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to those who already don’t know..(how in the shisus don’t you already know?!)
Sup3rjunior is giving away 35 5th jibs albums!! YES I know it’s incredible, but not impossible! This is thanks to all those readers ELFS/ELF MOM who donated!! a project which is very overwhelming but something I’m VERY thankful towards! I’m also VERY happy because this a way we can show support to Super Junior!! the CDs that I bought are DIRECTLY from South Korea (Via sj-world.net) thanks to K-ELF (therefore YES. THEY WILL BE counted in the Hanteo Charts, along with playing an important role for GDA)In total sup3rjunior spent £473.57 ($779.6148 or ₩848333.9734!, based on today yahoo currency converter! 110909) The reason why we spent so much, & took donations is simply because A) sup3rjunior wants to support super junior & B) sup3rjunior wants to make a FELLOW elf happy. Sup3rjunior 5th Jibs ~!!! Order Received [13P] Sup3rjunior 5th Jibs ~!!! Order Received | Part 2 [11P] So in order to make a FELLOW elf happy, we’ve decided to hold competitions!!!

*Hint KEEP commenting* – uksujusid

Happiness is BEST SHARED when divided – uksujusid

  1. Winners : WorldIsSapphireBlue | joeyheehyuk | SJLOVER11 | Create a COMEBACK Video For SJ 
  2. Winner: farynaz! | You Helped My Friend I Will Help You  
  3. Winner: Yet to be chosen | Why you love SJ (this is too difficult)
  4. Winner: Xiiao-vii Mengyan Create a comeback teaser image (picture) 
  5.  I KEPT ONE! uksujusid gave one to a friend.. ELF ..
  6. @reneee107 , @DESTINYHAE@PhungELF,  @jeee54@StarKarz 
  7. Siwonshi
  8. @regina1 [need address]@elf101586@hyukk13
  9. Dance Cover Winners :  (3 Mr Simple Version A’s) 
  10. Winners:  and  | Please help sup3rjunior choose the winner of giveaway No.6
  11. Winners: Emilio Oviedo and Marwa El-Fawal
  12. Winners: Wafa Hassan Alhazemi, Zenino  and Kaela 
  13. Winners: usir96 and Maria
  14. Winners Marian Justine Tolentino  and Valérie Villars

Few more 5th jibs to giveaway ;D… 



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  1. There were 2 winners? Oh well,, Congratulations! I loved their videos so much and they definitely deserved it! I guess we needed to try harder!
    I had this feeling that they’ll win, somehow my instincts never fail me.
    hehe~ Well done!

  2. I have no words to describe what i feel ^^! I just can say thanks to all the people who voted for me !!
    I wanna say thanks to you :)! i wanna say thanks to ALL the world 🙂 haha!! im so happy!! thanks thanks thanks thanks :D.

    • congratulation my dear…..=)

    • Chukkhhaa ! Chukkhaheyo ! 😀

  3. oh my God! I won it! I am so happy now! You don’t have idea how much I’m glad. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I’m speechless. Thanks. 😀

  4. Good work and congrats 🙂 You worked hard, so you deserve your sexy sungmin cover ^^

  5. so, you basically gave cds to almost all the adms?

    • Why not? They deserve it, .. posting every day etc.. ;D

      • so, you take this as a job? 🙂 nobody makes you post the info. There are a lot of fans who participated in this because they wanted the cd.

  6. Omoo! I really want eunhyuk’s cover. Looking forward for more giveaways :DDD thnx

  7. Did they do the Heechul cover yet?

  8. Wow… congratz for the winner..
    so envy. i wish i could get one donghae cover..
    but anyway chukaee 😀

  9. aish >.< i need more than one album… considering 6th album will be my first SJ album i officially buy ^^ still haven't get it yet *sigh*

  10. Kyuhyun Cover!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!! =/
    btw.. congrate to those winner!!! =)

  11. KyuHyun KyuHyun KyuHyun KyuHyun KyuHyun KyuHyun KyuHyun !!! Kyuhyun Cover pls!!! I pray I pray I pray Pray pRay prAy !!! Please Pls pls pLs Pls..
    btw.. Congrate to all winner!! =)

  12. Aaaaaaaa I want kyuhyun cover! Please give it to me 🙂 I would be the happiest girl in the world if you give it to me 😀

  13. wow.. so excited that there are giveaway 5jib. i like super junior very much. but since i’m not a fans who had much money i only search their info via internet and see their video via utube. and this site sup3rjunior.com really help me to know more about them and this is my favorite fanbase. the admins is so kind and humble^^

  14. Omg. When are you guys doing the Kyuteuk giveaway?? *^*

  15. whoa I envy those who won! wish I would get donghae’s cover…
    well chukaee everyone that one!! ^__^~

  16. Opps! I didn’t know I didn’t send my address anyway I emailed you the address 🙂 sorry and thank you.

  17. I’m sorry, I don’t understand… How should I do to join the giveaways contest? I want it badly too :/

  18. I wish I were that lucky >_<

  19. I am so sorry I haven’t sent my address yet, well I did, just now, Thank you so much for this, really thank you from the bottom of my heart. :))))

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