120211 Heechul Twitter Update: I’m sorry Heebum ah..ㅋㅋ

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@Heedictator: The professionals are not exist for nothing.. I’m sorry Heebum ah..ㅋㅋ RT @siwon407 – After

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  1. I don’t understand why he is shaving Heebum……I remember (wasn’t it last year?) that he shaved poor Baenshin. The only reason I can think of is: (1) the cats get a skin disease or as part of a flea treatment, and shaving allows it to heal better. Or: (2) if it’s a long hair cat, its fur may become matted. But Heebum has short hair. Also, it’s winter in Korea, this must be the worst time for an animal to lose its hair. Brrrr!! //////

    Seriously, has anyone else ever heard of shaving your cat? Hee must have a reason. He wouldn’t just do this for fun.////

    Heechul-ssi what is going on????

  2. It might be understandable if the cat had fleas or a skiin problem or for some reason wasn’t grooming properly but Heebum’s coat has looked fine in recent photos and as you say, he’s a short hair so matting shouldn’t be a huge problem. I suspect this is (1) guys doing dumb stuff (2) to keep cat hair off their clothes (3) vanity on the part of the cat owner. It’s certainly not the right time of year for it. Cats can get quite stressed/depressed after a trim so Heechul is right to apologise to poor Heebum.

    • I can tend to idolize Heechul (surprise!, right?) but this has made me understand that he is also able to make some mis-steps in his judgments…if he needed to shave Heebum on camera, he should have offered a reason. He knows that when a film clip goes online about him, it gets a zillion hits. But he loves Heebum, so he must have had his reasons. I have to believe that. I only wish I knew what they were.

      • Do you?!?!^^ I’m too cynical to think that an “idol” wouldn’t have feet of clay, somehow or other. But I think it’s a given that Heechul would never knowingly mistreat his best friend. We all know he’s dotty about Heebum.

  3. I have to cut my cat’s fur right down sometimes but that’s because she’s a fluffy Persian type who sometimes has these rapid moults which turn patches of her fur into solid matting – even then, she gets to be a short hair cat rather than a shaved cat. Would only cut down to the skin to remove a really bad knot.

    I’ve seen pictures of shaved Heebum before…that cat is incredibly tolerant of its owner.

    • By nature, most cats would only live for a few years and wouldn’t be living in carpeted or centrally heated homes! I’ve had my cat for 12 years and her annual summer moult is so severe she just can’t groom it out. The fur is incredibly fine and it turns almost overnight into a inch long wad of sweaty felt. There’s no ways I’d leave her walking around with that discomfort for months in hopes it would fall out naturally.

      If a cat overgrooms that can lead to furballs, even with short cats (I used to have a Siamese) so that could be an explanation. Would be nice to know either way. Heechul would probably be gobsmacked if he thought we were all now regarding him as some kind of cat abuser.

      • Easier said than done in some places. If you live in a city, your pets are as likely to get run over as to go hunting down the wildlife. Of course, by hunting, I really mean pestering the neighbours for food! Now I live in a more rural area, my little moggy is completely dwarfed by the cat monsters who prowl the neighbourhood – all summer, I had them waltzing into the house and stealing her grub. She likes to go outside when I do but happily sits on the patio table when I’m reading rather than wandering off. In fact, she spends most of her life at my elbow or under my feet!

        Heebum is definitely an indoor cat though. Even if Heechul lived in a house with garden, there’d be too much risk of his cats being stolen.

      • Where I live, it’s like this: people in town have indoor cats….they spay or neuter them so they don’t mind staying inside all the time…some people declaw them so they don’t ruin the furniture or climb up the drapes. They are groomed and vetted often. ///////

        People in the country have outdoor cats, and those with stables have barn cats. The cats are essentially wild creatures that keep the vermin out of the barn. The horses keep the barn warmish in winter, so the cats also consider it home. Their main enemies are foxes. They have lots of litters, but somehow there are rarely “too many cats”. “Natural selection” at work maybe. These cats hide from humans a lot of the time, but co-exist fine with barn animals. They’re wild.

        • I would never declaw a cat either….if they ever do get out of the house, they are goners. Other creatures can attack and they have no defense. Also, they can’t escape from a predator by running up a tree. Barn cats pretty much go where they want. They don’t even really belong to the stable owner, they are just….there. I suppose there are barns that cats can’t get out of once the doors are closed, but in most barns there are openings for ventilation that cats find and use. But I think many of the mice are in the barn, and both cat and mouse are active at night, so I don’t think the cat cares much about going outside at night. (Barn doors are often left open in the day, for air) ////

          I like any animal that is difficult to handle. I think it it shows a higher level of intelligence, and once you earn their trust, they become very loyal. Some animals are naturally high tempered (horses for example). Some of the ones that are tame and dull have been treated badly or had the fire trained out of them. Those animals have given up. I love horses that are tempermental and fierce natured. Haha. They are my kind of animal.

  4. can be Heebum tends 2 lick itself too much & as swallows the fur, afterthought vomits …not easy thing & can be unhealthy for some cats (∩_∩)got 5 at home & 2 of’em had this problem.

  5. Well, I think Heechul really should come out openly to say something about the reasons…..he did publicly shave Heebum after all, and a lot of misunderstandings could begin from fans who have cats and don’t understand his actions. He is so smart about the media….he knows how it all works… why would he be silent about it? I like FairyLilith’s idea….maybe Hebummie gets terrible hairballs and this is a measure to help him….but if that’s the case, he should just say so. We’ll believe him!!

    One thing is for sure, this cat has no arguments with Heenim about who is the Alpha Male in the house.

    • I don’t think Heechul generally regards himself as owing the world an explanation for the things he shows himself doing! Just as likely to ignore the comments and move on as if it hadn’t happened. Who knows, maybe cat shaving is perfectly normal in S Korea.

      • Yeah, probably not. But I think that Hee ought to give some thought to mentioning briefly what his plan for Heebum was about./////

        You know, you got me to thinking…..does Heechul (or any idol) owe fans an explanation for his actions, or for anything else? At first I think, Aish, of course not. But then I think, wait… like me have been loyal for years…I have bought music based on my love for Suju (and Heenim). I have worried about him when things weren’t going his way….I have defended him against antis….I have loved him sincerely through thick and through thin. This has all been one-sided. He doesn’t know me at all and doesn’t know I exist….he has never had a single thought about Kat. My affection has been voluntary on my part…no one is making me be this way. So, he owes me nothing….except, maybe he should consider his fans who regard him so highly. If he does something we can’t understand, maybe he should offer a single sentence of explanation. It’s not a lot to ask. Just saying. Am I wrong? Would it be “un-Heechul-like” if he explained things? Idols don’t owe us anything….do they?

        • Well… Heechul has always been interesting precisely because he doesn’t conform to the expected behaviour of public figures. But ultimately it’s all a transaction. If Heechul ceases to be entertaining to us, we get to move on to another band, show, personality etc while his gets to have his career end. He’s mentioned in the past that he’s very aware of this.

        • I love both your answers. Two really very different ideas….I gotta say that I am so glad both of you hang out on this board. I have learned a lot, and you two always have such “thought-out” things to say….things that make me think and sometimes even change my mind about my position. I like that. And I like the “international feel” of hearing your thoughts. And sometimes I marvel at how similar out thoughts on an issue are. (I have to admit that I am biased toward people who are biased toward Heenim, hah) Does this mean I am fangirling fangirls? As Hee would say, “kkkkkkkk”.

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