120205 Siwon Twitter Update: WORLD INVASION! NEXT IS SINGAPORE!

February 5, 2012 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, ELF, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Wonderboys | 9 Comments

120201-5 Super Junior 4, 4 day concert Taiwan Compilation

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120205 Siwon Twitter Update: If that true happy kissing day 🙂

@siwon407: Thank you everyone, just thank you, again thank you.. Thanks to TAIWAN E.L.F for creating those unforgetable memories^^ Because of Honeys, (at) the 4 concerts.. I was so happy for the total of 17 hours ^^ Thank you once again, I love you~^^

@special1004@shfly3424@ShinsFriends@donghae861015@AllRiseSilver@henrylau89@imsmi@ryeong9@GaemGyu WORLD INVASION! NEXT IS SINGAPORE!

@special1004@shfly3424@ShinsFriends@donghae861015@AllRiseSilver@henrylau89@imSMl@ryeong9@GaemGyu WORLD INVASION! NEXT IS SINGAPORE!

Source: SiwonChoi (siwon407)
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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!! Less than 2 weeks to go till SS4 in Singapore. SUPER SUPER EXCITED!!!!! SUJU SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This person is not Siwon. Siwon does not talk like that. I think the one we know has been brainwashed by LSM ever since that meeting last year.

    • -.-‘ why suddenly this tweet related to LSM,,,, jeezzz….

    • no, it’s just that Siwon got influence by the other members and now he’s a dork just like them xD

  3. world invasion nooooo….keep tight… keep right…SuJu UNIVERSE INVASION!!!o(^▽^)o …like’em when they’re awe this happy ♥♥♥(=^_^=)v

  4. In the second Tweet he mentions https://twitter.com/#!/imsmi this person instead of Sungmin’s Twitteraccount xD

  5. where’s kyu????

    • yah i was about to say the same thing! and wookie’s missing either! poor wookie always being leftout 😦

  6. lmao it’s funny how siwon tagged minnie wrongly yet the one who being tagged is actually an ELF!!!! ahhh how i wish i was the one being tagged wrongly LOL~!

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