[ENG SUB] MBC We Got Married Episode 16 – Fighting Junior and Dimple Couple | From 120128

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We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora [ENG SUB]

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  1. lol super duper fast! xD Thank you!!!

  2. Woah! That was fast, normally they finish it on Sunday night (in here is Sunday morning!)

  3. yaayyyyy thank you!!!!!!!

  4. Thaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!! <<< Off to watch =3

  5. thanks for your hard work. the thing is eunseo just used eunhyuk to make sure how donghae can hold on. because of this sena cried, eunhyuk felt as am asshole. really don’t like eunseo. Eunhyuk and Sena is indeed very cute couple…

    • i agree with you too! eunseo should’ve accepted donghae in the first place.. how could she play with eunhyuk’s heart that way TT looks like eunseo still hasn’t changed her attitude since oh my school >< don't worry eunhyuk! sena was probably just not used to this type of shows 🙂

      anyway, to the subbing team, thanks a lot!! we all reaaaaally appreciate it x)

      • seriously.. i hope sena n hyukkie will b permanent couple on WGM..i shipped this couple…=)

        • r u kidding? You guys are saying as if it was all Eunseo’s fault! srsly? who told eunseo to tell Se Na “don’t call” – he was the one who said that, so he was really mean and it’s not that she cried because of Eunseo (well, she was super mean as well), but she cried because of Eunhyuk.

    • Donghae felt hurt, too. He said “She was playing with my heart!” It was funny when Teukie mentioned Donghae’s best friend, and Donghae said “My best friend? Oh, you mean Siwon.” and “I don’t know who Eunhyuk is.” 😀

    • i agree with you ! i don’t like eunseo at all ><" i just cried with Sena ~~

    • once again, like you already said that, this show is scripted. it’s too rude for her doing all this kind of thing in the first meeting of blind date, i think she just one of bad script victim, 3 people got hurt at once (hae, hyukjae, sena), and 2 people got bashed (eunseo and hyukjae)

  6. now that i watched it, i cried with sena LOL but awwwwwwww… good thing it was all patched up in the end 🙂

  7. Awww Eunhyuk was so mean. I can’t believe he made her cry. LOL Hopefully he isn’t really like that. 🙂

    • eunhyuk also didnt believe he made her cry :p anyway he is a really kind person so rest assured 😀

  8. awww i gotta admit i cried with sena too. I would love to see hyukie with sena in we got married, they seem like a very interesting and fun couple to watch.

  9. I don’t like how they had to make Eunhyuk look bad so they’d have more drama. It just made Eunhyuk feel horrible because everyone kept yelling at him for making her cry. It would have been better if Eunseo picked Donghae first and then none of this drama would have happened. I really hated to see Sena cry and you could see how awful Eunhyuk felt. I am SOO grateful that everything was sort of fixed. : )

  10. awwh sena eonnie~ thankyou for being honest and choose my hyukjae *yeay*
    kind a regret when eunseo just play in the “safe” zone 😦
    well, in the end this is just a show right? i do enjoy it~ :)))
    hyukjae fighting!!! donghae fighting!!!

  11. Loved two things in particular: Donghae’s outraged reaction when he realised Eun Seo had played him and Sora being a total romance fangirl. Best chemistry award definitely goes to Eunhyuk and Leeteuk though. (“both his choices will be…hell”)

    • Although, I wish people would stop saying Eun Seo should have picked Donghae first. That could only have happened if Donghae had made his call before Eunhyuk. I suspect things were set up the other way in order to inject a bit of life into the Donghae/Eun Seo storyline.

  12. watching this with eng sub, really make me think that hyukjae do the ending just for fun, to entertain the show, because i think he do like sena too. Sena perfectly the most shining, similiar to hyukjae, it seems fun to have her around. i fell for her right after she do the palm kiss and cry for a guy like hyukjae, this is beyond belief, i think hyukkie didn’t suspect it, too. it would be fun to see them together in wgm.

