would be nice to see all five perform together even if they don't reunite and become TVXQ as a whole. Still, a reunion would be super for Cassies 😀

  5. who don’t them to come back together !!!! for me i want them to come back as 5 .. it is like how i want the 15 members to perform in one stage one more time 🙂 …

  6. aaaw TVXQ are 5 right, Shindong? so… Super Junior could be 15 again, right? hehehe please!! waao just one more time ;__;

  7. I heard that fans wanted an apology from him. I see nothing wrong with his response. What he said was neither offensive or rude. He was clearly answering an answer and I think he speaks the truth, DBSK was better as 5. And who seriously wouldn’t want them back together?! Cassies or whoever these fans are should just be happy that he mentioned that nobody can beat the power of these five together. I feel so bad for Shindong. Fans seriously like to get mad at every little thing. Urgh!

  8. okay I know I shouldnt take this so serious but still…..

    “Is this SM’s official statement?” THE F*** is this suppose to mean??
    What did I miss?? Shindong SM official spokesmen??? >_>
    And apology MY FUCKING ASS what did he say wrong??
    Some people need to fucking back off trying to get him into trouble ._.
    seriously this is just soo loooow on soo many levels D:<

  9. To be honest, the fans who are demanding an apology, it isn’t needed. On the matter of TVXQ reuniting with JYJ, many have different opinions on this. I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about this, there are fans that support Homin or JYJ only, and there are fans that support all 5. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t bash any side you don’t agree with. Personally, i’m in love with the TVXQ now but, if they ever choose to reunite with JYJ, i wouldn’t care, it’s not like it’d make me love them any less than i do now.

    Lol, sorry for this semi-long response, it just annoys me when fans demand stupid things and try to force their opinions on the idols.

    Shindong handled this very well. He’s allowed to have an opinion on this too, they’ve been friends for such a long time. People need to learn to lay off…

    Super Junior and HoMin! <3~

    • while reading your post i kept thinking, who is HoMin and what they have to do with tvxq or jyj?!? then it was like a AHA moment Yunho+Changmin hahaha.
      if another artist was rooting for a Super Junior reunion concert, I would be head over heels happy bc their status could help make it come true 🙂 It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, just put in the appearance, sing some old songs…collab/remix some current ones. Artists do collaborations across labels all the time. This is if they are still good friends across members though lol (that goes for SJ and TVXQ)

      • I don’t mind that if they do a collab or anything, just as long as they’re happy! ^^

        Both sides feelings should be considered though. If they’re uncomfortable or anything then…no one knows~ xP

        Super Junior and HoMin are the main kpop groups that i follow nowadays~ They help me relieve my stress so i’m hoping they don’t get any stress from fans ( or antis…xP).

        • same here Super Junior HoMin Hwaiting

  10. Oh god, it must be hard to be Shindong…everything that he said is view as the wrong thing 😦

  11. Hm… I’m sorry, but for what exactly does he have to apologize for? I mean…. I didn’t see anything wrong AT ALL in what he said… maybe it’s just my lack of attention or something…

    • some cassie that are homin fans were mad bcoz the statement TVXQ is Best when they were 5.. they tho it’s disrespectful for TVXQ2 hardwork.. esp shindong come for same company with TVXQ

      • typo: come from

  12. yeesh! i wouldnt apologize if i were shindong. one, coz it isnt even needed. it’s not like he insulted JYJ, he just said there might be a possibility of that happening..those crazy fans should learn how to think and analyze if you ask me.

  13. im an ELF and also TVXQ2 (homin) fan.. but i agree that shindong doesnt need to apologize.. i said this not bcoz of im Elf, but i mature enough to respect his OPINION about TVXQ is better as 5 n he WANT them to reunite, even mine is different.. n i think shindong gived great answer for the Q.. very diplomatic..

    i think some homin fans attacked shindong twitter/blog that made SJ manager attacked/mention-ed directly with a harsh words to a admin homin’s biggest fansite.. that manager use Retweet-ed so K-ELF who following him could see the tweet n started a ELF vs homin fan fanwar.
    evento he wanted to defend shindong.. what he did isnt best solution..

    im glad SJ manager apologized but shindong didnt bcoz He doesnt need to apologize..

  14. I read about this like a week or two ago on boboyunjae, and my respect for him grew. Everyone wants DBSK to come back together and honestly his answer was fair, honest and he handled it the best way possible. Why would he and what would he need to apologize for? why are people flippin? Like do people think there would be competition if DBSK came back as 5? there would be though.

    Yunaje! I love you!

  15. no matter what you say, the tvxq/jyj thing is a sensitive issue for all their fans, so there’s really no way to act without bothering at least a few fans. that being said, i think shindong handled this very well – even more so since he personally knows everyone involved in this case
    actually i thought the whole controversy with this airing was because of what sj’s managers did after ._. i guess it just got blown out of proportion like most things do

    • Oh. What did the managers of sj do?

      • it was really small but basically one of the managers went to his twitter account and said ‘you’re too noisy’ to the cassies who were there. but they got mad because it seemed pretty rude (it was written in informal speech so far enough i guess). i’m not sure what’s up now but last i heard that manager got a pretty big bashing from them

  16. still doesnt understand why he have to apology geeesss…







    • i agree with u… i dont know, why people always bashing shindong. that’s not his fault. what shindong said always completely wrong ??.. i hate that people who bashing shindong..

  19. Shindong is very strong minded and ELF are beside him — we can take any SH*T that comes our way~!

  20. i thought shindong gave a very witty answer..shindong meant tvxq is better off as five because they started out as five, he didn’t mean to degrade HoMin at all..

  21. Shindong said nothing wrong! He only stated his personal opinions and thoughts!!! Shindong shouldn’t apologize!
    Who can deny the fact that DB5K were EXPLOSIVE together!?


  23. I think Shindong handled that REALLY well. But being a Cassie myself, I know how sensitive Cassies are to things that involve even the possibility of DB5K reuniting.

  24. Oh pleaseee.. why did he has to apologize ? He did nothing wrong. I agreed with him 100%. It would be nice if TVXQ reunite as 5 ❤

  25. so cassies dont want to see dbsk together anymore? where is the faith?

  26. it’s cassie TVXQ2 (homin) fans who were mad.. not cassie OT5..

    they were really mad about opinion TVXQ is the best when as 5..

  27. his ans was perfectly rightfully phrased!!! he didnt favour either side n he didnt bash either side either! those cassies r stupid n dumb!n they r not even fit 2 b called cassies as being a cassie means supporting DB5K! n now that theyve split up, keepin the faith n wantin them to joim bk again n supportin BOTH sides 4 now! who WOULDNT want dbsk 2 join bk again??? the grls who dont hv got sm serious mental problems n r definately NOT CASSIES!!! DB5K AKTF! Yunjae forever! real n forever will b! :)))

  28. i honestly agree with what he said. I’m glad to know shindong still believes. He’s absolutely right about them being the beset as 5. It would be nice to see them all together again.

  29. it will be very nice if we can see them together as 5 again..sings their old songs,come up in variety shows,acting in drama together like before,make we laugh so hard with their acting and joke…hmm,i really hopes things like that would happen once again someday..

  30. Shindong, well done~ Honestly, I think he made a very clean statement. I do hope to see DB5K back together! AKTF♥♥♥

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