120201 Siwon with his Adopted Daughter [2P]

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120130-31 Siwon in Thailand (ACER) Compilation

Credit: @H2OSolid 
Reupload and Posted by: Destinyhae (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

FYI:Siwonnie have adopted 2 children & yes they r 2 girls …He told in fanmeeting..thx @k_nanny  & @H2OSolid  for the info =)


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  1. sweet siwon!first idol to adopted a child after hyori…
    *as far as i know*
    he has a pure heart.

    • I believe Hyori adopted an animal, a cat I think… not a child

  2. Really?? he has adopted 2 children?? really?
    I know he will be a great father ^^

  3. This is the safest way to have kids without getting married and being hated by fans.

    • LOL

  4. Like officially, or just that he’s paying for their daily expenses?

  5. Aw, of course Siwonnie would adopt kids. He has such a great and genuine heart! =D

    • I was adopted when i was 5. Seeing Siwon adopt children makes me want to meet him even more. (it also makes me want to introduce him to my mother. she raised 12 children, most of us on her own.)

      • Wow! Twelve children?? =O Your mom is a great person, women and mother to have raised 12 children. Were all 12 adopted?

        • Not all of us were adopted. my mother raised six of her own biological children, and then adopted six more. Her oldest child (biological) was 46 (he died in 2010 {suiside}). Her youngest child (adopted) is 9. We are a very VERY large family (in number anyway)

          • Oh, I’m sorry about your oldest brother.. Though half were her biological, she’s still an amazing person for adopting 6 more children =) You’re family will get even more large when all 12 of you get married and have your own kids ^^

            • We already are a huge family. and we have multiples (Twins, no triplets YET). My cousins are twins, my oldest sisters are twins, and one of my oldest twin sisters married a twin. in addition to that, My oldest sisters each had a daughter less than 1 month apart (My 2 oldest nieces are now 20). all together i have 11 siblings,2 half-siblings, 2 sister-in-laws, 3 brother-in-laws, 5 nieces, 5 nefews, 12 first cusins (that i know about), 4 aunts, 4 uncles, and my grandmother and great aunt. this is all on my mom’s side of the family.

              My adoptive mother got a divorce before she adopted me, so i do not have a dad. to say the least, my family is a matriarch.

              • Wow! So many twins in your family! ^^ That is definitely a large family you have there. 🙂

  6. did he really do that?

  7. Can someone explain me that? He really adopted 2 little girls?

    • he is sponsoring the girls..
      their finance need..

  8. Is this like for real?

  9. Adopted?? I can’t believe that… I feel like it’s more like sponsoring 2 girls.

    • I think too 🙂 I made some research and there is children’s villages in Thailand where you can sponsor a child.

    • yes! i think so.
      siwon’s internasional fan base said thas he is sponsoring the girls finance… he doesn’t adopt

      but, still…he is just so an adorable man…

  10. Are they Korean?

  11. Wow. Although this is shocking to hear at first, it doesnt surprise me that siwon would do something like this.

  12. I’d like to be the mother if Siwon won’t mind ^^ haha.

  13. wooow really really he adopted 2 childrens?
    is this real?
    woooww i cant believe it 😀
    somebody please tell me

  14. little ELF! :’D

    siwon is having kids already without having a marriage (that’s the safest way u_u’)}

  15. It’s gonna be a little crowded in his dorm room…

  16. It’s sponsoring lol.
    But omg, that’s still cute ❤

  17. is this true???

  18. hmm yea i read that too that they are not officially adopted…

  19. Then I can be an adopted wife? haha I’m stupid -__-‘ —-> T_T
    Well Siwon is a great man ❤

    • lol~~

  20. So hes sponcering them? Like paying expences and stuff? Or actually adoting like taking them with him? Either way its real cute and real sweet 🙂 after seeing him in Oh!My Lady, i think he would b a great “dad” xD but if someone could answer my question with a 100% correct abswer that would b nice 🙂 =^.^=

  21. He’s sponsoring them, like paying their daily expences and things. He didn’t really adopt them. He’s just providing for them. He’s such an angel. I love him even more now and my love for him is already unconditional. Those two little girls are so lucky (^_^)

  22. Sponsoring, adopting — either way, he’s taking responsibility for two girls despite his schedule, and like they say, it’s the thought that counts. I’m so happy for them and I’d love to meet my new sisters \(^o^)/

  23. luv it!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(=^_^=)

  24. Adopting ..?!! is that the same meaning of ADOPTING ..?!! like taking care of them everyday like what a real father do ..?!! i mean is they gonna live w/ him ..?!! or there another meaning of this ‘ADOPTING’ thing ..?!! * confused*

  25. ADOPTED??? i don’t think he has the time to be a father!! i think sponsoring would make more sense? Regardless, good luck Siwon!!

  26. Well, I think its sponsoring.. Either ways, Siwon really is an angel !!!!!

  27. Auwww, that’s so sweet! Truly, an idol to look up to! ^^ And the girl’s so cute too~

  28. he could be a good father, such a lucky daughter >.<

  29. he`s following hangeng footstep 😀

    • did hangeng adopted a kid too??

      • Hangeng sponsoring several kids too ^^

        • really??? hanggeng adopted too?? When?

  30. OMG adopted? means he will be taking her with him? he is such an angel!

  31. i love it..!!

    he was really awesome !!

  32. how lucky she is…

  33. OMG Siwon how can you be sooo… Good hearted… You truely will live you life without any sins… This one of the reasons why I love suju so much! They all have good hearts ^^

  34. Of Course …
    Siwon will take responsibilities being a real and loving father …
    AGREE ?? 🙂

  35. Siwon ❤ Things like this only make me love you more. I wish you all the best and pray that God blesses you greatly for your service in him. Saranghae

  36. First suju member who has a child, now heechul will piss kkk….ah what an ideal man: good humour, good looking, good heart, rich man, have a great parent, such a perfect man, are you made in heaven siwon 😀

  37. im not surprise cos its shisus
    love u siwon

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