    • So agreed with you ! ^ ^

      • Hear, hear! EunSena couple is the most shining couple! And I really do believe that Hyuk doesn’t mean to hurt Sena. He’s her 1st choice in the first place but to add some twist and turns, he chose Eunseo..(although i think this is where the scripted part lies, Eunseo and Hyuk should have chosen Hae and Sena in the first place but they didn’t.) And the part when he instructed Seo to tell Sena to stop calling him. Hmm, that was a bit off. But maybe, he doesn’t want to tell her those words directly…he doesn’t want to reject her directly (it may be the case or not).

        But I just like how it turns out in the end. I think the emotional scene created a more romantic atmosphere between Hyuk and Sena. ❤

        I hope everyone will stop bashing Hyuk, Sena or Seo. They don't deserve it. It is in the end for the show.

        Funny coz when I learned that Hyuk will be paired to an actress, I vowed to myself not to watch WGM anymore. But the hell, now I'm totally anticipating it! ^_^

  13. i guess eunhyuk did that only to be funny and if he had chosen sena in first place then the show wouldn’t have been that funny and interesting, and eunseo chose donghae after sena cried so i think she realized that sena really liked eunhyuk … every thing was alright at the end and eyunhyuk is always like that in every show even in other dating shows I’ve seen he rejects the girl he like 😀 so it is in his personality that he tries to be more interesting for the broadcast. don’t bash any body 🙂

  14. i got the point, the one who’s bad is Eunseo. maybe from now on, people would start bashing her. I’m sorry for being selfish, but i want to see Donghae-Eunseo more in WGM, since they are too awkward to be together, it would be good to see how their relationship development. for a guy like donghae, the most wanted to date, pairing him with a firm heart woman is a good idea, we can see how much he do the effort to grab her heart. i see alot wgm couple have alot this kind of couple, a guy with a honest and pure heart and cool-heart woman.

    • I agree. Donghae was shocked that Eun Seo had played him – but he also looked like he kind of liked it. Strong women for the win!

  15. I didn’t like Eunseo from the beginning and now I really can’t stand her… She seems so arrogant… It’s sad, that nice guys fall for her, just because she is beautiful or something… =_= She only played with both, Eunhyuk and Donghae… So rude….
    The both deserve someone way better than her!!! Waaaay better! >.<

    And I felt bad for Sena, but this is absolutely no reason to blame Eunhyuk for the whole mess! How can people judge him like that? I really can't understand it… He is one of the kindest person I have ever seen (as far as I can tell) and he shouldn't be responsible for the whole situation!

    Eunhyuk, hwaiting! You are the best! ❤

  16. i’m not ready yet >.< why are they soo fast in subbing?

  17. watching fighting junior driving is very cool, i like it.
    and when hae say “do you know how to drive” and eunseo say he likes to drive,, hmm i will see alot scene whenever they’re in the car, Eunseo would be sat in the driver seat and hae in passenger seat, i really anticipate it.

  18. at least i know that sena has attracted them, she always being the second preference for fighting junior after write the one that they like at first preference

  19. after watching this, i really dont like Eunseo. she kinda played with donghae and eunhyuk, esp. hyuk! i feel like he was used. T_T he’s my biased so i’m kinda sensitive when hyuk’s hurt/embarrassed. i wish WGM would just put Eunhyuk and Sena on the show not Hae that Eunseo. The teddie couple was so cute not like the “mute couple” (sorry Hae, u know i love u :P)

    • agree…. Eunhyuk and Sena are more interesting than Eunseo and Donghae. I am hoping that the two don’t become a permanent couple.

  20. No one have right to bash Eunseo, because like we already said that it was scripted, how could be the ending such a drama, you know that if the show end up smoothly, then it couldn’t be fun to see. although maybe this episode is one of donghae-eunseo couple matchmaking, but i think Hyukjae-Sena is the most shining in this show. It will be boring to see one hour show without hyukjae and Sena. I enjoy the show and really anticipate Hyukjae-Sena and Donghae-Eunseo couple

  21. Does everyone for got that the show is scripted? what with the bashing, dude just watch the show and enjoy, beside I think all couples are cute and inorder for the show to be more interesting drama has to be imput…you all know that this is just a reality show come on stop the bashing all ready and just love WGM:)

  22. wooooooh thanks a lot ..

