120202 Yesung Twitter Update: KRY dongsaengs

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120201-5 Super Junior 4, 4 day concert Taiwan Compilation

@shfly3424http://twitpic.com/8emy6d http://twitpic.com/8emyag Go toward the world of childlike innocence specially with KRY dongsaengs today ^^

Source:  @shfly3424
Translation by:@Jinn8812elf

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  1. The best vocals in Suju. Aren’t they?

    • my yeppa as THE MAIN VOCALIST :))

      • im really like u all the super junior group..

    • yes. that is Yesung

    • yes, KRY is SuJu’s main vocalist. They are the best vocals in SuJu as well ^____^

      • beside eunhae couple, i like KRY so much… their voice so amazing heartquake is so freakin good song specially yesung :)…. agree with chingu they are the best vocals in suju *.*

  2. OMO~! AEGYO~! . .. KYEOPTA ^_^

    YESUNG oppa~!!!!!나는 진짜 김정일 취소 oppa처럼

  3. @indrea nae they really are ^_^

  4. Happy to see both picture especially YeKyu. Must be special day for ‘evil magnae’ tomorrow.

  5. Who’s hyung and who’s dongsaeng? Yesung’s face doesn’t look more older than Wookie and little magnae. No difference age between at all.

  6. Who’s hyung and who’s dongsaeng? Yesung’s face doesn’t look more older than Wookie and little magnae. No difference age between them at all.

  7. x]]]
    theyre so cute
    definitely childlike innocence (well in those pics… iono about kyu hahaha jk x])

  8. KRY album ah! when will u come out and meet ELFs?!

  9. Is this Yesung promoting an upcoming KRY album!??!?! *hoping delusionally*

  10. Yesung looks the same age as Wookie ^^ Even acts younger. Who says he’s Hyung? Just look at that face? Adorable!!! Good luck with concert and I do hope KRY releases an album. Those voices.. such a waste if not to be marketed.

  11. it seems like there will be a KRY special stage during SS4 Taiwan ? hope so.
    and yeah, always ready for a KRY album TT

  12. Ahhh YeWook! I love this couple ^^ KyuYe is cute too 🙂

  13. KRY! my top biases! but of course yesung is always on the top of the top! hwaiting for ur 4-days concert!

  14. hoho, cute~ I can’t imagine how he asked both dongsaengs to take a pic with him one by one XD two maknaes and the child-like hyung, lovely~

  15. K.R.Y world of childlike innocence so cute ^^ GOOD LUCK OPPA

  16. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! ❤ ❤

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