120210 Siwon & Heechul Twitter Conversation

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@siwon407: Before Heechulie hyung shaves Heebum. I was a bit worried by his words^^ “I also cut my hair myself during school days”

@Heedictator: A man must (choose) pink RT @siwon407 Before Heechulie hyung shaves Heebum. I was a bit worried by his words^^ “I also cut my hair by myself during school days”

@siwon407@Heedictator A perfect combination of pink sofa and blue leggings

@siwon407: Now is the last stage/step…



@siwon407: Heebum ah, let’s go to hair salon tomorrow^^ “Ya, next time let me cut your hair for you too” I refused him politely^^ btw mission complete!

Source: @siwon407 &  @Heedictator
Translated by: @Jinn8812elf
Shared at by:Destinyhae 




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  1. Can you translate Siwon’s latest twit???

  2. These two are mad:P Luv them<3<3<3

  3. tsk..tsk..tsk..these two kids = =”

  4. yeah I love them, I think Siwon got his dorky from his hyung kekekekeke

  5. what the hell did he do with the cat LOL i feel sorry for heebum but it is so funny at the same time

    • yeah , poor heebum but that is funny sooooooooo funny .

  6. lol, heenim commenting on his pink sofa instead. xD

  7. i saw thye videos and when he sayes oh my ass i am heechul baised every one from today i am heechul baised

  8. They are having fun 😀

  9. what happened to his feet 😦

    • foot*

      • If you look closely in one of the videos you can see there are two bandaids on his foot – Maybe he cut himself or got a blister?? Who knows. STAY HEALTHY HEENIM~!

  10. as much as i love heenim i dont think id ever want to be his cat..poor heenim should take care of himself..i hope that foot isnt bothering him too much..:(

  11. It has been more than1 hour& still bent of laughter(@^▽^@) sometimes cats need a shave-it-all…except da ears(*^-^) luv it soooo! (=^_^=)♥♥♥

  12. LOL~ These two kids are HILARIOUS~ Happy Bday Siwon~ Thank you for the wonderful pics of Heechul~! MY BIAS HEENIM~To this day I have NEVER seen anyone as cute as you~~!!! FOREVER THE CUTEST KPOP IDOL~!

  13. LOL I love it how they actually talk with each other through twitter…SJ’s conversation is always funny xDD

  14. at least now heechul is more on mingling with super junior unlike before.. happy to see his bonding again with SJ

  15. so cute :DD

  16. Thanks to this I think I realized that I love more Heebum than Heechul XD

  17. Seriously, this Heechul guy looks nothing like a 30 year old.

    • Absolutely agree! much more like 20++ rite? love heenim so much!

      • And he’s so pretty!!! O_O haha 😀

  18. “i also cut my hair myself during school”?! Omg..if i were heebum, i’ll run away immediately after hearing this! but as we all see in the videos, heebum is such a loyal cat! and look at heebum expression after shave- it’s like “ok guys, this is my master n his dongsaeng! n this is my life.” kekeke… ^^

  19. dork! lol

  20. lol poor heebum, how could you heecul, but heebum is extraordinary cat. already get used by heecul

  21. wow heechul and Siwon, you’re really different!

  22. ADORABLE SICHUL ♥♥♥♥ and darn it they both look so good~~~~ they make my smile like crazy and make my heart beat faster.

  23. So Siwon was the one filming Heechul shave Heebum? 😛

  24. Heebum is an extraordinary cat to put up with some of Heechul’s ideas. x’D Oh gosh, these 2 are so random and hilarious sometimes!

  25. omg i laughed so hard at these… The video… LOL.. XDDD

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