  23. Sena was my favourite!! Poor girl~ T_T

    I know that hyukkie’s always been a trickster in a way, but this was way over the line, I’m sure thought afterwards they made up and such, but still!! Girls are sensitive like that! T_T

    But guys don’t take this too seriously, we all know what hyuk did there was for the program, it was not scripted, but it was not the real Hyukjae either, so it’s kind of ridiculous how everyone’s just started to diss him. I’m pretty sure he’s not like that at all in real life, and he was really upset about it on twitter… so guys~ take it easy eh?

  24. My favorite part was Kyuhyun in the car with the girl asking her who her favorite singer was. Kyu isn’t shy around girls.

  25. Although i do like sena, somehow I quite like kyu and his partner too! They’re so cute especially the part about her favourite singer HAHA

  26. Don’t mean to bash eunseo or anything but I feel like there’s more to her behind all that beauty.. She doesn’t seem to be that much of a simple lady.

    • Pretty much – I’ve written about this at length on my blog! Btw, fans need to stop making excuses for Eun-hyuk. I like him too, but his behavior (regardless of whether it was scripted) was unacceptable and downright cruel. I hope he’s learned a lesson from this. Either don’t accept scripts like these, or realize that you’re not the only person with feelings.

      • he just doing his job.. are you thinking all of the actor/actress can refuse the script??? “PD nim, i dont like the scrip so please change”, if every actor/actress can do it, so there ia PD for what???!! seriously.. ==’

  27. ah please i hope the links will be there til tonight! i haven’t seen this episode yet! T___T

  28. I love and admired SENA here…you can see in her eyes the hurt and make her tears…..but not anger. And i love HYUKJAE when he knew SENA cried, he left his place and go and comfort SENA. I WILL LOVE THIS COUPLE!

  29. I don’t know why people are still pointing fingers and complaining. Can’t we all just enjoy watching without saying who is at fault and whatever?
    The majority of people (ELFs & non-ELFs) are saying what Eunhyuk did is wrong. Here’s what I think. I don’t think what he did is wrong and I’m pretty annoyed at people continuously saying that he should regret, that he should feel like an asshole, that he should learn some manners, and blah blah blah. He’s simply doing his job and just to let you guys know, he’s a human being and he also has the same kind of feelings Sena has. He gets called ugly and he has been rejected gazillion times since he started doing variety so how do you guys think he feels about this? Don’t tell me that he’s a man and he’ll get over it so it’s fine if he gets rejected over and over and over again. All he used to do was laugh it off, and that’s something which is not easy to do cause you need to let go off your dignity. He even mentioned in this episode of WGM that girls will choose him first cause he’s funny but at the end, they’ll reject his ass and chose someone else. So for once he rejects a girl and we’re saying he’s wrong and cruel and he was insulting Sena? What about all those who called him ugly and asked him how he felt being ranked last? What do we call those who rejected him? So as long as Eunhyuk is always the one getting rejected you guys will be happy, is that it? He doesn’t have the rights to reject people while others have? Hypocrite much.
    People take part in these variety shows for the main purpose of entertaining. They understand that concept and they’re just professionals doing their jobs.Yes, I feel bad for Sena but Eunhyuk didn’t do it to embarrass her. He was thinking about the damn audience and the people in that show. He was trying to make things more exciting but he just ended up getting hurt. He wasn’t expecting Sena’s reactions, as you can tell. I’m sure he apologized to her. Cut him some slacks and just watch the goddamn show for what it is.

    • BTW, I really like Eunhyuk & Sena together. I hope they’re chosen to be the next WGM since Eunhyuk is done with Fame now! I have my fingers crossed.

