Mod Post – Please help sup3rjunior choose the winner of giveaway No.6

February 7, 2012 at 8:16 pm | Posted in ELF, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 46 Comments

☆ sup3rjunior 5th jib giveaways

the POLL has ENDED.

Here are all the entries from this competition.. 5th Jib Giveaway No.6 Sungmin BIASED?
Please cast your vote and HELP chooose the winner the the 6th giveaway ~!
Make sure you watch ALL the videos before you cast your vote, THANK YOU.. – sup3rjuniorFAMILY

Entry No.1

Entry No.2

Entry No.3

Entry No.4

Entry No. 5

Entry No. 6

Entry No.7

Entry No.8

Entry No. 9

Entry No. 10

Entry No.11

Entry No.12

Entry No. 13

Entry No. 14


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  1. i voted for the number 1 because even if she doesnt speak english she did a good video

  2. number 1 ^^ she doesn’t speak english and she did a good video

  3. otokke.. i’m not sungmin biased. but i was touch when i saw the video #14. it’s awesome 🙂 lol. just sayin ^^

    • you’re right……… number 14 is the best out of all the videos…….

    • OMG, thank you! that made me feel better! I personally didn’t think it was great, ’cause it was kinda rushed (I had exams and i found out later on). Good to know that people liked it! Thank you!

  4. Eait when did this compition ever start? O.e did i miss somethkng?

    • Yes you missed entering the Sungmin competition.. Don’t worry other member competitions will happen soon enough xD

  5. I know how they feel cuz 7 month ago I also felt like this!
    I’m also Sungmin bias and also bought Mr.Simple CD with his cover!
    I voted for the #1 coz although she can’t speak English well she did her best and also she didn’t just edited a video but recorded herself! 🙂
    I don’t know If I was her I would have that much determination and courage!
    Good Job girl~ ❤

  6. N14 is the best~ it’s like professional, it’s really good~~
    good luck to everyone anyways ^^

  7. When the poll closes? :).. when will we know the winner?

  8. May i know how many winners?

    • and when the poll ends?? when we will know the winners?

  9. aww.. I like them all!!! But number 1,5,14 where my top favorites 🙂 Good Luck to everyone 🙂

  10. I will try to vote once I have enough time to watch all of the entries, good luck everyone!!

  11. I LOVED number 5, 12, and 14~
    #5 was really cute and heart warming — the emotion in the voice was good~
    #12~ OMO~ Those girls were so excited they made me excited~ I keep smiling when I think that’s how I act about my bias (Heenim <3)
    #14 was edited REALLY well~


    • Hehe~ thanks for the compliment, I love video editing, it feels good to know that someone likes your video.

  12. Number 1 Ejém.. good video

  13. I like #14 the most
    it looks exclusive and sweet ^^

  14. voten por el numero 12!!…soy de Peru amo el kpop!!! y bueno, me encantaria tener ese album por aqui no llego 😦 !!….soy de una cuidad tal vez poco conocida para ustedes…pero ahora saben que aqui hay ELF’s tambien…super junior cambio mi vida 🙂 al igual que la de ustedes y a mi en especial lee sungmin =)

    • i dont speak spanish… you should speak in english because all the people here speaks in english

  15. Ooh~ cool, Sungmin wasn’t one who I’d recognize since I’m new to Kpop and SJ but I like this everyone looks Like they tried hard. But, I liked #14, it was well edited.

  16. Ooh~ cool, i never really noticed Sungmin like that. I’m a new ELF(?)/KPOP-er
    but i liked the videos, they seem like they tried. But i liked #14 best. it was well edited.

  17. Waaaah, a poll?? mimimi I thought it would be judged by the staff… whatever, I made a fun video, but I liked the entry nº14 and this video is losing! T.T this is a little sad… how many winners? I’m so anxious to know the result, even losing. Hope you can make a creative contest for Kyuhyun’s album cover, without polls, please? *——————–*

    • Yea, i was shocked, I liked #14 (& #5), too bad she’s losing. And it seems my vote didn’t count either….

      …And if there was another contest i would want to take part too. No polls! Please?

    • Awww~ thank you for caring~ i felt giddy while reading all the comments, wanted to thank you all! Don’t be sadder than i am if i lose, lol, jk.

  18. from all of them i loved number 5 the most 🙂
    it’s so heart warming with girl’s voice in the video..

  19. I wonder how many winners will have and even when going to vote?

  20. I LOVE number #6 ! gogogogo

  21. Weird how most comments I read say that #14 is the best, how come its losing?

    • Hehe~ not most~ But thanks for noticing?
      I don’t mind losing (though I want it so bad!) ’cause everyone tried they’re best and they all deserve it!

  22. Lol, most commets i read mention #14 and say it was the best, and looking at the poll she dropped to the fourth?

    • hehe~ you repeated your comment twice~ so I’ll reply to both.
      And isn’t fourth good? It’s good enough to know that ‘someone’ liked it ^^

  23. all the videos are really good… but i liked number 1 and 14 the most….
    Number 1 because i think if i were her… i wouldn’t has a lout of courage as how she has, she was the best that showed herself :D.

    and number 14 is really beautiful! but that is most professional…

  24. Entry 1!! U AR THE BEST!! Watching the other videos, yours is the best so U WILL WIN!!~<3

  25. Number 14 화이팅~

  26. vote por la numero 1..porque realmente me gusto mucho su video 🙂

  27. Please vote for me Entry No.3! ;_;

  28. ENTRY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😀 of course!!! 🙂

  29. I vote for number 12, this girl really want that album. She deserves to get it.

  30. Voto por el numero 1 xD

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