120203 Ryeowook Twitter Update: ~ Kyu happy birthday

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120201-5 Super Junior 4, 4 day concert Taiwan Compilation

RT @goodwriting_bot: ‘Sweet after bitter’, it means that pleasure is come at the end of the pain. It can be a meaning of ‘hope’ in the painful life. But, it isn’t the smile at the end of the pain, but the smile in the pain… maybe it is… 

Credit: Super Junior R (ryeong9) 
Translation by: Jigukim

Revealing a picture of Ryeowook being in Kyu’s arms ~~>< ㅋㅋ Let’s also do our best for today’s Supershow concert!!! ~~ Happy birthday Kyu {< http://t.co/d5LC9kwY


Credit:  Super Junior R (ryeong9) 
Translation by:  SuperJuniorIndonesia (sujunesia) 

Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by Destinyhae



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  1. Oh~ I prefer this photo than the photo where is Kyu and his partner in wgm

    • Hahaha….
      I agree with you…

      • hahahaha you two are naughty 🙂

        Let’s just support our oppas with everything they does ^_^

    • omg yess I totally ship KyuWook!!!

      • omg!!! i ship KyuWook too!!! haha!! they are my 2nd OTP, next to KangTeuk, ever since i became an ELF, about three years ago!!

  2. kyu happy birthday!
    wookie oppa so hot! hwaiting!!

  3. http://apps.8tv.com.my/8tvnitelive/2011/kpopchart.aspx
    please vote 4 OPPA OPPA….!!!tq^^

  4. KYUWOOK!!!

  5. Awwes seriously they are so sweet together! =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYUHYUN! HAVE AN AMAZE ONE! ❤

  6. KRY album ah! im waiting for u! lucky taiwanese ELFs to have kyu with them on his birthday! Hapy birthday Cho Kyuhyun!

  7. nice PHOTO wookie oppa ^_^ SAENGIL CHEUKEYO 🙂

  8. I love both of u …REally REally like all SUJU meembers!!!!

  9. ZhouMi on SJ-M on Celebrity Tour Guides (twice!): Are the two of them (KyuWook) dating?

    • Ya..during the most recent episode, Kyu says he’d like to marry wookie if he were a girl..n Kyu went to hug wook when he’s sad..yeye must be so jealous now.

      • And Sungmin could jealous too ^^

  10. I love thus photo 🙂 Kyuwook is real!!

  11. @superjunior everlasting: ur being unfair to KYUHYUN, look at ur background pic(eunhae), it’s KYUHYUN’s birthday today. u only did this to him. why???????

    • agree:)

  12. Hahaha! Now it’s KyuWook’s turn!!!

  13. yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just wake up and what do i see ? a Kyuwook love picture ^^
    so so happy, it’s gonna be a good day today !
    Ryeowook number one fan of Kyuwook 🙂
    i didn’t think he will dare to post that kind of photo lol
    i wonder how evil Kyu reacted to this ? in an evil way ? lol
    Kyuwook is looooooooooooove !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~~because you’re naughty naughty~~

    • LOL Kyu probably loved it… think Kyu is actually the number one fan of KyuWook and not Wookie! LOL (see comments on latest SJ-M Celebrity Tour Guides above… :p)

  14. B-But Wookie! What about Henry?
    LOL, KyuWook is so cute too ^^

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