    • enjoy? I enjoy shows more when people are nice to each other and don’t make others cry.
      You don’t think he did wrong?
      for sure you are his fan. I just like WGM and I don’t really know korean celebrities therefore I might say that what I am thinking is a little bit more objective.
      Of course you are right, that people make mistakes and he shouldn’t feel like asshole, but he should just know that what he did was wrong and hurtful and he should be more genuine.
      Just because he was called ugly and rejected as you said gazillions times doesn’t mean that he should do the same to others, on the contrary, since he knows this feeling of rejection and loss of dignity , he should try not to make others feel like this , especially people who are being nice to him.
      and it is not about rejection, maybe for others yes, but for me what he did. She didn’t cry when he called So Eun, but because he gave to phone to So Eun and told her to say ” Don’t call” – this was really hurtful and unapropriate, he really did embarrassed her even though it wasn’t his purpose- but he should acknowledge this. Imagine how you would feel. Sometimes you should think twice, especially if you are public person – it’s a burdensome but as well is a great privilege to be a public figure.

      • This is a variety show, after all. I never take things seriously when it comes to variety shows. It’s all for entertaining. At the end, he admitted saying that he made a mistake. Now, we don’t know what happened off camera but I am pretty positive that he apologized to her. If you saw his tweets, he reflected on his behaviors on the show. If he’s going to blame someone, he would blame himself first (not the script or whatever)… that’s just how he is. He admitted and he noticed what he did. Is that not good enough for us to stop complaining, to forget and move on?
        I don’t think he wanted to purposely embarrass her. Why would he? I agree that because you understand the feeling of being rejected, you shouldn’t make others feel the same way. Like I said, I am positive that he did not want her to feel this way. If he meant to do what he did, he wouldn’t call himself an asshole, he wouldn’t be affected by her reaction like how he is. Sena lacks experience in variety shows but who knew she would react this way, too? Nobody.
        You have your opinions and I have mine. I’m not gonna agree with you and I know you’re not going to agree with me but that’s perfectly fine. To me, this is just a variety show. Sena’s a sweet lady and I like her and Eunhyuk together. I feel bad for her but I keep seeing all this as just an entertainment show. I am not going to take things too seriously. Honestly, this is going on longer than it should.

        • Yeah, difference in opinions; we won’t agree
          well, this episode really got some people emotional , including me, but this is what I guess tv stations really look forward to
          and it’s not going that long 😀 just yesterday the subs were aired :] shows are just like books or movies, people like to discuss about them 😉 but everybody will soon forget

          • Everyone will soon forget so all I was asking is for people to just forget and stop complaining about Eunyhuk. If Sena didn’t cry, people wouldn’t say that what he did was bad and wrong and would laugh instead. But because she cried, everyone is sympathizing her and now Eunhyuk is a cruel & careless man.

      • you are too much, and oh~ could you just sit and eat food.

        i think your most fav show is wgm, if yes, then same with me, but i know you are not an elf. really,, if you want to know, hyukjae real personality isn’t like that, he’s kind of sweet, sensitive and sentimental type. but he is a gagman, too, he do alot of variety, and always succed to cheer up the atmosphere. and this girl-Lee Sena, is variety rookie and really meant to her feeling. this blind date episode would be boring and couldn’t be fun to watch if there is no this kind of person, Hyukjae and Sena.

        Really, just enjoy the show, whether it’s scripted or not, i’m sure after this incident, hyukjae is fell for her and couldn’t never forget met a girl like Lee Sena. She got her charms.

        • did I say that his personality is bad? I just said that what he did, while telling So Eun to tell Se Na “don’t call”, was hurtful 😛 and no thanks, I just ate breakfast 😛
          well, if for you drama is entertaining then ok, but I prefer Khuntoria-like couples and they weren’t boring.

          • i got the point, when you mention “drama”, because all the part of this show was scripted and got alot edit, including hyukjae reject her too. Khuntoria was part of wgm too, and they story is the most drama among wgm story, because the story was scripted,too. And fyi,,khuntoria is the most ridiculous couple which got alot antis.
            well, it’s an elf forum, not for khuntoria shipper, i don’t want them being mention again. if you want bashing hyukjae more and more, this isn’t the right place, you will got blocked, soon. better you go now and concentrate to eating.

