At ‘FAME’ Musical – Kyuhyun [5P] – From 120128

January 30, 2012 at 4:05 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Kyuhyun, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 12 Comments

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Photo By 紫瞳&小慧
后期 By 炫炫

Reupload and Posted

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  2. just love how Kyu “stalkers” are always everywhere!!

  3. I
    If you need extra persons? I’m available .. :DD

  4. haha. they blurred out heenim and hae in the pics. for a minute, i considered that kyu was wearing a black wig so he wouldn’t be noticed >.<

    • I think it’s kinda rude to blur heenim n hae….although I am kyu biased but I respect everyone in sj….please don’t blurred them anymore

      • Sometimes they blurr the other members because the look bad and they don’t want to disrespect them in that way….

  5. Why he so kyuute en handsome at the same time >.<
    really love his dark hair…. ❤

  6. im so happy his dark hair is back. i really love him with his dark hair.
    he looks so handsome funny how hes trying to cover/hide with his hat.

  7. i like his dark hair, i really love him with dark hair .i a so happy ,because i can see him SS-4 in Singapore .Kyu Hyun i miss you,,,<3

  8. it’s kyute how his cover one side of his side only! and oh that’s the hat he wore after GDA! 🙂

  9. like the dark hair:) hope to see him in SS4 Malaysia!!!!

  10. i really prefer his hair like this !
    but after all he’s not the kind to consider fan’s thoughts about his clothes or his hair cut that’s why i love about him : he is Mr simple lol
    as long as he feels comfortable ^^

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