Super Junior drenched themselves to thank fans, sets record for longest-running concert at 270 minutes – From 120205

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120201-5 Super Junior 4, 4 day concert Taiwan Compilation

Breaking the overseas artist’s record of having four shows at the Taipei Dome, with the final show stretching over four-and-a-half hours, when leader Leeteuk saw the sea of coloured ribbons*, he finally broke down on stage. Super Junior played to their heart’s content on stage, and the members were even drenched at the end, but regardless of how reluctant the fans were at leaving or how long they persist in shouting ‘encore’, the Taiwan stop of Super Show 4 still had to come to a close. However, they have already made a great amount of irreplaceable memories with all of the group members.

On the fourth performance at the Taipei Dome, the Super Junior members did not show a single hint of being exhausted. They did their best (in performing), and for the sake of their fans, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were the ones responsible to head down the stage in order to pick lucky fans to go on stage on the final day. Siwon protested and said that he was lonely as a result of that, and he also searched for another lucky fan by himself. The members around him laughed and said that, “Siwon is very rich, he has an airplane”. Nevertheless, he did not expect that the fan that he picked liked Eunhyuk instead, causing a huge commotion on stage.

As for the solo segments on the final day, Zhou Mi switched songs and performed “Not Leaving Memories”** for the first time, hitting the high notes in the song. Meanwhile, Henry opted to play the guitar and sang to the tune of “Confession”***, of which was written by himself. These were both surprise numbers which have been prepared specially for the Taiwanese concert.

At the end of the concert, under the coaxing of group leader Leeteuk, all of the members were drenched by the water fountains. Not only did the outfits of a large number of members become a see-through outfit, Siwon even went topless and elicited shrill screams from the entire venue. Super Junior has set the record of having the longest-running solo concert among overseas artists, clocking 270 minutes for the final stage.

After ending all four of their shows, Super Junior is expected to leave Taiwan at 1.50pm on the 6th (of February), in order to prepare for their concert at Singapore next week.

Source: Yahoo! Taiwan
Translated by: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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  2. LOL..after kyuhyun, now siwon pick eunhyuk’s fan..
    hope there will be a fancam..

  3. oafish guys!!stop teasin’ won-ee(@ ^ ▽ ^ @)i’d liked see his pretty face reaction,surely funny & cute (^—^)
    if it were up to me …wealthy or not, i’d have picked my Siwon-ee right for his super lovely sexy smile … & whether he needs a plane, i’ll take him wherever he wants to σ (^ ○ ^)♥♥♥

  4. Did they also pick lucky fans at the end of their Seoul & Osaka shows??? Wondering if they will pick fans in Singapore!!!!

  5. yeah!!!
    sorry 4 hangeng ….is he ever do solo performance during supershow??
    if not….lucky zhoumi and henry…

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