            • agree with Teddy

              • yeah, of course, I was just looking at the posts related to wgm not superjunior, so I even didn’t noticed that there only unobjective people deeply blind, deaf and in love with super junior.
                The only thing I said that it was bad for Eunhyuk to tell So Eun “Don’t call” to Se Na, but of course crazy fans can’t understand it. I don’t ever wish you to be treated like this, but what so evaaa.

                • dont call we are crazy and unobjective people while you are the one who are crazy and unobjective too.. pathetic..

          • I couldn’t stand Khuntoria. They were so fake and everything was so scripted. I guess you love all that dramatic stuff. Well, not everything will be typical lovey dovey like how you would like.

      • Its not Eunhyuk intentions no one saw that coming and this is not the first time that he rejected a girl although this is the first time that someone cried because of it and for your information he acknowledge that he did something wrong and he’s sorry but come to think of it its not all his fault first of all this is a blind date in a variety show hurtful and inappropriate words, manners etc anything can happen and much more worse so Sena should be prepared.

  30. BTW, I really like Sena and Soyool!!

  31. thanks for the subs! enjoyed watching this episode! everyone should just chill and stop bashing hyukkie & eunseo. wgm is just a show and everything’s scripted. what hyukkie did was just for entertainment. although it was a bit mean, that’s what the show wanted hyukkie to do to make the episode interesting for the viewers. without that, it would be a boring episode. i like hyukkie & sena couple because they’re more interesting to watch than hae & eunseo. i also like min & so yul couple because they look good together.

  32. thanks for subbing

  33. poor donghae and sena
    am i the only one hoping donghae and sena will be couple?
    they both got rejected~

    • what a pity!! sena is not donghae’s ideal type, and what’s good is she match well with Hyukjae, sorry,

  34. I want teddy couple on wgm!!!! PLZZ!!!!

  35. i don’t feel like watching this! the show that made hyukkie so depressed! 😦

  36. watching the last video makes me really angry!!how can eunseo make that to donghae and eunhyuk??? *really angry*

    and eunhyuk really made a wrong decision!!!

    but still eunhyuk make it right for the last time and it make me happy

    teddie couple forever!!

    i don’t like eunseo and donghae couple!! i’m sorry for donghae!!it’s just that i really hate eunseo!!!!!

    i’m just stating my opinion!!!hope no one will get mad!! 🙂


  37. It was obviously scripted, so don’t be so worried, don’t bash anybody 🙂
    EH was so awesome take a risk to make the show like this, its was more interesting than everyone predicted! he’s the blue chip of entertainment guys, that’s why LT was so proud of him 🙂

  38. Yeah, I agree with you I want to see Donghae-Eunseo more, i think they matched. They are in wgm look shy and funny very entertainer. Please,don’t bash anybody 🙂 super junior fighting!

    • But I like Eunhyuk and Sena most, they both have very bright face, their smile really lovely 🙂 just a perfect couple, love the princess and prince Teddie 🙂 !

      • i like Eunhyuk and Sena too,this show will more interesting with all jokes made by eunhyuk.we are not watching all those sweet things all the time,something funny + sweet .it is more interesting.btw,eunhyuk have a lot of friends.since he did radio before.it will be more interesting,to see all the female idol group or male idol group in this show visit this couple.he is the most talkative in suju after leeteuk and heechul.this is entertaiment show.we need Teddie couple.pleasee!!and i was hoping that,with all those female idols visit.Sena will jealous with his Prince Teddie.

  39. Hi All, I’ve been a silent lurker .. anyway, I watched the episode with sub and from what I’ve seen :

    1. Sena didn’t cry ONLY because Eunhyuk ‘rudely rejected’ her….. her eyes were quite teary since the beginning when they asked her to do talent (she obviously a newbie in variety therefore she was really shy), and dance (as you can see, she’s dead shy, it’s adorable but can’t help to see the poor girl try her best yet her shyness get over her). I am a shy person… and sometimes too long of it is not a good thing (your face got red, more embarassed,heart racing, and tears falling ; at least my experience ), so yeah what EH did was like the big shoot to her ‘self-esteem’ (she was already in the verge of tears during the dancing scene) but considering it’s their first time meeting, how could EH know that? he was in variety a lot where people constantly made fun of him so he might think it’s acceptable but I guess… it’s different for everyone…

    2. Why people bash Eunseo ? no reason at all… she didn’t even do anything… if people defend EH that what he did was because of the script, can I defend Eunseo and said Eunseo did it because the script told her so.. ???

    anyway, great episode… can’t wait for next one..

  40. guy’s variety shows are totally scripted… especially in Korea. I feel bad for hyukjae and eunseo. People usually judge others from what they see, not from what they know.. It is a show, if you don’t put some twist in the story, it will just end without a thrill. Entertainment shows earns a lot through high ratings, and the competitions of shows in Korea are tight. Rather than bashing hyukjae, I admire him for making the show more interesting. I have fun watching the show, and i like Eunhyuk-Sena couple. But i hope they will focus more on TEUK-SORA couple. pls dont put any sj members again on wgm…kkkkk —> jealous elf Y.Y

  41. Is there any preview for next week???
    if there is no preview, then something unexpected would happen in the next episode. when i see the article, the first blind date meeting is the first round to decide which couple would join wgm. maybe the second round is dating in a Teukso housewarming party,,
    Really anticipate it!!!

  42. Erm,can I ask how do I deal with the ads/recommend videos from poping out while I am watch? After it pops out I have to watch it all over agn…*sigh*

    • What do you mean? Can’t you just press play?

    • Either change your Internet settings to block popups or install a decent adblocker via add ons/extensions. You’ll need to check what the options are for your browser.

  43. The tears from sena unnie just tears from a fan…it was completely not hyuk oppa’s fault. Sena unnie is hyuk oppa’s biggest fan just like us, ELF =) The thing is…ah…poor hae oppa…

  44. reading some of the comments above, I dunno what to say. To think that I actually read comments that said what eunhyuk did was wrong.

    WGM is a variety show, and by variety show, the sole purpose is to entertain.
    It’s pretty OBVIOUS that eunhyuk purposely chose eunseo to create the tension and add to the climax of the show. Isn’t that what all variety shows are about? Don’t people enjoy watching such thing, please don’t lie and say you don’t like gossips.. DUH~

    Of course there are people who say that they enjoy shows more when people are nice to each other and don’t make others cry. Errr… but let’s just imagine if they all chose the couple meant to be appointed to them.. then what’s next? everyone sit down, chit-chat and drink tea then go home?

    Seriously as a SJ fan, I don’t mind even if all of them just sit there for one hour like stones doing nothing, but just for your information, WGM is not just watched by ELF, in case one forgets, there are other humun beings watching this show as well.. people known as the general public.

    And why would the general public watch the variety show if it’s not interesting and unable to capture their attention to continue watching??!??! Just look at Kyu’s and Min’s couple, it’s obviously chosen for the sake of choosing. After the whole one hour plus show, I still cannot remember their name~ lucky Kyu and Sungmin are god damn cute and I love watching them. But their partners??? NAH~ easily forgettable….

    Seriously I don’t even know why people are debating whether it’s scripted or not, that’s totally besides the point. Since this is a variety show and everything is just to entertain the public and to increase the ratings. Normal people watch it cos it’s entertaining and helps them kills time. While ELF watch it cos it features SJ….

    At the end of the day, ratings are high and end of story~ dunno what anyone if this variety show did wrong… I watched the livestreme and was practically laughing my head off throughout the show cos it’s totally entertaining, I must say I was surprise that people actually scolded eunhyuk and eunseo?!??! LIKE SERIOUSLY??????? These people need to come back to reality~~~~ -.-“

    • I also thought the same way. To me, it seemed like Eunhyuk was just trying to make things interesting for Donghae and Eunseo cause he already knows that they’re gonna pick each other… obviously. It was also pretty obvious that everyone was gonna pair up at the end with the ones they were with the whole time and like you said, that would just be boring. And since it’s gonna be boring, people are gonna complain about how dull that episode was. Eunhyuk’s intention wasn’t to hurt Sena or make her cry but it was to provide the viewers with something more entertaining and dramatic. No one knew Sena was going to react that way. It’s too bad that things didn’t turn out like how Eunhyuk had planned in his mind. But IF she didn’t cry, people wouldn’t say that Eunhyuk is cruel and what he did was wrong. This is a show, after all. People shouldn’t take things too seriously.

  45. i just LOL at people who still blame Eunhyuk, bashing Eunseo like she’s an evil witch or something.
    this is a VARIETY SHOW, not a DOCUMENTARY. There had been something happened OFF CAM. The show is FULLY EDITED.
    and for the people who take this seriously… seriously? o.O

    • and can i ask for those who bash Eunhyuk to just go to somewhere else?? this is a Super Junior site for shisus sake. if you still want to bash him go to allkpop.

  46. I draw the conclusions from whose shipping hyuksena couple only thought sena feeling. Why? Because she was female? Because she’s a rookie? Because she’s innocent? Or because she’s pure? You also blame eunseo, you said it was all scripts but why do you continue to blame eunseo and hyukjae? seriously i”m really mad about who bash hyukjae. he’s a man with angel heart. super junior members is human with angel heart. That’s my opinion about them 🙂
    Btw, I’m not a psychologist, but I have 4 years of studying psychology.
    Learn to see one’s feelings from their eyes, then from there you will know they’re lying or not.
    I want to tell you don’t ever judge someone from the outside. I saw that sena is much more annoying than eunseo. Talking about age, Sena is the oldest in there, but her behavior away from kang sora’s age.
    I see all the behavior of super junior members at the show looks like they were covering something up. I don’t know what that is, but their behavior is all fake.
    Sorry, but it’s just only I think and based on what I saw. I’m also not eunhae shipper, but I want to say something to you guys. The real scene of that show is the interaction of eunhae. Maybe, some people can’t see their interaction.
    I’m sorry if it offended anyone with my words. 🙂

    p/s: sorry my grammar, i can’t speak English very well :p

  47. it’s lucky for hyukjae, leeteuk or donghae because whenever they got bashed, there is ELF who will protect them. but who is Eunseo and Sena???you know what, after this, whatever they do, good or bad thing they do, they will got bashed and make more antis. Yes, they got more and more popular lately, but is there anyone want to be related with halyu star with millions of fans ready to attack them? they are rookie and they didn’t want to be recognize with a bad reputation.
    fyi, i see alot wgm episode, and they tend to cast a firm heart woman for warm and pure heart guy (like eunseo-donghae) and strong straightforward girl for a shy guy (like Sena-Hyukjae). wgm has alot wives like eunseo who has a firm heart, likes to play, and they tend to do push and pulling method, actually its ordinary thing happen in wgm.
    as you know, this show is scripted, and eunseo just do what the pd ask to her, and for Sena, maybe she is a good actress who shed tears easily, or she is variety rookie and too mean to her feeling, but whatever they do, they just do the best as their jobs.
    there is no one who need to got bashed, because they just do all the things to entertain the show. the more you bashed, the more SJ boys show affection to protect them.

  48. did people forget that sena not a little girl she 31 years old to cry on this type of show is a little much

  49. I think it’s funny how people are seriously talking about it… it’s just a show… It’s scripted right? It’s not anybody’s fault in here. I love the TeukMin moment in here..
    “SungMin how do you feel after the kiss”
    “LeeTeuk-shii are you jealous?”

  50. I would like to say that Eunhyuk really did great job as a bad guy role to make the show interesting. I don’t know he make the script himself spontaneusly or the WGM staff give him the script. He really a variety show idol ^^

    Something that he didn’t expect is Lee Sena’s reaction. She seldom went to variety show (maybe this is her first time?), really…as a girl, I cried when Sena cried. I think it’s a real tears, because she already has ‘almost crying’ expression since Eunhyuk playing the game by choosing Eunseo, and her confuse reaction after Eunhyuk didn’t pick up her call looks so natural.
    It must be hard to be in her place. Alsoo… the cameraman did great job when he shot Sena crying with Eunhyuk smiling in the background, I was like “Gaah, I want to punch his face once!” lololol (FYI Eunhyuk is my ultimate bias in Suju) XD

    I think a lot of WGM’s audience want to punch him too after watch this show, ahahaha XD
    I totally love Sena’s ‘I’ll give him lesson’ glare to eunhyuk after eunseo reject him, glad the show ended nicely, and I hope Lee Sena can show Eunhyuk more noona’s powers and charms 😉
    by the way, where’s the part when the guys throw message papers to the girls? O_O are they cut it? 😦 what did they said in the papers? (can’t read Korean words…) ;_;

    • Yeah, I was looking for that scene… I thought I skipped that throw crumpled papers part.

      • i was looking 4 that part as well :s..did they cut it?

  51. I always get frustrated when hyuk always complicates the last decision when he suddenly changes . Like at first the girl didnt choose him, he chosed her but when it finally comes the girl choose him and he knows but he would purposely act aloof to it. Giving a ‘bad guy image’ it’s always like this on a lot of his variety shows. But actually despite always giving the bad boy image I still love him! Seriously when i see wgm i was thinking every show needs to have a climax, if all goes well its a little awkward. It’s like nothing much can be shown since all couples are matchy matchy, that’s what I feel if it’s watching as a whole rather than for sj. I was hoping at the end for hyuk to choose another , for the other sj members would definitely be loyal but seriously without the twist it’s not as nice! I mean this isn’t for real too , isn’t it more climax and tension that draws hearts closer too? Eunseo isn’t at fault too im sure it’s scripted most girls would rather go for a guy that’s with you rather than a playboy like hyuk. So I dont think people should blame either hyuk or eunseo. Hyuk obviously was aiming for the bad boy image from the start too, normally when hyuk’s the bad boy all the girls will just hate on him and not cry but it’s the first time isn’t it common sense that he didn’t meant it? I find those who bash immature, even if im not an elf and hyuks my bias, i wont bash anyone until fully knowing what we’re dealing with .

  52. this show without Eunhyuk and Sena will be really really boring .
    thank you for subbing this

  53. 90% of the comments are too long to read!!! :p

  54. omg super long comments.. can i have the youtube link for this please?

  55. Whats the ringtones the couples had when they had to choose their partners?

  56. is that all or the end? no more videos?? honestly, i also cry.. sena has really a good and brave heart despite what eunhyuk did, she still call it. she didn’t care what other people think. That’s a true and a real heart.. eunhyuk will be lucky to have her.. she’s really a good person and a real girl.. EUNHYUK YOU REALLY DID A BIG MISTAKE AND TO MAKE HER CRY…. !!! GO SENA!!!

  57. aigo, If i were that girl, I’ll never receive eunhyuk’s last call 😦 I feel so bad when she cries T_T But too bad, since she’s a fan of him. May be I’ll do the same if I WERE a fan of that person… sigh~~

  58. maybe eunhyuk n donghae really like Eunseo.. coz eunseo really pretty and have nice forehead..

  59. i really liked it… but there’s a part i just can’t find… when the boys go out with teukie and write papers to the girls (not the papers where they write who they want to date with)and throw them where the girls are… we see little parts of it at the end but not the whole thing, when the girls get it and read it 😦 can anyone help me find it?)
    BTW: i love the show, it’s very amusing… but don’t believe everything you see there, some parts are just scripts

  60. Hyukkie you bad person!! If you liked Princess #1 then you should have said so instead of making Princess #2 suffer!! You made her cry! And yet I was really expecting you to call her!!!!!! ….. Did you know that I really felt bad about what you did that I almost cried?! YOU’RE EVILNESS!!

  61. I’m surprised that all the comments are all about the love square at the end. I didn’t really care that much about those couples in the first place. I did really like Sena though!

    But no one mentioned the Sung-min/So-yool couple! I thought they were the sweetest and actually had really good chemistry. They’re the couple I’d like to see on WGM. I liked how they didn’t play games. I actually felt like they both genuinely liked each other the most and I actually genuinely ship them now. Plus I just like them both the best out of the others as individuals 🙂 It’s funny because I thought they would make a good couple way back in the beginning and then they did!

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